Convert Your Paper Receipts to Digital Form

Usually receipts for certain transactions for the office or personal tasks, are stored on pockets or wallets. It usually got damage in the process or lost unintentionally. This causes problems of course when the employee is about to apply for reimbursement. For sure it will not be approved if there's no evidence of receipts on their expense report or it will be a problem for both the employee, accounting and the management. That is the reason why it is more beneficial for business to find a method on how to deal with this problem. One is to convert the receipt to a digital form using a receipt scanner then sending it online through a certain online wallet. The said online wallet like those provided by Certify which is called Certify Wallet, allows any user to store their receipts anywhere they are through their mobile phones or any mobile PC.

The said scanner should be easily carried and I think like as shown below will be great device for anyone who is concerned with fast processing and easy expense tracking. Receipt scanner is definite a good tool for expense management for small to big business.

mobile receipt scanner from, an expense management solution provider
The image above is taken from's website. Certify is a leading online expense management solution for small to mid size companies. They are known for providing a quick, easy, and cost effective system that does not require expense report software to buy or maintain. Their website is found at Visit the site for more information.

Online Business and Web Design in Los Angeles

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Pacquiao is Ready for Battle

Here is a video containing the recent interview of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao showing his practice in California and his statement regarding the Pacquiao vs. Cotto and how is ready to fight Miguel Cotto in November 14. He said on the interview that he can handle everything that Cotto will give on the ring and possibly he can knockout the Puerto Rican fighter on early round, basically on the 5th or much earlier than that.

Well, I am so excited with this match and can't wait to watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto online. How about you any thoughts about this fight and do you really think that the Filipino fighter can take his opponent earlier with speed and power punches? Hmmm... Leave your comments guys!

Pacquiao Cotto Countdown Begins

It's almost less than 2 weeks before the most exciting boxing event of the year, Pacquiao vs. Cotto. A fight will be a world breaking record for Pacquiao or a defense for Cotto's title. A lot of buzzing and news were roaming around the web and it seems that almost all the people around the globe are on the standby mode and preparing themselves for the fight to begin. Tickets were sold out and TV subscriptions were a box office hit. The people of the Philippines and Puerto Rico were preparing their emotions and even mark their calendars for the said fight. Even the time of both countries are far different with each other, it is sync in a way that both viewing will be the same.

I am planning to cover the said fight here by providing link information about where to watch the Pacquiao Cotto fight online. I like to watch the fight too and so be back on the fight night. I am sooo *uck!n8 excited!!!