Naruto Movie

Finally, I got the Naruto Shippuuden Movie but still I was not able to watch it because of my busy schedules. I did watch the first part of the movie were Naruto was shown died but I refuse to watch it immediately because I want to take my time watching it and sit while relaxing watching it.

Well, I might watch it tomorrow, May 1 - Labor day, since it's holiday in our place so I will have definitely time. I'm really excited and I really put my fingers on my ears when my friends were trying to tell the story of the movie. I hate spoilers so I will not spoil the story on this blog. Watch it for yourself! "I won't die!" - Naruto :D

Peacemaker Kurogane

I'm really interested with Samurai anime and one of the anime that I'm watching right now that contains a lot of samurai story is the Peacemaker Kurogane. I'm still watching it right now and I'm actually on episode 7 of the story. From the episodes that I have watched, the story focused on Ichimura Tetsunosuke, a 15-year old guy who joins the Shinsengume for the purpose of becoming strong and eventually avenge his family from their killers. Instead he become a "page" (like a personal servant) for the "demon" commander of Shinsengumi.

At the beginning of the episodes, there's much violence despite of its title: Peacemaker but I like the cinematic effect of the series. I really wonder why this anime has 24 episodes only. Well, I will know after I watched all the episodes. For the mean time, I will just give my self time to watch Naruto Shippuuden the Movie and try to construct a more original story of the Arlo Gilbert anime that I wished to finish writing. I guess this anime: Peacemaker Kurogane can help me with some ideas on Samurai behavior and cultures. Hope so! :D

Arlo Gilbert Anime Story

Arlo Gilbert anime is a story that surrounds on a western samurai that wanders around Kyoto during the Tokugawa period after the unification of Japan. He became a samurai when a Shogunate adopted him and trained him to become a uncanny Samurai. He is a good-heart swordsman and known to be a bloodless-sword samurai since he did not kill anyone during his fights.

There is a time when Arlo Gilbert encounters one opponent named Gorobei Akomoto, a street fighter and master of two-bladed sword. After his breath-taking battle, he started to understand how Arlo Gilbert felt about useless fights and started to follow Arlo on his journey.

Arlo Gilbert's techniques are:
  1. Rai Ryu Sen, which is a technique that manipulates light reflected on his sword in order to temporarily blind his opponent. This is the last technique thought by his father.
  2. Ryƫsui no Ugoki, this is a moving technique that he use to confuse the enemies which is a usual technique of their samurai group.
  3. Dojutsu technique, an evil-like special technique which he usually used when his on rage.
  4. Arlo Ultimate Sword technique, no one knows yet about this because its not been seen by anyone.
This story is not yet finished (and I can still decide if I will use Arlo Gilbert or Gilbert Arlo as the main character) but it is a start of Arlo Gilbert's journey to the world of samurai. Will he finds the thing that his looking for?

Naruto Shippuuden the Movie Out I Think!

Naruto Shippuuden the Movie, i think is out on DVD and I'm still waiting for it to come available online. Dattebayo will be my preferred community to fansub my favorite anime. Well still I'm waiting hope it will be available this coming week.

With regards to the latest format of Naruto Shippuuden episodes which is wide-screen format, H264 in an AVI container released by Dattebayo, my PC is not that fast and it plays very bad with this format. I'm having a "slow-mo" effect on some part of the latest video. I'm still trying to find out on how to remove this kind of problem on my PC.

By the way a new opponent was revealed on the latest episode of Naruto Shippuuden, I got this screenshot from the episode.

Update: Dattebayo today (04/27/2008) announces the release of Naruto Shippuuden Movie!

Bleach: Evolution of Hollow

Do you wonder how the ESPADA from Bleach came into being, well I compiled several pictures here from the latest episode of Bleach:
ESPADA started as a common Hollow and Hollow with a thirst of power eat other Hollow and becomes Gillian.

After that Gillian with the same thirst for power eats other Gillian and then evolve to become Adjuchas (as shown on the third picture). That Adjuchas form was GrimmJow's form when he was an Adjuchas.

After being an Adjuchas with the aid of Captain Aizen, he become the Espada that we all know. Shown here are his form when he was a normal Espada and the last picture is his form when he releases his Zanpaktou.

Connie Talbot & Charise Pempengco

While looking for amazing videos, I find these two videos of "I will always love you!" sang by two great young girl singers. One is Charise Pempengco, a Filipina young singer who become popular because of her outrageous voice. She actually sang the National Anthem of the Philippines during the Invasion: Philippines vs. The World boxing event in the Philippines.

