Handling Expenses Through Online Software

Having an online software to handle your expenses is a practical way to do today. It does not require you to buy and maintain your own server. Every expense data are securely stored in a online account and maintained in an expense management software. What is so beneficial about this are: one, it cuts off time you spend in preparing expense reports. Then, it allows you to quickly create the report with several clicks. Send and receive data using different communication devices everywhere, anywhere. Another thing is it so affordable compared to getting a system that you need to install and maintain.

This is really an ideal solution for companies today specially with the different economic problems that really affects the operation of the business. With this such relief in the operations it will really improve productivity and efficiency of your employees. Making a greater outcome for your business and for your people. If you still want more information about this solution, you could sign-up for a free trial on Certify.com ( http://www.certify.com/ ) so that you could test drive their system so that you could see, feel and experience it for yourself.

Therapy Toys for Kids

What is the most special gift that you have received during Christmas when you were a child? As far as I could remember, the only gift that made me very happy when I was a child was a toy car that I've received from my father. I really can't forget those moments! Do you know that the common gifts given to children during special occasions are toys? Yes, that's right! These toys when properly selected, can bring great improvement to children's motor skills and perceptual skills. Do you also know that according to different research, toys can be used as a crucial tool for child therapy? Here's an excerpt of an article from LA Toy Store that discuss about these facts about therapy toys:

... these toys are wooden and non-toxic, parents need not worry about their inquisitive kids putting harmful stuff in their mouth. The kind of wooden toys that parents select for their children depend on the child’s tastes and interests. The games that are bound to benefit kids include physical play, logical play, musical play, spatial play, and solo and team play.

There are several toys that are known to specifically help children with autism. These toys help improve language development, build strength, body control, coordination, motor and sensory regulation... read more

Maine Waterfront Real Estate in Focus

Do you know where to get a Maine waterfront real estate? Try looking at the heart of Casco Bay where you can find Cornfield Point. It's a real property in Maine where you can find a 4.4 acres of waterfront living in an ocean frontage of 1,700 feet with a five bedroom suites. This custom designed home composed of two years thoughtful craftsmanship property with extreme attention to the smallest detail, shows the high quality of this property in Maine. If you are looking for privacy and island at its best, the Point is the right place for you. The place is the last of its kind in Casco Bay. A masterpiece surrounded by ocean and connected to different islands such as the Cousin's Island which allows you to access the city of Portland and the international airport. Making the life easier and very comfortable for you.

With this home everyone in the world would really love to stay on this place. If I will be given a chance and will stay in such a place, I will not think twice. I will be there for the rest of my life with my family and the internet. I can live in a very peaceful community without losing my life in the recent technology.

For more information about this Maine waterfront properties, you can simply visit the official website of Cornfield Point which can be found at http://www.cornfieldpoint.com/.

Yes Success! Now Busby

Whew, after several months of optimizing the contents of my two website for a certain SEO competition, I was able to successfully conquer it convincingly. I was declared as the overall champion on the said competition after I have maintained my position on the search engines. Now my next destiny will be to deal with the Busby SEO Test competition after I am done with my tasks assigned to my on my projects. I know that it is kind of late but I am still trying to do something to bag the highest ranking that I might possibly reach. I am tired and no rest for holidays but satisfied with the outcome of the mentioned event.

Well, let see what happens next after I optimized my entry to this prestigious international competition. If I see that my entry will rise after several tasks which I will do this week, then I will proceed to the massive and aggressive action to rush the current position and try to improve my #25 position. This is really a life changing decision but I am really determined to try my skills in a small remaining of time.

Srednarb "Kangaroo Style"

After the phenomena that happened that I have mentioned on my post about the jump on srednarb ranking, I asked some of the entrants who applied the tactics and someone coined the word "Kangaroo Style" that he used to rank his promotional items corporate gifts srednarb entry fast and stable. It sounds funny but the guy got a real sense of humor in dealing with his tasks but really got an exceptional talent when it comes to search engine stuff. The said style let your site rank fast however a great possibility to be banned by search engines due to unnatural increase of backlinks in just a few days. Imagine he told me that through the style you can increase your backlinks to several thousand links which is really not natural. I am not practicing it because I am afraid that my websites will be shutdown for real. But I become interested with the tactics since I am open to new and any concepts that involves self-improvement.

Srednarb Promotional, one of my entry to the mentioned contest become very consistent with its natural rise on the search engines. I did not use any unethical practices but uses the natural link building strategy to make it rank properly. The site contains a list of common promotional items and corporate gifts that are used in marketing campaigns and advertising efforts of different businesses today. The site links to a site that sells the said merchandise. For more information about the site, you could visit the link as specified above phrase. Thank you!

Last Try for Srednarb Optimization

Ah, it was fast and I just can't see what just happen. An expert who participated the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb campaign easily move his entry to page one of the SERPs in Google after several tries and unknown techniques. I am really amazed about it and actually ask him to teach me the said "craft" he have done with the immediate rise of his site with a little effort. Imagine he was never seen in the top 20 of the rankings for quite sometimes but now with just several hours of "that thing" he then made it to the top. As if he doesn't given any effort at all. I am trying to convince him to give me his "secret ingredients" to this kind of result and if in case he will give it to me then I will try to conduct experiments with it. I must learn it and the only way to do this is to have the missing piece which he is the only who holds.

Right now, I am currently practicing the things that I have learned from the previous test that I have encountered and I find enough in a long run but not as fast as how he have done his trick. I am really interested to know it and I hope he could consider it giving to me. Right now this post is the last try that I will give to my other entry. I want to rise it from the ranking because it already lost itself recently from top 20. Promotional items and corporate gifts are really hard phrase to be optimized and I like this feeling!

Watch the Prison Break Seson 4 Episode 15: Going Under

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 and see the second to the last episode of this action TV Series. It is buzzed to be one of the last episodes of this season finale of the series. Here you can see the continuation of the previous episode where Michael was placed in the surgical room of the "The Company". A very awkward situation for him and really make Lincoln very pressured to find Scylla as he raised against the time. Watch this episode on the following link and don't missed this episode. Watch it now until it is still available.

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 15 here

Stay tuned for the last episode before the season finale of Prison Break. Don't forget to sign-up on the RSS feed of the recommended site so that you could have an updated release of this episode. Get the fun and enjoy this online live streaming taken from M.v.

Subsiding "Srednarb Fog of War"

I think the "war is over" for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb campaign. As I have mentioned on my previous post on clashing of sites, this collision of skills of promotions of the mentioned slogan are already subsiding. The search engine result pages subsided already its previous shaky and non-stable search result pages. It seems that newest effort on the said campaign can not be realized anymore since it is too late already. My mistake is that I become very comfortable with my current ranking and I never thought that someone could actually made it on time to grab my position. Well, I already accepted this fact that someone already beat me with this fight. Now, at least I have learned that optimization process is a continous work. Once you stop things will change in a query and that's it, you lost.

As for my pay-off for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb efforts, well I hope it will be enough so that I could enjoy the holiday season nice and with "bulky" pockets. :) Now, I have already win not by position on results but in learning new stuff. I am getting old but still I am learning.

