Life After Busby

The final day of the conclusion of the Busby SEO Challenge is about to come. Several hours to be exact! The question right now that is running to all the mind of the participants and specially me are different questions? Questions such as: What will be the life after the Busby SEO Challenge? What changes that will possibly happen to the leaders of the contest? Will they become one of the richest man in the world? Will they give us tips or write an e-book to teach us what things to do to beat them later in SEO contests? Will the champion reveal their secrets?

Actually I have learn several things here in the contest. My SEO skills definitely change a little bit and I know that my entries don't have that "staying power" to stick and rise from its current position. I know that I lack something and I already discovered it. That is good cause I believe that "you can find your strength by identifying your weakness." What I will do right now after the contest will be to continue learning search engine optimization and then make use of the gift (which is an iPod Touch) that is might be shipped to me by Busby Web Solutions if in case I win the consolation prize which I am not sure if I can win it (I'm just optimistic on things - please give me an iPod).

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition and hope that you give us even half of your power used to beat us! For the meantime right now, I'll try to win the Cebu Seo Contest (local competition).

Busby Seo Challenge Climber

Busby SEO ChallengeWooh, its been a while since I updated my entry to Busby SEO Challenge competition. I have been busy for a while due to different activities that comes up. My entries are dropping dramatically and my opponents are aggressively doing the link building very fast. The fight is really hard for first timers like me. It is like that I am climbing a very steep mountain. I can feel the gravity and pressures brought by the snatching of positions. At the top of the ladder you will see a very close fight between big time rivals. It is between Pogung and Spearteam, Indonesia versus France.

On the other hand, some Filipinos is excelling and becoming visible on the ladder. Its like the Pinay Busby SEO Challenge entry is following the trails of the giants that is already at the top of Busby Seo Challenge mountain ranges. I wish that this entrant will not get lost during the "following" process. But, there is still hope for this fellow Filipino entry to rich the top but I am just praying that this entry will not lost its tracks and will not fall. Now, I am giving my full support to this one-man challenger from the Philippines. I will give my hand to lift him even a little. I hope that this Busby SEO Challenge that I will give him will help him climb higher. In return I will just ask the owner of the contest to link me back and help me with my Cebu Seo Contest entries. Good luck my man, if you win it will be the pride of our nation!

Busby "War" Almost Over

Busby SEO Challenge contest is almost over and I think I can't get to the race. The effort is still not enough to overcome this kind of challenge. "War" or shall I say the fight for number is really hard. Entries are not moving on the lower level but the upper level of the ranks (from 1 to 10) keeps on moving. I decided to post an animation here about how Sphereteam bombarded Pogung and other Busby SEO Challenge entrants to reign the SEO competition. Almost 10 days before the final hour of the competition and there are still time to shuffle the ranks.

The picture above is supposedly funny but I don't know if it will make you smile, my sense of humor nowadays is not working. I'm not practicing for a while that's why! Hope you enjoy this one!

Busby Paused for Cebu SEO Contest

Busby SEO Challengers and Anime lovers alike, have you gone to Cebu, Philippines? Maybe not yet, try going there and you will see how the place is so nice and the culture different to your place. Give it a try. The video shows the previous Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Aside from this event their is ongoing Cebu SEO Contest and I am also participating with it. I am trying to hit two birds in one stone using this blog but unluckily I can't hit Busby SEO Challenge and now I am trying this local SEO contest to grab it. One reason I also post this video of Cebu because I wish to go there again but I am really busy and financially not available to go there :D. Now, I will just go on with the Cebu SEO Contest and will try to fight more on the Busby SEO Challenge. I don't need luck right now, what I need a lot of backlinks! Weeh

Busby Multiple Linkbuilding Technique

It is exactly 16 days before the final day for the Busby SEO Challenge and my entries are not moving at all. It is because the name of the game here is the Link building technique of the participants. The person who have the highest cloned backlinks win. If I have the same Ninjutsu and chakra as same as Naruto, I will definitely use it to clone and build links in one Kagen Bushin Ninjutsu. I will use all of my 100% chakra to make a thousand of my clone like on the picture then made them to build links for me on the net. I need a thousand of them to do it for me because I know that it will be impossible for me, a single person to reach the said target backlinks for just limited time. I know I will not win this SEO challenge but I just like to feel the spirit of the competition. Ah, I'm trying it right now if I can use the clone technique of Naruto but it doesn't work. Oh well, but take note, I'm not giving-up yet! :D (By the way a friend of mine is joining another contest called Cebu Seo Contest, a challenge exclusively for Filipino bloggers only)

Busby SEO Challenge Anime Legend

The following Busby SEO Challenge anime story is mere work of fiction of the author. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, localities, competition or contests is entirely coincidental.

