Eclipse Fever Not Fading?

It is been a couple of weeks after the release of the highly anticipated summer hit sequel "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." I don't know really what does this film to be so special and a lot of viewers really watching it. Imagine several millions of dollars were earned by the movie in its just first day and traffic for Eclipse movie sites are keep on coming despites it is already shown in theaters for several weeks already.

If you happened to read this and want to watch Eclipse online then you might want to go to movie sites like and Both sites contain information on how to watch movies online.

What to Watch this Weekend: Dance Showdown or LOL?

This weekend will be another day of fun and laughter as two great movies will be coming to theaters. One of them will be a sequel of a dance showdown film entitled "Step Up 3D" and the other one is a comedy film with a pinch of action from Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg entitled "The Other Guys." Now which of this movie will you choose? Will you go to the stunning and impressive new dance mixes or would go out with a face muscle exercise hilariously funny film?

Well, you can do both. That's what I did when Dinner for Schmucks was shown last week with the Cats & Dogs 2 in the same release date. I just divided my time and watched them both.

How about you, what would you do?