Inoue on Bleach

Kurosaki Ichigo BleachInoue Orihime BleachYesterday, I have watched the latest action-packed episode of Bleach which is episode Bleach 166 (I can't wait for Bleach 167 to come). The battle scene between Kurosaki and Grimmjow is really exciting. What caught my attention is the strength given by Inoue to Kurosaki when she realizes that she needs to trust Kurosaki. Here, she said:
"Don't die! Don't die Kurosaki-kun! You don't have to win! You don't have to keep trying! Just don't get hurt anymore, please!"
Girls really knows how to cheer guys! Grimmjow will really be in trouble this time! Haay... I don't know if Inoue has a real person counter part, I really got a crush on this anime figure. She got the looks and of course the body... ;D


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