Clashing of Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Sites

My search engine effort is about to be clashed by the other entries of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb. I have seen some indication that my entries will be overtaken. Imagine with one month left, they have managed to rank high on the said phrase. This only shows there advance strategy or technique in doing this. I am not sure if they have used an ethical practice to make their sites rank very fast but I have a hunch that they did not. I understand that they have mentioned that they will use a certain methodology (which is I don't like to practice). I think it is a desperate measure to deal with the current situation of their sites. I am worried about this that I might not stand a chance against them. I am all alone with this and I am just hoping that this practice of them will not be allowed by Google. Honestly, I am already tired with the processes I have made for this promotional items corporate gifts srednarb key phrase competition and I don't know if I could still bring more tough fight for them.

Currently my entries were ranking at page one but with minimal traffic. Maybe this is the case because the content of site only shows a list of items and definition of the terms used for the said theme. Aside from that I am not a good designer of site which is the reason why I've used CSS free templates for the said static websites. Hope I could stay my entries on top. Well, if things goes well on this, I will be very thankful because right now I needed this so much because of some personal reasons that involves my family. I need a lot of luck and hope you give me with one.

I am watching Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Fight now!

Well, I can't make any updates today on the different TV Series that I am featuring because I am taking a break to watch the latest fight of Pacquiao vs De La Hoya. I am excited already to watch who will win the said boxing event. It will be hour before the actual fight and the under cards were already ending at a lower stages of the fights. It is so hot already, imagine the first fight ended by second round and Daniel Jacobs aka "The Golden Child" from Brooklyn wins. While on the other hand, Juan Manuel Lopez on the second under card fight only ended by first round with his very powerful punches.

Is this a signal of the same fight theme for Pacquiao and De la Hoya? I am getting the feeling that this might happen. My blood is boiling right now in excitement and can't wait until the last punch are thrown. Weeh! I will look for the video of this whole episodes of fights of Pacquiao and De La Hoya later and post it here or you could also view it from: "Watch Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Dream Fight Video" post that I have made previously and plan to officially embed the site there.

For my campaign on promotional items corporate gifts srednarb well, I will pause the effort first to give way with this once in a lifetime event. :)

Why I want to win Busby SEO Test?

I am currently very motivated to win the latest leg of SEO world competition called "Busby SEO Test." It is because I have seen a lot of potential opportunities that may come with this. I am currently found at page two of the ranking of Google but it seems that I can not manage to rank at the first page. I honestly having a hard time doing this stuff because I am too busy with different else. I hope I could still reach other entrants from the top. One thing that making me more motivated is honestly I need some cash right now because of the hospitalization bill of my mother and my expenses reaches about 30K and I don't know where to find it right now. I am actually planning to make a certain promissory note to ask the hospital to let us go out the hospital so that the bill will not increase during the stay of my mom. I don't know if I could manage to get such big cash at the moment.

Well, I might solve this problem later next week but I need to have a means of covering this expenses that happens to us that is not part of our plan. This makes me very likely to do my best to get at least a minor award from the Busby SEO Test. I am also working out some projects to add up with my needs and I am still thankful that at least I can find means of coping up with this.

Srednarb is Aging but Dropping

My promotional items corporate gifts srednarb websites are gaining domain age (3 months to be exact) but it still does not get the favor of the Big G search engine. It seems that it requires a lot of push before it can manage to strike the high ranking. My entry shows promising results on Yahoo but not in Google. It seems that it still lack some vital factors that will make it to pass the qualification of having a high rank. I am still waiting until the right time comes when my Srednarb website got the appropriate domain age and the right time to let it win.

For the information of those late readers, promotional items corporate gifts srednarb is a target keyphrase of the different optimizers from my country. The theme of the websites that should be used are business themes. It should focus on the merchandises used in business promotions and product endorsements. It is a campaign started to improve the visibility of this products on the internet today through search engines. Currently almost 27 websites were participated to this event.

Update: I misspelled the title of this post :) It is dropping and I don't know what's the problem with my methods. lately it rises again ;)

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 13 - Deal or No Deal

Watch the latest Prison Break Season 4 Episode 13 with an episode title "Deal or No Deal". Watch as this is the continuation of the series after the betrayal of Self on the previous episode entitled (Selfless). See how Michael get his team back to its form after the said betrayal. T-Bag on this episode got a new partner that blackmails Gretchen to let and find a buyer for Scylla. Tsk, the story is really getting hotter and hotter as it goes. :)

Watch here how Self let the fed thinks the supposed "murder" of him by Lincoln that in turn chase after the latter's team. See it first as soon as it is released over the internet. You could watch Prison Break Season 4 episode 13 on the active link of this post. That will be the official posting area of the streaming episodes for the said episode. Enjoy this action-packed series as it is about to reach its peak of the season. Have fun!

Ipod Touch as Christmas Gift

Ever since the release of different touch gadgets of Apple, I am really have a certain eagerness to have them in my palm. For instance I am dreaming for an iPhone ever since it was released, even until it becomes 3G already. Now, I am also fond of music that's why one of the great gifts that you could give this coming to me is even an iPod Nano or iPod Touch. I guess everyone this Christmas when given an iPod as a gift will be very happy. It is because a small hi-tech gadget will make them very fashionable and trendy. As in they will gain some sort of "status symbol" having an original iPod ear phones on their ears.

I really like iPod so much and I know if I will give them to someone special to me during this special occasion of the year, she will definitely have a great Christmas. iPod possesses a certain crisp of music that is not found on other music gadgets in the market today that is why it gains popularity to different kind of music lover in the world. iPod Touch on the other hand possesses the touch screen technology that is found on iPhone making it more classy music gadget in town today.

Watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 9 - Pieces of You

Watch it live, the latest episode of Ghost Whisperer as Melinda (Jenniffer Love Hewitt) face another mystery with Sam/Jim. They are about to solve the mystery behind the lost of a child using a mysterious well. The child was lost almost decades without a trace. See how Melinda got her powers used on this very exciting episode. Watch the said Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 9 here.

It will be available later this week after that I will update my post here to let you view this episode so please come back later for more updates about this episode entitled Pieces of You. Have fun with other episode of different TV Series episodes, you could find more about other episodes there such as Prison Break Episodes and the Winchester Brothers' Supernatural episodes.

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya Dream Match Online Video

The dream fight of the year of December 6 is here now as it is fulfilled by two great fighters of all time, Pacquiao and Dela Hoya. Watch it online here as Pacquiao beat the hell out of Dela Hoya or vis versa. It will be available here as soon as the video is available online so please come back here. For the meantime, you could watch the virtual fight equivalent of the real Pacquaio vs De La Hoya video. Enjoy!

You could also visity my Busby SEO Test blog, I will post the said "dream fight" there too.

Here's a partial of the video. It is quite blurry and I am still looking for the full video of this fight. This video came from Inquirer.net, enjoy!

How did I earn via SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the first concept that introduce me to money making scheme online. I studied it and start earning. My first earning came from a contest that I have won where I got a small prize of $75 for optimizing my blog for a certain keyword. In return, my blog established big fat backlinks making it have a high PR. That's when someone advice me to monetize it through Pay Per Post (PPP). It is because PPP favor those blogs with higher PR and great backlinks. I've earned several dollars for it but I have stopped since Google doesn't like this kind of PPP scheme and to avoid G penalties. Some of my colleagues are still into it and keep on earning right now.

