Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal - Who's to Blame?

The viral video of Katrina Halili Sex Video Scandal, Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal and Maricar Reyes Sex scandal is spreading so fast in the country faster than A(h1n1) influenza virus. Everybody is swarming around their video monitors watching, laughing, disgusted, sad and disappointed about this recent sex scandal. Now, who's to be blamed on this circus of shame?

Will it be Maricar Reyes who's fault was to fall in love and entrusted herself to the man who have given his heart? Who suppossed to protect her, love and respect her. Will it be Katrina Halili who just dance the "Careless Whisper," trusting again a person that she liked and was previously denied of link? Will it be Hayden Kho who intentionally hide the camera and not revealing it to his partner while taking the video and carelessly, accidentally, unintentionally (kuno) spread the video through out the archipelago? Or the another party who they are blaming for actually uploading the video online?

What do you think, who's to be blame on this sex video scandal?

Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Last 168 Hours

That is right my friend! I have almost 168 hours of time for the eriuqs spires healthy recreation challenge. It is the remaining hours for the said challenge to meet its end. A lot of bloggers around the Asia continent are buzzing about this phrase. One country that is active to this kind of activity is my country. I am doing some stuff on the said eriuqs spires healthy recreation to spread it around the globe through the power of blogs like this blog. For the late readers, eriuqs spires story is about a phrase that refers to the healthy activities started by certain Rusty in The Spires. A lot of blog owners were inspired by this movement and decided to join him with his crusade. As of now, almost 100K pages where on the search engines today and fighting each other to overtake each from the ranking of the SEs.

Now as the day goes by each "black powers" are revealed and the SEs are started to become unpredictable and unstable. No one is a sure winner nor victorious as every hour the result is changing, dropping and moving. The question right now is who will stand with the eriuqs spires healthy recreation pressures? I hope that it will be me!

Where to Buy Carpets for Your Homes?

Where to buy carpets or rugs for your homes? Do you prefer natural fiber rugs or synthetic one? I recommend that you get a natural fiber carpets rather than the man-made synthetic one. It is much eco-friendly, stylish, and elegant. Now, where to buy some rugs like the sisal carpets, seagrass rugs, bamboo rugs, jute rugs and other kinds of natural rugs? I found this website long time ago and even link this on the blog that offers the most affordable prized rugs on the market today and supports the "go green" movement and that is the Natural Home Rugs (www.naturalhomerugs.com). This company have imports and manufactures a line of premium and durable carpets in the market today. They are popular for providing the best custom rugs that you can ever find on the net today.

They also sells rug pads that are commonly used to protect rugs from early wearing or damage causes by the traffic area of the house. For their sales items and discounted prize rugs, just visit them on their website at http://www.naturalhomerugs.com. You should not miss it!

Update on Eriuqs Competition

Eriuqs spires healthy recreation competition started last month and several bloggers and SEO practioners of the country join the challenge. It targets the said keyword for a specific data center of GO0GLE, specifically: The topic that should be on the blog post to optimize should contain about the activities done on the real estate in Montana called "The Spires." Me, I got two entries participated and they are crawling their way up to the ladder and currently drop its rank. Some data centers of the said search engines rank my entry as number one but it seems that it can't be achieved to fully spread a uniform results on every search.

Well, as always my hope for my entries are not gone and still it might fight up. I will use my motto on every competition that I am joining and that is to "never surrender." Here's a love link for my eriuqs spires healthy recreation entry and their screenshots.

Sisal Carpets are Great for Your Floors

Sisal is actually a cactus plant that usually use as the raw materials for weaving the stylish natural sisal carpet in the market today. Its very popular for house owners today because of the durability and stain resistance which it natural acquire from the raw materials it used. One rug company that produces great lines of natural rugs today is the Natural Home Rugs. They sale rugs with the following qualities:
  1. Made from earth-friendly all natural materials
  2. Stylish weaves and decorative color selections
  3. Crafted with the purest high quality raw materials
  4. Available at really affordable low prices
Aside from sisal rugs, Natural Home Rugs also sells other types of natural carpets like bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and jute rugs. If you want your floors protected without losing its great stylish and without spending a lot for it, try the natural rugs from NHR. Visit them now at http://www.naturalhomerugs.com/.

Mayweather vs Marquez: A Fight for Pacquiao Match

That's correct! Floyd Mayweather Jr. will come back in the world of boxing with a boxing match against the Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez. This was Mayweather's announcement just right after Pacquiao won the Pacquiao vs Hatton match last May 2 in Las Vegas Nevada. He is claiming that since he is still undefeated and he is still the king of the ring and not Manny Pacquiao. That's the reason why Marquez will be dealing with him this coming July 2009 in the MGM Grand arena. This Mayweather vs. Marquez match is a passage to the next fight of Manny Pacquiao and everyone will surely look up into it and that includes me.

I will try to watch this online or even offline to see who's really the worth fighter to match the skills and prowess of the reigning and active boxer Pacman. Who will be the next victim that will be kissing the floor? Will Mayweather stand a chance against Marquez or other way around? Will they be one of them is worthy opponent? Let see their performance on their upcoming fight and as a boxing fanatic, I want to see the next opponent for the People's champ!