Death of Dean Winchester

This is Dean Winchester after his death, after the Hell Hound got him when Ruby as Lilith allowed him to die. Poor Dean, by saving his brother Sam he go straight to hell. What a sad ending for the Winchester brothers.

I don't know if Supernatural Season 4 will let him live or maybe this is another very bad premonition of Sam Winchester, I hope so. It's not Supernatural if Dean is not with Sam. It's like a coffee without a cream or like a life without a soul. They both make Supernatural. I have read from the Supernatural Forum that the next season for this series will be maybe by Fall or this September 2008. I hope it's earlier.

What I'm sure is a friend's friend, John Arlo Gilbert will surely watch this series and might buy the DVD of the series. He started to love the story when he first saw the series while I'm watching it. He was very curious about it specially when I tell him the summary of the TV Series. Well good luck, Mr. Arlo Gilbert you still two seasons behind me.


Anonymous said...

supernatural seson 4 episode 1 is comming out on 18 september and he definitaly should get the box sets.

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