The next thing that I've done with my SEO skills that I acquired from my experience on different SEO contests (such as PMT Contest, Busby SEO Challenge, Busby SEO Test and other) is I focus on a certain niche (topic or target market) and earn from it through Google Adsense. Right now, I am trying to boost my earnings on it. I am converting the traffic that I am having from my high ranking pages to adsense gold. A friend of mine today actually earn an average of $25 because of his selected niche with my SEO help. He converted his advantage in terms of "SEO level" into cash. That is what important right now, converting your search engine advantage to a great source of earnings. How about you, are you earning from it already? If not study SEO now, you could start on one of my site regarding SEO at http://seoservice.i.ph. But beware, you might got addicted to it because you will see the financial freedom it can give.

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Report. I would like to interrupt your reading sessions for this very urgent topic that I wish to introduce today. I need to discuss this topic to let myself be assisted by this blog in my goal to become the winner of the recently contested topic online. That is about a competition about promotional items and corporate gifts static websites. In the past few days of my life for the said competition, I have seen my entries rise and fall on the different search engine result pages. Today, I have seen a lot of activities happening behind the SERPs and found out that my entries were affected by this SERP's activities. I have seen a lot of promotional items corporate gifts srednarb websites that are trying to steal the position that I have and when I checked on their site, I have seen nothing so indexable that is related to promotional items or corporate gifts or even the word srednarb. It seems that two of the major search engines M & Y are giving favors to websites with higher backlinks rather than with higher indexable text.

I really don't know now what to do make my entry fly higher than its current position on the said search engines. The only hope that I could have right now is to support it with all of my strength and determination to grab it. See the following SERP from Yahoo! so that you will know why I started to become bothered with my position:

From number one, you see me fall to number four and number six (which is not shown on this screen shot). That is why I am trying to help this websites with this cause so I would like to ask your understanding about this post. Thank you for your patience. :)

What I am doing right now?

For the past few days, I was not able to update this blog for some private reasons. Now what I am doing right now? I am still busy with certain "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" competition in our place and I am still figuring it out on how I could make sure the win for this kind of test of skills. My entries for the said event is not that as enticing compared to the designs and structure of my opponent. But as of now both of my entries are quite performing well compared to others in terms of visibility and popularity.

What so special with what I have done a while ago was I decided to transfer my Supernatural Episodes to a specific website. It is a website that I previously used to compete supposedly in an international competition but since the said event was canceled by the organizer, I decided to divert the effort of the site to more things that I am more interested. That's why from the link specified above, you will find their some TV Series. So whoever is searching for the latest Supernatural Episodes, just proceed to the link and you will find the latest episode. I am also planning to log an archive of the said episodes but it will took time before I will be finished with it. Hope to see you there on the site.

Watch Legend of the Seeker Episodes

Legend of the Seeker is the TV series version of the book "Sword of the Truth" by Terry Goodkind. Several episodes of this series have been released already. Previous episodes to the current episode entitled "Bounty". Watch the Legend of the Seeker on the this website that I have found that contains all the series that have been shown on the web. (which can be found here).

Some reviews states that the said TV Series stories were not fully followed on the original book source. Watch it for yourself and leave your comments here regarding the series.

Barack Obama Documentary, Where to Watch?

After a decisive win of Sen. Barack Obama on the presidential race in America, a documentary film is about to shoot for this first ever black president of US. Do you know where to watch this Obama Documentary? I want to watch this one and see more on the new president of America. It will be available in HBO which is produced by actor Edward Norton, Stuart Blumberg and Bill Migliore. The said Barack Obama documentary will composed the events shot from the early 2006 when he was still a Senator and up to the date of his victory against Republican John McCain.

The said documentary will be shown to the public in HBO by early next year. What I am hoping right now is that after they exclusively released it, I hope that they make it available online. Maybe via Youtube or Dailymotion or any other video hosting so that anyone from the world wide web can watch this very interesting life that gives new inspiration to American people. I will definitely embed it here and to my other blogs to share it to all the people in the world. - bleuken

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 - PS3 & Xbox 360 Games

THQ, game developers for different video games for Xbox 360, Nintendo and PS3 announced its release of their new video game for Wrestling fans. The video game is the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. It is a wrestling game that is more than WWE simulations. This new version of the game allows players and WWE fans to take full control of the virtual action on the ring of their favorite WWE and Raw superstars and managers.

In addition, fans are allowed to creating custom finishing moves and assigning them to created or real wrestlers. Gamers are also allowed to take game pictures and post them online. They can also create highlight reels from in-game matches and share them with the world. Aside from WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 game released this November, next April THQ will launch "WWE Legends of Wrestlemania." The new game, which will tie into the Wrestlemania 25 at Houston's Reliant Stadium, will feature 40 legendary superstars and managers.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 game is expected to be released this November and rated as Rated T due to the presence of violence and mild language theme.

Guitar Hero Ads Noise

The "Guitar Hero" from Activision is really have a great buzzing all around the net. It seems that there ads that uses popular celebrity is really becoming effective (see Heidi Klum Ad). Actually a lot of music volumes were added to their collection of music that can be played by those who wants to uncover their inner rockstar on the road. This November 16 the new Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades will be available for rockstar fanatics all over the world.

Here are the list of music that is included on the said release featuring more than 40 years of rock’s most celebrated artists with 28 master recordings, the game allows players to host epic jam sessions anytime, anywhere.
Alien Ant Farm - “Smooth Criminal”
The All-American Rejects - "Dirty Little Secret"
Blind Melon - “No Rain”
Blondie - “One Way Or Another”
Bon Jovi - “You Give Love A Bad Name”
Boston - “Rock and Roll Band”
The Darkness - “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”
Edgar Winter Group - “Free Ride”
Fall Out Boy - "The Take Over, The Breaks Over"
Foo Fighters - "The Pretender"
Free - “All Right Now”
Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle"
Joe Satriani - “Satch Boogie”
Journey - “Any Way You Want It”
Lenny Kravitz - “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
Linkin Park - "One Step Closer"
Los Lobos - “La Bamba"
Lynyrd Skynyrd - “Sweet Home Alabama (live)”
Paramore - "Crushcrushcrush"
Queen - “We Are The Champions”
R.E.M. - “The One I Love”
Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Can't Stop"
Sammy Hagar - “I Can't Drive 55”
Seether - "Remedy"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Tarantula"
Stone Temple Pilots - “Down”
Veruca Salt - “Volcano Girls”
Weezer - “Buddy Holly”
Guitar Hero is available on PS3, Xbox 360 Live, PS2 and WII game consoles.

Guitar Hero Commercial with Heidi Klum

Activision is really serious with its promotion of their "Guitar Hero" game that can unleashed your inner rock star and and live out their rock and roll fantasies (as they are saying). Here in this TV ad commercial of Guitar Hero, you can see the hot, beautiful and daring Heidi Klum doing the Guitar Hero rock star advertisement. See it for yourself and I think you will dream to become a rock star after watching this ad by Heidi Klum.

How did I make money online via Adsense?

I started blogging last year and I don't care about if I earn or not but when I see that my Adsense earnings started to rise and received the first "cheq" of my life from Google Adsense, I started to feel that it is about time for me to earn it because I deserved it. It also increases my interest when I read about how I could better make money online, faster and higher earnings.

For instance, you have 10 active blogs and each blogs were equipped with Google Adsense and earning at a minimum of $1.00/day (worst possible earning) so it means that in one day you will earn $10/day, $300/month and $3,600/year. See how big you can earn from it. Then for the next few months you will not do anything but will earn only specially when you already built a reputation on the net. Try blogging right now and install that adsense on your site.

