Another Bleach Movie

While checking on the recent available anime on one of the famous Fansubbing group in the world wide web Dattebayo, I found out that there's another Bleach movie. This Bleach movie is entitled Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion. It was released last December 2007 and it is now available for download and already subbed for all English-speaking anime fans.

I will watched it later! By the way the Bleach movie is in .MKV format, I advice that you use VLC (Video LAN Client) movie player to view this video format. I tried to use Windows Media Player to view this type of file but I'm having trouble to view the video that I liked to watch. Using Windows Media Player to view this .MKV video format, video and audio of the movie that I've watched is not synchronized. Don't worry about VLC movie player's cost because it is a free video player.

Well, download and watch the Bleach Movie while it's hot!


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