Update on Eriuqs Competition

Eriuqs spires healthy recreation competition started last month and several bloggers and SEO practioners of the country join the challenge. It targets the said keyword for a specific data center of GO0GLE, specifically: The topic that should be on the blog post to optimize should contain about the activities done on the real estate in Montana called "The Spires." Me, I got two entries participated and they are crawling their way up to the ladder and currently drop its rank. Some data centers of the said search engines rank my entry as number one but it seems that it can't be achieved to fully spread a uniform results on every search.

Well, as always my hope for my entries are not gone and still it might fight up. I will use my motto on every competition that I am joining and that is to "never surrender." Here's a love link for my eriuqs spires healthy recreation entry and their screenshots.


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