Srednarb Promo Update

It's been a month now since the released of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb race of search engine optimizers and I am one of those who participated to the said test of skills and wit. This involves a big money this Christmas and every single optimizer from the country will surely get involved on this. Some our doing their normal and traditional stuff in promoting their websites. Some are using some "secret techniques" in link building strategies. On my part to be honest with you, with this kind of making money online stuff through a competition, it is too hot for me to handle. Why? There's a lot of hindrance that affects my full blast attention to this kind of activity. One of them is my lack of quality websites to link my said entry. I have established a single website a 6 months ago but it is not enough for me to support my entries. Unlike the other entrants who have a lot of big time search engine optimization website machines that can handle vast amount of boosting powers to push their site entries to the top of the rankings.

What I am hoping right now is for me to at least win consolation prizes so it could pay to the daily expenses that incur because of this activity. Right now, I am having fun looking for stuff that is related to promotional items and corporate gifts and even the word "srednarb". I am learning new things that might be useful for me later. For now, I will go on with my "making money online" venture. By the way in relation to this competition, I uploaded a video made by a friend related to promo items. Here's the funny but simple animation:

How to earn money online for beginners / NOOBs

Are you a starting blogger who wants to earn money online? Do you wonder how other bloggers or plain net surfers make money online? Well, I will give you some simple ideas on how to do earning the easy to hard way. Let start the series of my tips and advices with the easiest way of earning money online.

One of the easiest way to earn money online is through PTC or pay to click websites. PTC pays you by simply clicking websites of their advertisers. The usual rate of per click is $0.01 (1 cent). Actually, there are lot of these websites online but some of them are scam and fake that asks for money before you earn. PTC websites that I will feature today does not require any payments or registration fee to earn from them. Here are the basic questions and their answers to go with this earning areas of PTC:

Q. How to start with this kind of venture? Answer. PTC usually requires you to have a PAYPAL account because they made their payments through this method. If you want to start with PTC, you should have an account on Paypal. To register, click Paypal Registration here. Some PTCs only accepts ALERT PAY, to register click ALERTPAY registration.

Q. Where can I start from earning now? Answer. Start registering to the following PTCs as a starter. For other PTCs, try visiting this site later because I will list other PTCs that I have tested and proven but for the meantime register with the following site to start your Pay-to-Click career:

Register here to earn $0.01/click with a minimum pay-out of $9.00

*Minimum Pay-out refers to the minimum amount of earning you can withdraw from your PTC accounts.

Good luck and start earning right now!

Converted to Make Money Online Blog

As you can see, I made a "vast amount" of changes on this blog. I change its anime theme to a simple but very flexible theme. Aside from that, I also made changes on the title of the blog. Specifically I changed it to "Making Money Online Now". It is because I want to feature more about how net surfers (anime lovers or not) to earn money while surfing the net and finding information. In this way, I could give them idea on how to earn online. I am earning a lot from simply blogging and giving tips. You too can do that!

Despite this blog was converted to this kind of "make money online" objectives, still from time to time, I will feature topics about anime, TV Series and movies. I just can't rid of this hobby and its flowing to my veins so this will be all for now! Happy reading!

New Video for Busby SEO Test

Now I made a video exclusively for Busby SEO Test competition and here it is. I hope you enjoy it watching, it is a collection of beautiful views in my place in high or low contrast or sephia look (lomography i think).

Lomography by Noob (Busby SEO Test)
Uploaded by busbyseotest

I will update this blog and try to modify its theme later. I started to get tired of looking with the pink Samurai in the background. See you later! :)

Pinoy Fear Factor Pictures

Pinoy Fear Factor on ABS-CBN is a reality show on TV shot on Argentina and hosted by one of the great actors of the Philippines, Ryan Agoncillo. It is a collection of babe and hunks in a stunt of almost death defying acts. It's a show that's been shot for more than 30 days in Argentina based on the format by Fear Factor Extreme. The members of the participating team of candidates who will try to overcome their fears and face these challenges were still on a box hidden from the awaiting audiences. They have given some hints and partial and blur pictures of these contestants.

I am planning to post those Pinoy Fear Factor pictures candidates later so stay tuned and explore the rest of this blog.

Supernatural 4.04: Metamorphosis

Sam Winchester and Ruby was caught in the act by really disappointed Dean Winchester. This is the picture of Sam when he was informed by Dean that even the Angel don't want him to continue with his "dark path" that he is going. With this episode, the story emphasizes the possibility of Sam's demon blood problems. The episode shows a paradigm of the Sam's transformation to an unknown being later. The question right now is will Dean can stop or will stop Sam if in case he change to something evil?

The sad part here is that Sam felt really devastated seeing the reality that he can't brushed off or take off the blood that has been injected to him. It seems that he can't get out with it. But what I like with the story is how they focus on "CHOICE". Even the power possessed by Sam is an evil in nature, he chooses to use it in good cause. More of Supernatural later from Busby SEO Test group.

Busby SEO Test - The Legend Continues

Before I start with the "Legend of Busby SEO Test" narration of my experiences, let me ask the regular readers of my blog (if there's any) to give some consideration on this post. You might wonder why I am writing about the said topic that is not related with the theme of the blog. I am asking for your understanding. I need this to do to conduct a little experiment on search engine optimization. This is in connection with the last October 1st announcement of Busby Web Solutions regarding the release of the 2nd World Cup Search Engine competition. I hope this message will clear this blog to my readers. So let us start with the fictional story of the beginning of the adventures of a challenger from the pearl of the orient country for the "Busby SEO Test". Here it goes:

When I met Busby, I thought he is not different with the others I've met that are specialists of deceptions and lies. I guess I was wrong about him. I said it so because anything that he said are really true and all are put in action. Maybe that's the reason that this guy is really popular in his place. He is no samurai that commits "harakiri" to prove novelty but he do noble things that makes him pass the test of time. He introduces to the people of his country the concept of search engine optimization or SEO. This is still a foreign word for his countrymen but still he try to explain it to them with eagerness and patiently. He undergo a lot of criticism but it does not let him stop to continue with this kind of SEO Test.

Eventually Busby SEO Test concept spreads through out the cyber system of his country. He was known to become the initiator of this concept that helps other people understand better the workaround of the cyberspace. He did change a lot of lives in his place. If I am actually the government I will give him a plaque of appreciation and undying heroic for his countrymen. I just don't know if the government understands the term SEO at all. Oh well, kudos to you Busby and may you live longer and continue spreading the words.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance or sameness of the story to any people, events or whomever or whatever is not purposely made by the author and all are coincidental. The author does not intend to hurt or offend anyone nor to describe someone. This is just a product of his wild "Busby SEO Test" imagination and purely for the Worldcup SEO Competition. In case you have seen this article posted anywhere on the web, it is most likely scraped or stolen without my permission. Please report it to me as soon as possible, if you care.


Busby SEO Test Taker

Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge

Update on this entry: It raised up to top 100 after a month of being invisible. This could be a nice sign for it, there are so many possibilities that will happen. So just stay tune because I might have a chance to achieve it.

Naruto: Asuma's Death and Supernatural 4.03

After a day of waiting yesterday, I found out that Dattebayo.com was down and they were not able to release the official sub of Naruto Shippuden. I seen that their website fall in a technical problem and they were not able to officially release Naruto or maybe this is another YHBT tactics of Dattebayo or Youtube upload prevention techniques which I found very effective because I see that Naruto fans were so eager to wait for their release.

