Srednarb Promo Update

It's been a month now since the released of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb race of search engine optimizers and I am one of those who participated to the said test of skills and wit. This involves a big money this Christmas and every single optimizer from the country will surely get involved on this. Some our doing their normal and traditional stuff in promoting their websites. Some are using some "secret techniques" in link building strategies. On my part to be honest with you, with this kind of making money online stuff through a competition, it is too hot for me to handle. Why? There's a lot of hindrance that affects my full blast attention to this kind of activity. One of them is my lack of quality websites to link my said entry. I have established a single website a 6 months ago but it is not enough for me to support my entries. Unlike the other entrants who have a lot of big time search engine optimization website machines that can handle vast amount of boosting powers to push their site entries to the top of the rankings.

What I am hoping right now is for me to at least win consolation prizes so it could pay to the daily expenses that incur because of this activity. Right now, I am having fun looking for stuff that is related to promotional items and corporate gifts and even the word "srednarb". I am learning new things that might be useful for me later. For now, I will go on with my "making money online" venture. By the way in relation to this competition, I uploaded a video made by a friend related to promo items. Here's the funny but simple animation:

How to earn money online for beginners / NOOBs

Are you a starting blogger who wants to earn money online? Do you wonder how other bloggers or plain net surfers make money online? Well, I will give you some simple ideas on how to do earning the easy to hard way. Let start the series of my tips and advices with the easiest way of earning money online.

One of the easiest way to earn money online is through PTC or pay to click websites. PTC pays you by simply clicking websites of their advertisers. The usual rate of per click is $0.01 (1 cent). Actually, there are lot of these websites online but some of them are scam and fake that asks for money before you earn. PTC websites that I will feature today does not require any payments or registration fee to earn from them. Here are the basic questions and their answers to go with this earning areas of PTC:

Q. How to start with this kind of venture? Answer. PTC usually requires you to have a PAYPAL account because they made their payments through this method. If you want to start with PTC, you should have an account on Paypal. To register, click Paypal Registration here. Some PTCs only accepts ALERT PAY, to register click ALERTPAY registration.

Q. Where can I start from earning now? Answer. Start registering to the following PTCs as a starter. For other PTCs, try visiting this site later because I will list other PTCs that I have tested and proven but for the meantime register with the following site to start your Pay-to-Click career:

Register here to earn $0.01/click with a minimum pay-out of $9.00

*Minimum Pay-out refers to the minimum amount of earning you can withdraw from your PTC accounts.

Good luck and start earning right now!

Converted to Make Money Online Blog

As you can see, I made a "vast amount" of changes on this blog. I change its anime theme to a simple but very flexible theme. Aside from that, I also made changes on the title of the blog. Specifically I changed it to "Making Money Online Now". It is because I want to feature more about how net surfers (anime lovers or not) to earn money while surfing the net and finding information. In this way, I could give them idea on how to earn online. I am earning a lot from simply blogging and giving tips. You too can do that!

Despite this blog was converted to this kind of "make money online" objectives, still from time to time, I will feature topics about anime, TV Series and movies. I just can't rid of this hobby and its flowing to my veins so this will be all for now! Happy reading!

New Video for Busby SEO Test

Now I made a video exclusively for Busby SEO Test competition and here it is. I hope you enjoy it watching, it is a collection of beautiful views in my place in high or low contrast or sephia look (lomography i think).

Lomography by Noob (Busby SEO Test)
Uploaded by busbyseotest

I will update this blog and try to modify its theme later. I started to get tired of looking with the pink Samurai in the background. See you later! :)

Pinoy Fear Factor Pictures

Pinoy Fear Factor on ABS-CBN is a reality show on TV shot on Argentina and hosted by one of the great actors of the Philippines, Ryan Agoncillo. It is a collection of babe and hunks in a stunt of almost death defying acts. It's a show that's been shot for more than 30 days in Argentina based on the format by Fear Factor Extreme. The members of the participating team of candidates who will try to overcome their fears and face these challenges were still on a box hidden from the awaiting audiences. They have given some hints and partial and blur pictures of these contestants.

I am planning to post those Pinoy Fear Factor pictures candidates later so stay tuned and explore the rest of this blog.

Supernatural 4.04: Metamorphosis

Sam Winchester and Ruby was caught in the act by really disappointed Dean Winchester. This is the picture of Sam when he was informed by Dean that even the Angel don't want him to continue with his "dark path" that he is going. With this episode, the story emphasizes the possibility of Sam's demon blood problems. The episode shows a paradigm of the Sam's transformation to an unknown being later. The question right now is will Dean can stop or will stop Sam if in case he change to something evil?

