KON of Bleach in New York

The doll KON of Bleach is in New York to witness the first movie release of Bleach in USA, entitled Memories of Nobody. You will see from the clip how Bleach fans are accepting the anime in USA.

Aside from the said movie, KON also announce the upcoming movie of Bleach, the third movie of Bleach which is entitled "Goodbye Rukia!"

The title of the said Bleach Movie 3 is very intriguing and makes me shaking in desire to watch it as soon as possible. Wee, it will be available in my country maybe by year 2010. Wah I hope it will be soon. The Bleach Movie Part 2 is still not available in our place and expected to be viewable by April 2009 (it will be a year of suffering in waiting for new Bleach Movies). I don't know now what should I do, maybe for the meantime I will watch the latest special episode of Bleach (episode 176-177)!



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