KON of Bleach in New York

The doll KON of Bleach is in New York to witness the first movie release of Bleach in USA, entitled Memories of Nobody. You will see from the clip how Bleach fans are accepting the anime in USA.

Aside from the said movie, KON also announce the upcoming movie of Bleach, the third movie of Bleach which is entitled "Goodbye Rukia!"

The title of the said Bleach Movie 3 is very intriguing and makes me shaking in desire to watch it as soon as possible. Wee, it will be available in my country maybe by year 2010. Wah I hope it will be soon. The Bleach Movie Part 2 is still not available in our place and expected to be viewable by April 2009 (it will be a year of suffering in waiting for new Bleach Movies). I don't know now what should I do, maybe for the meantime I will watch the latest special episode of Bleach (episode 176-177)!


I've changed a little bit

As you can see the title bar are changed to "Busby Seo Challenge | Naruto Shippuden | Naruto | Bleach Episodes", it's because I want to concentrate on the topics that is more interesting for me this coming months. One is the Busby SEO Challenge which is really a hard blow for SEO fighters out there and so I'm supporting it as a SEOptimizer too. While, Naruto Shippuden and Bleach Episodes of course as you can see, I'm a fanatic of this two great anime and I really want to watch them every week.

I want to tell everyone that I'm still into movies aside from anime so you will find more anime, movies and tv series here. Thank you for visiting this blog and Good day!

Naruto Special Episode on 4th of July

Naruto Shippuden will be aired on July 3rd so it will be available on Dattebayo by 4th of July. This will be a special two episodes of Naruto Shippuden that will be showing the showdown of the remaining 12th Fire Temple coup plotters which is a collegue of Azuma when he was a member of this group.

Sora and Naruto will surely have a great fight showing their true potentials, of course Naruto will be using his same charisma to challenge and convince Sora to clear his mind. Sora will surely confront Azuma on this episode regarding the death of his father Kazuma. On the picture, shows how Naruto was shocked about Sora's successful control of his wind chakra.

Well, it will be another week of no Naruto and Bleach anime so I'll be spending my time writing and optimizing my SEO entry on busby seo challenge. It can buy me some time while waiting for the next episode of this anime series. Now, don't be get throlled again by Dattebayo! Remember: Naruto Shippuuden will be available by 4th of July. :D

One Hour Special Bleach Next Week

Next week will be a one hour episode for the anime Bleach. The special episode will feature the fight of the Substitute Shinigami and the assassin who uses a weird Katana to confuse Ichigo Kurusaki during the fight. It will be an exciting fight for him and his group. Rukia will be fighting with the assassin with a Scythe katana, Sado with the Wall-rock converting slash katana and Ishida will be fighting with a cool guy assassin which Katana abilities are still unknown.

Another week of waiting for the Bleach Episode, hope that it will not a "throll" from Dattebayo. I really hope coz I'm really excited with this episodes and I just can't wait for another week...

Busby SEO Challenge from Anime Fan Point of View

Recently, I got this invitation that invites me to join the Busby SEO Challenge from a friend. I actually knew about this several weeks ago but I only received his email just yesterday. I have told to my self that maybe he read it late.

Now what can I say about this SEO challenge by Busby Web Solutions? All I can say is if in case that I will join this SEO challenge, it will really eat a lot of my time and will cause me to divert my attention out of my "anime collection", imagine I will be spending my online time trying to optimize the phrase so I can earn $5000. I know it's a big money and I actually want it at least it will help me with my expenses at home from electricity to my broadband bill but I think my SEO skills are not enough to make it to top ranks. Still I will join, for the sake of participation and proving to myself that I did learn from my previous SEO battles.

Busby SEO Challenge will be hot for three months and I think it will be a fight of SEO countries in the world that will lead to a conclusion. A conclusion that will tell if whose skill is better than anybody and who really knows the "secret algorithm" of Google.com. My problem with this challenge is that my keyboard was infested by small little ants that prevents me to type properly letters Q, A, Z, 1 which is really a big hindrance to article writing and anime reviews. Well, I might buy today a new keyboard to go on with my blogging career, LOL. This ants really annoys me, maybe this is the side effect of eating while watching anime. sigh

See how Google really affects everyone's lives? :D

Got Throlled Again by Dattebayo!

Weh, I thought I downloaded the real episode of Naruto Shippuden Episode 063 from Dattebayo. I spend about a hour downloading it with my slow broadband connection through torrent. I even stop optimizing my entry on busby seo challenge because of this. When I saw this episode available on Dattebayo, I have the feeling that it is a fake because I saw from the previous episode that the next episode will be aired by June 19 or 26, but I still downloaded it anyway.

Dattebayo is throlling right now without the YHBT tag (You Have Been Throlled)! Nice improvement huh!

Busby SEO Challenge Explained

Busby SEO Challenge is a world wide SEO competition that challenges all SEO specialists from all over the world to participate and conquer the challenge brought by Busby. It's a three month period of SEO on Google (www.google.com) for your website entry for the keywrod "busby seo challenge" starting this June 1, 2008.

The rule of the Busby SEO Challenge is you need your website entry to link back to the Busby Web Solutions and optimized your system for the keyword "busby seo challenge" and reach rank #1 of the SERP. I guess this Busby SEO Challenge will be participated by the very best SEO masters, specialists and I think even big SEO teams and companies from different part of the globe. My another guess is Busby SEO Challenge will be dominated by SEO veterans and champions of the previous world SEO challenges.

My self well, I will be a one man "super SEO soldier" that will fight against super SEO challengers. Actually I have a team (capiz_bloggers team) but I still have an individual entry for the "busby seo challenge" because I want to prove that I can do this on my own and through experiences I have gain from my previous SEO challenge participations and lost.

Well I don't know where I might find my "busby seo challenge" entries on the Google SERPs, it will be a long time process of fights against big time competitors. Hope, I can reach even in page one even if I will won the second to third prize or if there's a busby seo challenge consolation prize. Here I go, bleuken on Busby SEO Challenge.

Shopwiki for a Change

Aside from anime and watching TV series, one thing that I like while I'm bored and stressed out is going outdoor and / or garden. Since I lack some materials for the said outdoor and gardens activities, I decided to search for the said items from the internet and I found a website ShopWiki that provides a comprehensive information of different tools and other items I need for my activity.

Shopwiki's information are written in detail including where to get the tool and what can you expect from it which is enough for you to decide what you product or item you should get. Shopwiki allows you to search for a specific topic like search engines and provides relevant links for a certain item.

Now in my case, I look for fertilizer and vegetable seeds which I need to complete my vegetable garden. I know you might wonder if why I like gardening? It's just me I'm an anime lover and at the same time gardening. It is just a hobby and cures my boredom.