Someone is Watching Me

Picture edited by bleuken for Busby SEO ChallengeYes guys, I feel it no I know it that somebody is really watching me! Do you ever felt that way before that you're doing your usual blog posting activities and you felt that you are being watched? I am experiencing it right now! That's right it is actually here with me, a group of panel of judges that will release their final point for my Busby most creative and funniest entry! :D

What I'm saying is that someone is checking on my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge for the most creative / funniest category. I registered this blog for that category for the prize of iPod Touch. It's my second option, if in case I can't win the challenge (which I think too hard for me to handle, the crown is so heavy for me to carry), at least I got an iPod Touch a stepping stone for iPhone 3G! Oh well, despite that I'm not funny, artistic and all, I still participate. It is because I have this certain premonition about it that they will see me creative and funny with this unusual usage of english language and anime figures.

Wish, wish that's all I need right now, a wishing well to make one of my dream (iPod Touch) come true and to become the first Busby SEO Challenge from the world of anime.


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