Finally, just last night Dattebayo announced the Naruto Torrent and downloaded it. I am really excited since these special two part episode shows the inevitable death of Asuma. You will see here how sad Shikimaru and devastated with this tragic event. Here's the picture of Asuma after he got the fatal wound during his battle with an immortal Akatsuki:

By the way, the current episode of Supernatural Season 4 episode 3 also released the other day and it is interesting as the episode goes on deeper. Dean Winchester got a free travel in time seeing his family tree killed by the yellow-eyed devil who also killed his mother. He saw the beginning of everything. How his mother got the deal from the devil and he found out how Sam Winchester got his psychic power. The angel also warn him about the unknown path of Sam is currently taking.

This is Dean Winchester when he warns his mother regarding what will happen with her in 1983 (which is the death of his mother after the yellow-eyed devil visit them the night where all this journey and battle against evil started)

Trying the Busby SEO Test Again...

It's the 2nd of October and its been about a month after the previous Busby SEO Challenge world cup competition and the installment of this humongous test of SEO skills and powers was announced yesterday. Many of the previous participants of the competitions started changing the title and keyword tags of their website for the new Busby key phrase, and that is "Busby SEO Test". That's why I started changing mine too because I will try my luck again to this very honest, clean and prestigious SEO event in the planet.

For those who are not yet familiar with the said competition, Busby SEO contest is produced and organized by Busby Web Solutions - an Australian company that caters different web services on the net. The said test will be very difficult for me since only one keyword was changed from the previous one so those who ranked high on the previous leg will surely be ranking high again and it is hard for me to catch-up with them. If I can then I will definitely sacrifice a lot of things such as my time of my anime watching will be decreased and I will be one day delayed in watching Supernaturals and Bleach episodes. I am saying this because this was my experience on the previous SEO test I have undergone. Well as saying goes, "you lose some, you gain some!", but if I can gain anything why not!

Asuma's Death Inevitable

I've watched Naruto's special episode the other day and I have seen the next episode's trailer. It shows the inevitable death of Asuma sensei. It is sad that another character in the story of Naruto will passed away and will be absent for the next episodes. Maybe it is necessary. Anime is really like that. It is not afraid to kill main characters.

I see the purpose of the story. Asuma needs to be sacrificed to make Shikamaru more stronger on the story. It seems this is really necessary. A hero needs to be hurt to make him gain more strength within. Life is really cruel and the fact that a hero may fall down is shown. Sad story again from Naruto Shippuden next week.

Goodbye Asuma!

Srednarb Edition Released

Last September 20, 9am Philippines Time I released a new website intended for providing information to SME or Small-Medium Enterprise regarding how to use promotional items and corporate gifts to improve the popularity and make a decent sales increase. Actually I have two websites developed for the said purpose. One is entitled Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb and the other one is called as the same name "promotional items corporate gifts (ed.1.0)". At first I was so hesitant to deploy because it still lacks some thorough analysis on its feasibility of the said project, still I have to release it to make it more visible to search engines. Now, my time were all devoted to it. I even forgot to post about the latest release of Supernaturals Season 4 Episode 1 because of the construction of the said website.

Maybe later I will post a blog about the said TV Series. I hope that this newly release promotional items corporate gifts srednarb website will hit a jackpot. Ajah!

Hot This Days

Ah, it's really hot this days. The climate is really unpredictable and I myself is affected by this change in the condition of the weather. I usually use a stand fan on my living room while I am watching my favorite TV shows but this does not give enough comfort I need. So the other day I decided to buy a new ceiling fan to be installed on our living room and at my bed room. I found this website which offers a different collection of ceiling fans. I found it at Farreys.com.

Farreys.com offers thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers including: Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse. Through their website I found out that visitors may shop by ceiling fan brand or by ceiling fan style. Farreys ceiling fan customization system assists in configuring and ordering ceiling fans to exact specifications with all accessories. Their ceiling fan search tool quickly helps customers to find the perfect fan for their needs.

I did buy one today, a craftmade ceiling fans and its just very convenient to have it on my living room. :)

Bleach Movie: Diamond Dust Rebellion

I have just finished watching the 2nd movie of Bleach which is entitled Diamond Dust Rebellion. Actually it was available last Thursday but since I am busy with my captivating Capiz activity and Sugid.com's birthday, I was not able to watch it only until this morning. I am really happy that this movie was made available. I was expecting it to be seen by next year but luckily Dattebayo released it. I am already excited with the upcoming 3rd Bleach Movie which is the Fade to Black (Kimi no Na o Yobu) which is I think will be shown in Japan by December.

Here's some of the screen shot of the Diamond Dust Rebellion Bleach Movie:

The story surrounds on Toushirou and his fight against another wielder of the same Zanpaktou Hyourinmaru.

CSI Gil Grissom's Quote

Gil Grissom ( Cebu Seo Contest )Today I watch one of the episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I am on the 6th season already and I have 7th and 8th season to catch up. I decided to watch the said TV series because I become tired with making articles about the Cebu Seo Contest, so I watch CSI for a change. Now, I like the episode that I watched specially the quote by Gil Grissom when he was offered promotion because of certain successful CSI lab tasks that affects a certain case where the Sheriff was personally involved. He refuse the promotion because he was contented already on what he is at the moment and he quote from Oscar Wilde which is "Ambition is the last refuge of failure"

That hit me a little because I am an "ambitious man". I dream and want to hit big. Maybe because I am not yet satisfied of what I am right now. I want more of what I have. I am not saying that I am greedy, my point is sometimes people needs to have an ambition to have direction. In the case of Gil Grissom well I can't compare myself to his position. He is very happy with what he have. Aside from that in CSI, Gil Grissom is a bachelor scientist who loves bugs, does not have wife and son. Unlike me, I have a lot of things to be considered because I know that I am not working or doing things for myself alone but for other people, for my family. Of course in the case of Gil Grissom, he likes to be promoted on his job not because of paying a favor but because he want to gain it because he is worth of having it. Success is very gratifying if you acquire it the right way and because you deserve it. Today it is just so hard to find person like him, they are little by little "die" everyday and started to become extinct. But if I will be given a chance to be one of the CSI, I want to be CSI Gil Grissom. :)

Cebu Seo Contest Last Day

The last day of Cebu Seo Contest is about to come and still there are some activities of grabbing top positions are happening. You will see a large changes on the number of index pages in different Google Data Center. Being an anime enthusiast and at the same a search engine practitioner, this kind of activity is pure fun and excitement. Any changes on the results makes my blood pressure changes. The adrenaline on my body flows fast as the same when I was watching on latest episodes of Naruto and Bleach waiting for what will happen on the next frame of the animated story. That's why I am so into Seo Contest like Cebu Seo Contest.

My Cebu Seo Contest entries managed to get to number one for about two days right now but still that position is not yet fixed since I know that other SEO competitors are still doing something to make any changes on the result pages for the query: google/search?hl=en&q=Cebu+Seo+Contest. Well, what I don't know right now is that if they will use their secret techniques or "ninja" strategies at the very last minute of the contest. I will try to read the forbidden SEO ninja technique and try to use it, maybe the book useD by Naruto to learn the Multi-Shadow Clone Technique. Nah just kidding actually there's no such technique that I can use for the Cebu Seo Contest. I will just hope that I'll get lucky up to the last days of the contest so that I can shout "SUCCESS!" :D

Naruto Quote that Inspire Now!