Connie Talbot was known in Britain's Got Talent (BGT). She was tagged as the "greatest 6-year old singer" of the world (as commented by one of the panel of judges). She sang the song "Over the Rainbow" and really impressed Simon of American Idol. She actually reached the finals of the said contest. The following song was sang by Connie Talbot as part of her own music album at the age of 7.

Inoue on Bleach

Kurosaki Ichigo BleachInoue Orihime BleachYesterday, I have watched the latest action-packed episode of Bleach which is episode Bleach 166 (I can't wait for Bleach 167 to come). The battle scene between Kurosaki and Grimmjow is really exciting. What caught my attention is the strength given by Inoue to Kurosaki when she realizes that she needs to trust Kurosaki. Here, she said:
"Don't die! Don't die Kurosaki-kun! You don't have to win! You don't have to keep trying! Just don't get hurt anymore, please!"
Girls really knows how to cheer guys! Grimmjow will really be in trouble this time! Haay... I don't know if Inoue has a real person counter part, I really got a crush on this anime figure. She got the looks and of course the body... ;D

MKV Player

Are you looking for an MKV Player for your video files downloaded and fansubbed by Dattebayo? No hassle! You can get it from! They provide a free video player named VLC or Vide Lan Client.

Recently, Dattebayo announces that they will switch to .MKV format in fansubbing Naruto and Bleach episodes instead of their usual format .AVI format. If you will try to play this Matroska file or .MKV file in Windows Media Player or an AVI player, you will suffer poor video experience since not all players can support this kind of format. Unlike VLC video player, it has the latest video codecs that supports this kind of .MKV video format. If you want the best Naruto and Bleach watching experience, use VLC.

Victim by April Fool!

Waah, I'm so excited with the recent Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion and so I downloaded the movie from Dattebayo. I thought it was the real movie and so I've downloaded it. When I tried to open it, I found out that I've been trolled by Dattebayo. It was not the real movie of Bleach but instead it contains a certain Baseball game. Wah, that's the prize of not reading before downloading!

According to Dattebayo, the estimated time of release of the new Bleach Movie worldwide will be 5 months later, which is about September or August. Oh, well it's April and I've just been fooled! That's ok, at least I need it from time to time! It's not funny but it made me smile. :D

Remaining Supernatural Episodes Season 3

Starting April 24, 2008, the remaining episode for the Supernatural Season 3 Episodes will be aired on TV and will be available online the following day. The following are the remaining episodes of the said Supernatural Season 3 TV Series:

Episode 3.13: Ghostfacers. This will be aired on April 24
Episode 3.14: Long Distance Caller (May 1)
Episode 3.15: Time is on my side (May 8)
Episode 3.16: Hell and Back (May 15)

I might watch this on AXN Philippines, I don't know if this will be aired on the same date specified above, I'll check on the schedule of AXN later!

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Another Bleach Movie

While checking on the recent available anime on one of the famous Fansubbing group in the world wide web Dattebayo, I found out that there's another Bleach movie. This Bleach movie is entitled Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion. It was released last December 2007 and it is now available for download and already subbed for all English-speaking anime fans.

I will watched it later! By the way the Bleach movie is in .MKV format, I advice that you use VLC (Video LAN Client) movie player to view this video format. I tried to use Windows Media Player to view this type of file but I'm having trouble to view the video that I liked to watch. Using Windows Media Player to view this .MKV video format, video and audio of the movie that I've watched is not synchronized. Don't worry about VLC movie player's cost because it is a free video player.

Well, download and watch the Bleach Movie while it's hot!

Dragon Ball Z Anime Movies

When I was looking for Dragon Ball Z Movie I found out that there are still Dragon Ball Z Anime Movie that I was not able to watch. I actually watched only two Dragon Ball Z anime movies and so I go to the mall to look for it and unluckily I was not able to find any of this movies. The following are the Dragon Ball Z movies that I was not able to watch:

  1. The Dead Zone
  2. The World's Strongest
  3. The Tree of Might
  4. Lord Slug
  5. Cooler's Revenge
  6. The Return of Cooler
  7. Super Android 13
  8. The Legendary Super Saiyan
  9. Bojack Unbound
  10. Broly Second Coming
  11. Bio-Broly
  12. Fusion Reborn
  13. Wrath of The Dragon
  14. Special 1 Bardock Father of Goku
  15. Special 2 The History of Trunks
I can't download this via torrent because it is about 10Gig size and I have a slow connection! :( I will try to look for streaming video of this. If you have any suggestion, leave your comments here.

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