Supernatural Season 4 Airing on September 8

"Lazarus Rising", this will be the first episode title of the latest season of Supernatural Season 4 which will be airing on September 8 this year. Sam and Dean Winchester which are played by actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are expected to go back to CWTV screen this coming fall. Supernatural fans from different part of the world are so excited about this come back.

See I told you that there will be Supernatural Season 4 and even Season 5!

Weeh, I'm so excited about it and I want to know immediately what will happen now with the Winchesters. Some spoilers are telling that Dean (Jensen Ackles) will definitely be come back from hell after his death from the last episode of Season 3. For now, let us sit couch potatoes and wait until the episodes are available. :D

Where to watch Naruto Shippuden if...?

Do you know where to find a video Naruto Shippuden episodes and movies? Of course you will immediately answer Youtube, VEOH, Dailymotion or any other video hosting websites. But do you also know that Dattebayo is subbing Naruto's episodes for quite a long time now? What if Dattebayo drops or stops subbing of Naruto, will it be released on the net for us to download and watch it later? The answer is NOBODY has that dedication and competence other than Dattebayo to do a decent subbing like of Naruto and Bleach.
Naruto Shippuden Movie: Bonds
When they announced the other week that they will drop the subbing, a lot of Naruto fans where really alarmed about this. I'm one of them who were shaked by this announcement even I have the feeling that this is another YHBT (You Have Been Throlled) effort of the fansubbing group. My guess is right that it is YHBT again because this week they release episode 67 but still fans don't know if the announcement will really become real. One reason that the fansubbing group for Naruto point out about why they are really about to drop it, is that they make their subbed available on Youtube which they don't want to happen.

If in case they drop it, it will be a great lost to the Naruto community from different part of Asia and other continents who love the anime. My advice, anime fans alike, let us support Dattebayo by following whatever they want on how to acquire the Naruto Shippuden episodes. This will give them enough reason to continue with their noble deeds and we continue enjoying their works.

You Aren't Alone! - Kurusaki Ichigo

"If there's something you can't handle on your own, I'll give you a hand...You aren't alone! So do whatever you think is right!" - Kurusaki Ichigo
Rukia from Bleach supporting Busby SEO ChallengeIt is nice when you know that there's a friend out there who can lean your shoulders when you're feeling down. It's a relief that I'm one of those who are lucky enough to have friends around me that support me in every challenge that I encounter in my life. In this episode of Bleach (181), you can see how Ichigo was sincere in his statement in lending a hand for Lurichiyo but unluckily Komoi already uses a shape shifter and attack Ichigo. He's really a wise adversary of the substitute shigami and i think Ichigo, Rukia and company will be having a hard time dealing with this situation but I'm very optimistic about this and I know no situations that is hard for people who help each other.

I'm a Busby SEO Challenger and I feel all alone about this recent situation in my life. It is because my SEO allies are too busy with their lives and I can't have any assurance of support from them. I did asked them to help me but they can't really manage to insert it on their busy schedules. I know they are my friends but I do understand them why they can't provide anything to "lift me up the ladder". It is because I'm their friend! Right now, I'm doing what I think that is right but I think it's not enough to survive this challenge. Right now, this Busby SEO Challenge entry started to loose its grip on Google ranking. It's falling day by day and I can't make anything to stop it. Oh well that's life!

Movies to Watch for 2009 Series One

Upcoming Movies: The Wolfman, The Unborn, Drag Me to Hell and Land of the LostThis post will be the first of the series of my collections of different upcoming movies that can be expected to hit theaters on near future. I decided to make this so that this blog will contain something other than the Busby SEO Challenge.

The following are movies that you can consider watching for the year 2009:
  1. Land of the Lost - a comedy adventure that is based on a 70's TV series with the same title. Starring Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel and Jorma Taccone. The story revolves on family of three who are trapped in an alien world inhabited by creatures like dinosaurs and chimpanzees. It is expected to be released on July 2009.
  2. Drag Me to Hell - a horror movie that surrounds on the powerful curse of an old woman to Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) and his quest to break this curse. Release date is May 2009.
  3. The Unborn - another exorcism, evil possession movie that contains the David Goyer's tale of a girl (Odette Yustman) tormented by the soul of a boy who died in the Holocaust. The movie will be released by 2009.
  4. The Wolf Man - a 2009 horror film that is a remake of 1940's classic movie that revolves on a werewolf curse that passed on Lawrence Talbot. April 2009 is the expected release of this horror movie.
This is brought to you byBusby SEO Challenge support group. :D

Official Terminator Salvation Trailer Released!

Terminator Salvation Trailer
Terminator Salvation Trailer

Today, I found this official trailer of the Terminator Salvation. It is another story of Terminator on big screen following the previous episodes of Terminator of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Christian Bale plays the role of the future leader of the human resistance, John Connor and Samuel "Sam" Worthington as the new terminator Marcus Wright. It is expected to be released this May 2009 on theaters worldwide.

This is the plot summary of the new Terminator Salvation Movie as seen in Wikipedia from Warner Bros:
Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor (Christian Bale), the man fated to be the leader of the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators, and the future he was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a Terminator whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they find out a terrible secret that may lead to the possible annihilation of mankind.

Another DB Throll or For Real?

Dattebayo announces last Friday that they will drop fansubbing the anime Naruto Shippuden. This was announced in relation with not releasing Naruto last Friday. The statement sounds so real and citing the reasons for doing the said dropping. One issue that Dattebayo raised was they are really disappointed to Naruto Fans for uploading their subbed video to leading video hosting sites like Youtube and Myspace.