I have finished watching Naruto's latest episode and I have taken another quote from him that really inspire me to pursue with my different plans in life. Here's the quote:

"I can't give up! If I keep walking without ever stopping, I'll make it to you!" - Naruto

This is what he said when he's training on a new technique for the purpose of pursuing Sasuke. I really like the words used for subbing the said episode. It contains simple sets of phrases that can be used to motivate one self to continue pursuing and doing anything it can to succeed or to reach what someone wants. It's a gold mine quote for me. I really love anime it shows an unreal world but speaks of reality of life.

(I am using it right now with a certain competition: Cebu Seo Contest, and I am expecting that this attitude will make me win)

Supernatural 4th Season Airing Date

I would like to correct my previous post regarding Supernatural Season 4 airing date. CWTV announced on their website that the new episode of Supernatural will air this coming September 18 (not 09/08 which I previously posted). We will see again another Winchester brothers in the house fighting against evil spirits. What I am excited about this new episode is the new story and the things that Sam will do to save Dean from hell.

Well this is a real good news for Sam and Dean Winchester fanatics. They will see again a new series of "Evil vs. Good" episode. So you will expect another series of reviews about this episodes from this blog. See you on the premier night of Supernatural! 

By the way I am joining Cebu Seo Contest 2008 so you will see some part of my post here with this key phrase so please understand because you might wonder, "what the hell this phrase mean on this post". Thank you! 

Cebu Seo Contest Entry by an Anime Lover

Busby Seo Challenge ended successfully and now I am participating again in a contest called Cebu Seo Contest by PHBlogger.net. An anime lover specifically Naruto and Bleach anime, is joining this competition by Lhurey. It is the last day of registration today and I know that my entries are not yet made specificially for the Cebu Seo Contest. Despite this fact that I am so "trying hard" on this kind of stuff still I am one of the most eager to win this competition. What do you think the reasons why I am competing to this Seo things? Well I will enumerate you some Cebu Seo Contest reasons that I have resolved. Here it is:

  1. I like search engine optimization and I want to prove to the world that I have learned so much on the Busby Seo Challenge and through Cebu Seo Contest this will be my trophy for this proof.
  2. I just want to prove that I can beat a team single handedly.
  3. I can make use of the prize specially the free domain registration and web hosting for a year.
  4. I like to improve my skills and through this I have a goal and I am inline with my objectives.
Cebu Seo Contest here I come! I will not you a special Ninjutsu just to win this one but I will try to use a certain SEO magic to make everyone wonder and amaze my strength. Kage bushin Ninjutsu SEO style!

Most Funny/Creative Content Winner!

Yehey! This blog wins the "Most Funny/Creative Content" on the Busby Seo Challenge 2008. Yes that's right I win to this "feel good consolation prize" competition from Busby Web Solutions. The prize that I've got an iPod Touch. But I've already win the Most Invited Friend category so I am not qualified to win another title so my runner-up luckily walk with the iPod Touch for the most creative content. The title is mine but the prize is with Adipti, I think. It's ok, one iPod Touch for me is enough to fill up all the expenses I have spend for this competition. My expenses are time and effort which are valuable than any money can buy.

Now starting today, I will be concentrating on the Cebu Seo Contest competition that I am participating. The prize at stake is only seven hundred pesos plus a website package but even though that this prize is not that big to give any of my time, still I am proud to say that I want to bag it. I just want to prove that I learn something from Busby Seo Challenge and I am hoping that this Cebu Seo Contest will be the sample of that proof. I am clapping with unmeasurable happiness today. It is really a good day today!

Life After Busby

The final day of the conclusion of the Busby SEO Challenge is about to come. Several hours to be exact! The question right now that is running to all the mind of the participants and specially me are different questions? Questions such as: What will be the life after the Busby SEO Challenge? What changes that will possibly happen to the leaders of the contest? Will they become one of the richest man in the world? Will they give us tips or write an e-book to teach us what things to do to beat them later in SEO contests? Will the champion reveal their secrets?

Actually I have learn several things here in the contest. My SEO skills definitely change a little bit and I know that my entries don't have that "staying power" to stick and rise from its current position. I know that I lack something and I already discovered it. That is good cause I believe that "you can find your strength by identifying your weakness." What I will do right now after the contest will be to continue learning search engine optimization and then make use of the gift (which is an iPod Touch) that is might be shipped to me by Busby Web Solutions if in case I win the consolation prize which I am not sure if I can win it (I'm just optimistic on things - please give me an iPod).

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition and hope that you give us even half of your power used to beat us! For the meantime right now, I'll try to win the Cebu Seo Contest (local competition).

Busby Seo Challenge Climber

Busby SEO ChallengeWooh, its been a while since I updated my entry to Busby SEO Challenge competition. I have been busy for a while due to different activities that comes up. My entries are dropping dramatically and my opponents are aggressively doing the link building very fast. The fight is really hard for first timers like me. It is like that I am climbing a very steep mountain. I can feel the gravity and pressures brought by the snatching of positions. At the top of the ladder you will see a very close fight between big time rivals. It is between Pogung and Spearteam, Indonesia versus France.

On the other hand, some Filipinos is excelling and becoming visible on the ladder. Its like the Pinay Busby SEO Challenge entry is following the trails of the giants that is already at the top of Busby Seo Challenge mountain ranges. I wish that this entrant will not get lost during the "following" process. But, there is still hope for this fellow Filipino entry to rich the top but I am just praying that this entry will not lost its tracks and will not fall. Now, I am giving my full support to this one-man challenger from the Philippines. I will give my hand to lift him even a little. I hope that this Busby SEO Challenge that I will give him will help him climb higher. In return I will just ask the owner of the contest to link me back and help me with my Cebu Seo Contest entries. Good luck my man, if you win it will be the pride of our nation!

Busby "War" Almost Over

Busby SEO Challenge contest is almost over and I think I can't get to the race. The effort is still not enough to overcome this kind of challenge. "War" or shall I say the fight for number is really hard. Entries are not moving on the lower level but the upper level of the ranks (from 1 to 10) keeps on moving. I decided to post an animation here about how Sphereteam bombarded Pogung and other Busby SEO Challenge entrants to reign the SEO competition. Almost 10 days before the final hour of the competition and there are still time to shuffle the ranks.

The picture above is supposedly funny but I don't know if it will make you smile, my sense of humor nowadays is not working. I'm not practicing for a while that's why! Hope you enjoy this one!