Here's the synopsis of the legend that nobody can forget and will never even remember: ( :D )

Busby SEO Challenge is an annual wood katana competition in the world of Kantenshin, a group of noble Janin in the south part of Gakotowa province in Panaj country. It is sword fight that does not require any blood to be spilled on the arena. They started this annual event during the period of SEO (Silenti Era Omenish = Era of Silent Janin War) to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of a sword fighter during the said era. This fighter was known on the place as Busby Kantenshin, great swords man that uses a double pointed katana. This katana is always placed on the back of Busby and only bring out of it sheath when in the heat of a fight. Busby special techniques are:
  1. Ninjinsu Busbysiu - a swift one hit strike made by drawing out the sword from the sheath without revealing the other point of the sword. This is usually used by Busby as his defensive stance against offensive opponents.
  2. Busby Kagenshintej -two hit strike by the two points of the sword hitting the vital points of the opponents will make him paralyzed on the first attack and then fatal on the second attack. He usually avoid this attack to prevent fatalities but when he can't handle his challenger very well he uses this with care making his opponent never fight again.
  3. Busby SEO Challenge secret sword technique - this is his hidden ace which is executed by him by making a very fast 360 degrees sword drawing. On the story it was used once and seen by one great opponent named Ngusibin Katneib who uses both psychic sword techniques and a trickster.
The heroic story of Busby SEO Challenge Legend surrounds on reminiscing the past of Busby, his companions, love interest and his part to the formation of tranquility of his country.

Anime Genre: A Blend of Action and Comedy.

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Busby Ceasefire

Peace everyone! I'm declaring today a temporary ceasefire for a moment on the Busby SEO Challenge to give way of Bleach's new episode 183. There's no special event happens but the conflict between shinigamis started and the new captain Amagai helps Ichigo solve his problem with the noble family of Kooji. Still more of it next week.

From the said episode, I decided to post the lyrics of the opening theme of the anime. It's quite interesting and give me inspiration with some aspect of my daily Busby and non-Busby activities. Here's the japanese and english lyrics directly from Dattebayo's japanese-english sub:

Onaji dorama wo nandomo miteru
I've watched the same drama unfold so many times

Kyou mo naa, sonna ki ga shiteta zutto
Today kinda... feels like I'm watching it again

Kimi ga waratte kureta shunkan ni
The instant you started smiling

atarashii sutori ga hajimatta
was then the new story began.

Chuuburari na aseta hibi ga
But I know the days will still

iruzuiteiku no ga wakattan da
be full of uncertainty and apprehension.

Saa, mabuta o akete
So open up your eyes,

Kodoku ni surigaeteta
and replace your loneliness with something more.

Nakushiteta yuuki wo kono te ni kakageyo
Find your lost bravery, and holt it up high!

Koraeteta namida ima omoidashita kara
I've finally remembered all the tears you've had to endure.

Kimi no te wo nigitte monogatari wa hajimaru
So we'll join hands, and a new story will unfold.
Watch your subbed Naruto and Bleach episodes only via Dattebayo. Don't support video uploaders! Our future in watching amazing anime lies on the tip of your mouse pointers... Peace man! :D

Someone is Watching Me

Picture edited by bleuken for Busby SEO ChallengeYes guys, I feel it no I know it that somebody is really watching me! Do you ever felt that way before that you're doing your usual blog posting activities and you felt that you are being watched? I am experiencing it right now! That's right it is actually here with me, a group of panel of judges that will release their final point for my Busby most creative and funniest entry! :D

What I'm saying is that someone is checking on my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge for the most creative / funniest category. I registered this blog for that category for the prize of iPod Touch. It's my second option, if in case I can't win the challenge (which I think too hard for me to handle, the crown is so heavy for me to carry), at least I got an iPod Touch a stepping stone for iPhone 3G! Oh well, despite that I'm not funny, artistic and all, I still participate. It is because I have this certain premonition about it that they will see me creative and funny with this unusual usage of english language and anime figures.

Wish, wish that's all I need right now, a wishing well to make one of my dream (iPod Touch) come true and to become the first Busby SEO Challenge from the world of anime.