The sad part here is that Sam felt really devastated seeing the reality that he can't brushed off or take off the blood that has been injected to him. It seems that he can't get out with it. But what I like with the story is how they focus on "CHOICE". Even the power possessed by Sam is an evil in nature, he chooses to use it in good cause. More of Supernatural later from Busby SEO Test group.

Busby SEO Test - The Legend Continues

Before I start with the "Legend of Busby SEO Test" narration of my experiences, let me ask the regular readers of my blog (if there's any) to give some consideration on this post. You might wonder why I am writing about the said topic that is not related with the theme of the blog. I am asking for your understanding. I need this to do to conduct a little experiment on search engine optimization. This is in connection with the last October 1st announcement of Busby Web Solutions regarding the release of the 2nd World Cup Search Engine competition. I hope this message will clear this blog to my readers. So let us start with the fictional story of the beginning of the adventures of a challenger from the pearl of the orient country for the "Busby SEO Test". Here it goes:

When I met Busby, I thought he is not different with the others I've met that are specialists of deceptions and lies. I guess I was wrong about him. I said it so because anything that he said are really true and all are put in action. Maybe that's the reason that this guy is really popular in his place. He is no samurai that commits "harakiri" to prove novelty but he do noble things that makes him pass the test of time. He introduces to the people of his country the concept of search engine optimization or SEO. This is still a foreign word for his countrymen but still he try to explain it to them with eagerness and patiently. He undergo a lot of criticism but it does not let him stop to continue with this kind of SEO Test.

Eventually Busby SEO Test concept spreads through out the cyber system of his country. He was known to become the initiator of this concept that helps other people understand better the workaround of the cyberspace. He did change a lot of lives in his place. If I am actually the government I will give him a plaque of appreciation and undying heroic for his countrymen. I just don't know if the government understands the term SEO at all. Oh well, kudos to you Busby and may you live longer and continue spreading the words.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance or sameness of the story to any people, events or whomever or whatever is not purposely made by the author and all are coincidental. The author does not intend to hurt or offend anyone nor to describe someone. This is just a product of his wild "Busby SEO Test" imagination and purely for the Worldcup SEO Competition. In case you have seen this article posted anywhere on the web, it is most likely scraped or stolen without my permission. Please report it to me as soon as possible, if you care.


Busby SEO Test Taker

Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge

Update on this entry: It raised up to top 100 after a month of being invisible. This could be a nice sign for it, there are so many possibilities that will happen. So just stay tune because I might have a chance to achieve it.

Naruto: Asuma's Death and Supernatural 4.03

After a day of waiting yesterday, I found out that was down and they were not able to release the official sub of Naruto Shippuden. I seen that their website fall in a technical problem and they were not able to officially release Naruto or maybe this is another YHBT tactics of Dattebayo or Youtube upload prevention techniques which I found very effective because I see that Naruto fans were so eager to wait for their release.

Finally, just last night Dattebayo announced the Naruto Torrent and downloaded it. I am really excited since these special two part episode shows the inevitable death of Asuma. You will see here how sad Shikimaru and devastated with this tragic event. Here's the picture of Asuma after he got the fatal wound during his battle with an immortal Akatsuki:

By the way, the current episode of Supernatural Season 4 episode 3 also released the other day and it is interesting as the episode goes on deeper. Dean Winchester got a free travel in time seeing his family tree killed by the yellow-eyed devil who also killed his mother. He saw the beginning of everything. How his mother got the deal from the devil and he found out how Sam Winchester got his psychic power. The angel also warn him about the unknown path of Sam is currently taking.

This is Dean Winchester when he warns his mother regarding what will happen with her in 1983 (which is the death of his mother after the yellow-eyed devil visit them the night where all this journey and battle against evil started)

Trying the Busby SEO Test Again...

It's the 2nd of October and its been about a month after the previous Busby SEO Challenge world cup competition and the installment of this humongous test of SEO skills and powers was announced yesterday. Many of the previous participants of the competitions started changing the title and keyword tags of their website for the new Busby key phrase, and that is "Busby SEO Test". That's why I started changing mine too because I will try my luck again to this very honest, clean and prestigious SEO event in the planet.

For those who are not yet familiar with the said competition, Busby SEO contest is produced and organized by Busby Web Solutions - an Australian company that caters different web services on the net. The said test will be very difficult for me since only one keyword was changed from the previous one so those who ranked high on the previous leg will surely be ranking high again and it is hard for me to catch-up with them. If I can then I will definitely sacrifice a lot of things such as my time of my anime watching will be decreased and I will be one day delayed in watching Supernaturals and Bleach episodes. I am saying this because this was my experience on the previous SEO test I have undergone. Well as saying goes, "you lose some, you gain some!", but if I can gain anything why not!