Busby Paused for Cebu SEO Contest

Busby SEO Challengers and Anime lovers alike, have you gone to Cebu, Philippines? Maybe not yet, try going there and you will see how the place is so nice and the culture different to your place. Give it a try. The video shows the previous Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Aside from this event their is ongoing Cebu SEO Contest and I am also participating with it. I am trying to hit two birds in one stone using this blog but unluckily I can't hit Busby SEO Challenge and now I am trying this local SEO contest to grab it. One reason I also post this video of Cebu because I wish to go there again but I am really busy and financially not available to go there :D. Now, I will just go on with the Cebu SEO Contest and will try to fight more on the Busby SEO Challenge. I don't need luck right now, what I need a lot of backlinks! Weeh

Busby Multiple Linkbuilding Technique

It is exactly 16 days before the final day for the Busby SEO Challenge and my entries are not moving at all. It is because the name of the game here is the Link building technique of the participants. The person who have the highest cloned backlinks win. If I have the same Ninjutsu and chakra as same as Naruto, I will definitely use it to clone and build links in one Kagen Bushin Ninjutsu. I will use all of my 100% chakra to make a thousand of my clone like on the picture then made them to build links for me on the net. I need a thousand of them to do it for me because I know that it will be impossible for me, a single person to reach the said target backlinks for just limited time. I know I will not win this SEO challenge but I just like to feel the spirit of the competition. Ah, I'm trying it right now if I can use the clone technique of Naruto but it doesn't work. Oh well, but take note, I'm not giving-up yet! :D (By the way a friend of mine is joining another contest called Cebu Seo Contest, a challenge exclusively for Filipino bloggers only)

Busby SEO Challenge Anime Legend

The following Busby SEO Challenge anime story is mere work of fiction of the author. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, localities, competition or contests is entirely coincidental.

Here's the synopsis of the legend that nobody can forget and will never even remember: ( :D )

Busby SEO Challenge is an annual wood katana competition in the world of Kantenshin, a group of noble Janin in the south part of Gakotowa province in Panaj country. It is sword fight that does not require any blood to be spilled on the arena. They started this annual event during the period of SEO (Silenti Era Omenish = Era of Silent Janin War) to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of a sword fighter during the said era. This fighter was known on the place as Busby Kantenshin, great swords man that uses a double pointed katana. This katana is always placed on the back of Busby and only bring out of it sheath when in the heat of a fight. Busby special techniques are:
  1. Ninjinsu Busbysiu - a swift one hit strike made by drawing out the sword from the sheath without revealing the other point of the sword. This is usually used by Busby as his defensive stance against offensive opponents.
  2. Busby Kagenshintej -two hit strike by the two points of the sword hitting the vital points of the opponents will make him paralyzed on the first attack and then fatal on the second attack. He usually avoid this attack to prevent fatalities but when he can't handle his challenger very well he uses this with care making his opponent never fight again.
  3. Busby SEO Challenge secret sword technique - this is his hidden ace which is executed by him by making a very fast 360 degrees sword drawing. On the story it was used once and seen by one great opponent named Ngusibin Katneib who uses both psychic sword techniques and a trickster.
The heroic story of Busby SEO Challenge Legend surrounds on reminiscing the past of Busby, his companions, love interest and his part to the formation of tranquility of his country.

Anime Genre: A Blend of Action and Comedy.

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Busby Ceasefire

Peace everyone! I'm declaring today a temporary ceasefire for a moment on the Busby SEO Challenge to give way of Bleach's new episode 183. There's no special event happens but the conflict between shinigamis started and the new captain Amagai helps Ichigo solve his problem with the noble family of Kooji. Still more of it next week.

From the said episode, I decided to post the lyrics of the opening theme of the anime. It's quite interesting and give me inspiration with some aspect of my daily Busby and non-Busby activities. Here's the japanese and english lyrics directly from Dattebayo's japanese-english sub:

Onaji dorama wo nandomo miteru
I've watched the same drama unfold so many times

Kyou mo naa, sonna ki ga shiteta zutto
Today kinda... feels like I'm watching it again

Kimi ga waratte kureta shunkan ni
The instant you started smiling

atarashii sutori ga hajimatta
was then the new story began.

Chuuburari na aseta hibi ga
But I know the days will still

iruzuiteiku no ga wakattan da
be full of uncertainty and apprehension.

Saa, mabuta o akete
So open up your eyes,

Kodoku ni surigaeteta
and replace your loneliness with something more.

Nakushiteta yuuki wo kono te ni kakageyo
Find your lost bravery, and holt it up high!

Koraeteta namida ima omoidashita kara
I've finally remembered all the tears you've had to endure.

Kimi no te wo nigitte monogatari wa hajimaru
So we'll join hands, and a new story will unfold.
Watch your subbed Naruto and Bleach episodes only via Dattebayo. Don't support video uploaders! Our future in watching amazing anime lies on the tip of your mouse pointers... Peace man! :D

Someone is Watching Me

Picture edited by bleuken for Busby SEO ChallengeYes guys, I feel it no I know it that somebody is really watching me! Do you ever felt that way before that you're doing your usual blog posting activities and you felt that you are being watched? I am experiencing it right now! That's right it is actually here with me, a group of panel of judges that will release their final point for my Busby most creative and funniest entry! :D

What I'm saying is that someone is checking on my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge for the most creative / funniest category. I registered this blog for that category for the prize of iPod Touch. It's my second option, if in case I can't win the challenge (which I think too hard for me to handle, the crown is so heavy for me to carry), at least I got an iPod Touch a stepping stone for iPhone 3G! Oh well, despite that I'm not funny, artistic and all, I still participate. It is because I have this certain premonition about it that they will see me creative and funny with this unusual usage of english language and anime figures.

Wish, wish that's all I need right now, a wishing well to make one of my dream (iPod Touch) come true and to become the first Busby SEO Challenge from the world of anime.

Supernatural Season 4 Airing on September 8

"Lazarus Rising", this will be the first episode title of the latest season of Supernatural Season 4 which will be airing on September 8 this year. Sam and Dean Winchester which are played by actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are expected to go back to CWTV screen this coming fall. Supernatural fans from different part of the world are so excited about this come back.

See I told you that there will be Supernatural Season 4 and even Season 5!

Weeh, I'm so excited about it and I want to know immediately what will happen now with the Winchesters. Some spoilers are telling that Dean (Jensen Ackles) will definitely be come back from hell after his death from the last episode of Season 3. For now, let us sit couch potatoes and wait until the episodes are available. :D

Where to watch Naruto Shippuden if...?

Do you know where to find a video Naruto Shippuden episodes and movies? Of course you will immediately answer Youtube, VEOH, Dailymotion or any other video hosting websites. But do you also know that Dattebayo is subbing Naruto's episodes for quite a long time now? What if Dattebayo drops or stops subbing of Naruto, will it be released on the net for us to download and watch it later? The answer is NOBODY has that dedication and competence other than Dattebayo to do a decent subbing like of Naruto and Bleach.
Naruto Shippuden Movie: Bonds
When they announced the other week that they will drop the subbing, a lot of Naruto fans where really alarmed about this. I'm one of them who were shaked by this announcement even I have the feeling that this is another YHBT (You Have Been Throlled) effort of the fansubbing group. My guess is right that it is YHBT again because this week they release episode 67 but still fans don't know if the announcement will really become real. One reason that the fansubbing group for Naruto point out about why they are really about to drop it, is that they make their subbed available on Youtube which they don't want to happen.

If in case they drop it, it will be a great lost to the Naruto community from different part of Asia and other continents who love the anime. My advice, anime fans alike, let us support Dattebayo by following whatever they want on how to acquire the Naruto Shippuden episodes. This will give them enough reason to continue with their noble deeds and we continue enjoying their works.

You Aren't Alone! - Kurusaki Ichigo

"If there's something you can't handle on your own, I'll give you a hand...You aren't alone! So do whatever you think is right!" - Kurusaki Ichigo
Rukia from Bleach supporting Busby SEO ChallengeIt is nice when you know that there's a friend out there who can lean your shoulders when you're feeling down. It's a relief that I'm one of those who are lucky enough to have friends around me that support me in every challenge that I encounter in my life. In this episode of Bleach (181), you can see how Ichigo was sincere in his statement in lending a hand for Lurichiyo but unluckily Komoi already uses a shape shifter and attack Ichigo. He's really a wise adversary of the substitute shigami and i think Ichigo, Rukia and company will be having a hard time dealing with this situation but I'm very optimistic about this and I know no situations that is hard for people who help each other.

I'm a Busby SEO Challenger and I feel all alone about this recent situation in my life. It is because my SEO allies are too busy with their lives and I can't have any assurance of support from them. I did asked them to help me but they can't really manage to insert it on their busy schedules. I know they are my friends but I do understand them why they can't provide anything to "lift me up the ladder". It is because I'm their friend! Right now, I'm doing what I think that is right but I think it's not enough to survive this challenge. Right now, this Busby SEO Challenge entry started to loose its grip on Google ranking. It's falling day by day and I can't make anything to stop it. Oh well that's life!

Movies to Watch for 2009 Series One

Upcoming Movies: The Wolfman, The Unborn, Drag Me to Hell and Land of the LostThis post will be the first of the series of my collections of different upcoming movies that can be expected to hit theaters on near future. I decided to make this so that this blog will contain something other than the Busby SEO Challenge.

The following are movies that you can consider watching for the year 2009:
  1. Land of the Lost - a comedy adventure that is based on a 70's TV series with the same title. Starring Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel and Jorma Taccone. The story revolves on family of three who are trapped in an alien world inhabited by creatures like dinosaurs and chimpanzees. It is expected to be released on July 2009.
  2. Drag Me to Hell - a horror movie that surrounds on the powerful curse of an old woman to Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) and his quest to break this curse. Release date is May 2009.
  3. The Unborn - another exorcism, evil possession movie that contains the David Goyer's tale of a girl (Odette Yustman) tormented by the soul of a boy who died in the Holocaust. The movie will be released by 2009.
  4. The Wolf Man - a 2009 horror film that is a remake of 1940's classic movie that revolves on a werewolf curse that passed on Lawrence Talbot. April 2009 is the expected release of this horror movie.
This is brought to you byBusby SEO Challenge support group. :D

Official Terminator Salvation Trailer Released!

Terminator Salvation Trailer
Terminator Salvation Trailer

Today, I found this official trailer of the Terminator Salvation. It is another story of Terminator on big screen following the previous episodes of Terminator of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Christian Bale plays the role of the future leader of the human resistance, John Connor and Samuel "Sam" Worthington as the new terminator Marcus Wright. It is expected to be released this May 2009 on theaters worldwide.

This is the plot summary of the new Terminator Salvation Movie as seen in Wikipedia from Warner Bros:
Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor (Christian Bale), the man fated to be the leader of the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators, and the future he was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a Terminator whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they find out a terrible secret that may lead to the possible annihilation of mankind.

Another DB Throll or For Real?

Dattebayo announces last Friday that they will drop fansubbing the anime Naruto Shippuden. This was announced in relation with not releasing Naruto last Friday. The statement sounds so real and citing the reasons for doing the said dropping. One issue that Dattebayo raised was they are really disappointed to Naruto Fans for uploading their subbed video to leading video hosting sites like Youtube and Myspace.

This announcement was done already several times but DB keeps on releasing subbed Naruto episodes despite this announcement. Actually last Friday, they can't really release the latest episode because the latest episode will be aired this coming Thursday and possibly released on the net by Friday. My guess is that this is another YHBT gimmick of DB and I'm hoping that it is. It is because I really like their fansubbed and I can't find any fansubbing groups that handle Naruto episodes. Let us just wait until this coming airing time of Naruto if they are really dropping it for real.

Busby SEO Challenge

When I visit the Busby SEO Challenge leader board this morning from Busby Web Solutions' website, I have seen how this entry of mine falls down the ladder compare to my other entries. Maybe because I don't have a stable title for this blog or maybe blogger blogs is really impossible to reach rank number one of the search engine result pages. Another possible reason is that my SEO effort might not be that enough to manage to crawl up the ladder or my skills is still not that good to go against the great "chakra" of powerful SEO opponents. If I will measure the length of their natural enchanting SEO powers of other challengers compare to my natural built-in talents on search engine optimization, I have about 1 inch or less in length while my opponents have about several feet longer than my skills. It only means that I need more experience and SEO exposure to surpass them. It will a long time process and I don't think I have the time to do it right now!

The outcome of my effort is still unknown and I'm still hopeful about it. I'll try to use all of my "reiatsu" left and I hope I would not be eaten by the "Bakkottou" that I'm using which happens with Komoi's assassins Ichigo's opponents. This challenge is giving me a lot of headaches and I don't know how many aspirins I can drink. I hope I won't be overdosed by this. I have 6 more weeks left. I will try to reach page one, that will be my target right now.

My consolation right now, and I'm thankful about it, is my .com site is higher than my free blog hosted blogs. This only means that my official website will be having a great rank this coming future and I will make use of this opportunity. At least if I can't gain any prize from the Busby SEO Challenge, my websites/blogsites will gain a small number of traffic and increase its internet popularity. I'm still young and I have still time for more challenge in the coming years to come. If that time comes, I will make sure that I will be ready for the challenge and I will try to conquer all world wide SEO contests. I'm just thinking so "positive", it is just my way of my "ninja"! hihi :D

Lurichiyo on Forced Wedding

On the latest episode of Bleach 180, Princess Lurichiyo was emotionally forced to get married and face her destiny. She forced herself to attend the wedding with Kannogi Shuu and face her nobility duty. How does it feel when you don't like it but you are obliged to do it because you will know that many people will get hurt and suffer if you will not able to perform this duty?

Princess Lurichiyo pretended as if she does not feel anything and sacrificed herself to this situation. Of course the substitute Shinigami Ichigo will not allow this to happen. He comes to the rescue but it seems that they fall into the trap made by Komoi. It seems that Komoi expected this to happen and he took advantage of this situation. Next episode of Bleach will show how Ichigo and his group will face this kind of situation.

Now I have related this anime episode to my Busby SEO Challenge venture. I have realized that the SEO challenge from Busby is not an obligation nor duty that I should perform but I feel something that I should push through this. Its a feeling that I have to do it not for myself but also for my country and fellowmen. If in case this venture on this Busby SEO Challenge works or successful, everyone in the Philippines will surely benefit. I've got my resolve about this Busby SEO Challenge, I need to do this and I will definitely make all things that I can as far as my "reiatsu" can reach!

Full Metal Alchemist Continues

There's a buzz that the Full Metal Alchemist will have a Season 2 as per according to Studio Bones the producer of the last movie of FMA which is the Full Metal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa. This was actually buzzing around anime forums and blogs all over the net (and I actually read it from a certain anime forum, sorry I forgot the name of the forum :( ). It's not yet confirmed or final and not yet to be released.

If this FMA 2 will be released, I will surely be glad to watch it and even buy a copy of its DVD release. But, I thought the the Conqueror of Shamballa was the last of its story line and the last part where Edward & Al finally joins together was really nice ending for this kind of anime. I don't know what will be the plot for this next season of Full Metal Alchemist. FMA fans will surely wait for this moment to happen and I'm one of them to surely wait and watch!