This announcement was done already several times but DB keeps on releasing subbed Naruto episodes despite this announcement. Actually last Friday, they can't really release the latest episode because the latest episode will be aired this coming Thursday and possibly released on the net by Friday. My guess is that this is another YHBT gimmick of DB and I'm hoping that it is. It is because I really like their fansubbed and I can't find any fansubbing groups that handle Naruto episodes. Let us just wait until this coming airing time of Naruto if they are really dropping it for real.

Busby SEO Challenge

When I visit the Busby SEO Challenge leader board this morning from Busby Web Solutions' website, I have seen how this entry of mine falls down the ladder compare to my other entries. Maybe because I don't have a stable title for this blog or maybe blogger blogs is really impossible to reach rank number one of the search engine result pages. Another possible reason is that my SEO effort might not be that enough to manage to crawl up the ladder or my skills is still not that good to go against the great "chakra" of powerful SEO opponents. If I will measure the length of their natural enchanting SEO powers of other challengers compare to my natural built-in talents on search engine optimization, I have about 1 inch or less in length while my opponents have about several feet longer than my skills. It only means that I need more experience and SEO exposure to surpass them. It will a long time process and I don't think I have the time to do it right now!

The outcome of my effort is still unknown and I'm still hopeful about it. I'll try to use all of my "reiatsu" left and I hope I would not be eaten by the "Bakkottou" that I'm using which happens with Komoi's assassins Ichigo's opponents. This challenge is giving me a lot of headaches and I don't know how many aspirins I can drink. I hope I won't be overdosed by this. I have 6 more weeks left. I will try to reach page one, that will be my target right now.

My consolation right now, and I'm thankful about it, is my .com site is higher than my free blog hosted blogs. This only means that my official website will be having a great rank this coming future and I will make use of this opportunity. At least if I can't gain any prize from the Busby SEO Challenge, my websites/blogsites will gain a small number of traffic and increase its internet popularity. I'm still young and I have still time for more challenge in the coming years to come. If that time comes, I will make sure that I will be ready for the challenge and I will try to conquer all world wide SEO contests. I'm just thinking so "positive", it is just my way of my "ninja"! hihi :D

Lurichiyo on Forced Wedding

On the latest episode of Bleach 180, Princess Lurichiyo was emotionally forced to get married and face her destiny. She forced herself to attend the wedding with Kannogi Shuu and face her nobility duty. How does it feel when you don't like it but you are obliged to do it because you will know that many people will get hurt and suffer if you will not able to perform this duty?

Princess Lurichiyo pretended as if she does not feel anything and sacrificed herself to this situation. Of course the substitute Shinigami Ichigo will not allow this to happen. He comes to the rescue but it seems that they fall into the trap made by Komoi. It seems that Komoi expected this to happen and he took advantage of this situation. Next episode of Bleach will show how Ichigo and his group will face this kind of situation.

Now I have related this anime episode to my Busby SEO Challenge venture. I have realized that the SEO challenge from Busby is not an obligation nor duty that I should perform but I feel something that I should push through this. Its a feeling that I have to do it not for myself but also for my country and fellowmen. If in case this venture on this Busby SEO Challenge works or successful, everyone in the Philippines will surely benefit. I've got my resolve about this Busby SEO Challenge, I need to do this and I will definitely make all things that I can as far as my "reiatsu" can reach!

Full Metal Alchemist Continues

There's a buzz that the Full Metal Alchemist will have a Season 2 as per according to Studio Bones the producer of the last movie of FMA which is the Full Metal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa. This was actually buzzing around anime forums and blogs all over the net (and I actually read it from a certain anime forum, sorry I forgot the name of the forum :( ). It's not yet confirmed or final and not yet to be released.

If this FMA 2 will be released, I will surely be glad to watch it and even buy a copy of its DVD release. But, I thought the the Conqueror of Shamballa was the last of its story line and the last part where Edward & Al finally joins together was really nice ending for this kind of anime. I don't know what will be the plot for this next season of Full Metal Alchemist. FMA fans will surely wait for this moment to happen and I'm one of them to surely wait and watch!


CSI on Busby SEO Challenge

What so special with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Las Vegas that I spend my time on it? I really love watching it maybe because every since I was in high school I wished to become a great chemist and a criminologist. I like the idea of solving crimes from evidences gathered. I’m really amazed how the characters solve problems from a small evidence like a strand of hair or a partial fingerprint.

Currently, I'm watching the Season 4 of the said Crime Scene Investigation Series and based on my search about this series, I found out that it's already Season 9. So, I'm down of 5 seasons. I was not able to watch the rest of it because I'm still busy with my Busby SEO Challenge, my work at school and some other things. Definitely by the end of August, I will surely watch all of this episodes.

Some of the characters of the crime series I like was Gil Grissom the serious CSI scientist who loves bugs and considered to bhe the most thorough investigator among all the characters. Warrick Brown as far as I have watched about him he is one of the most helpful CSI (when he help to bail out a young man in trouble in Jail) and the favorite investigator of Gil Grissom. Catherine Willows a stripper that becomes a CSI then with a Las Vegas Magnate father and a single mother after his ex-husband dies on a certain episode. Nick Stokes, a young CSI who loves competing with Warrick in every crime they have together. He was first involve in a crime when a prosti dies after he have intimate moment with her. Jim Brass the very clever investigator under homecide division of LVPD. Sarah Sidle, the future love interest of Gil Grissom and known to be the most emotional and personally involved in every case she handles.

The idea that I have taken from this episode that I can use for the current challenge I'm undergoing is that I understand now that even in little things you do you can make changes. There is no such unsolved cases if you can simply do something to solve it. The Busby SEO Challenge is not a crime that needs investigator to solve but still its hard to crack for SEO newbie like me. There are so many uncertainties and almost no traces of evidence from other entrants that I can use against them to steal their positions. Despite this facts I believe that I possibly can get it! It's not yet the end of the line for me and so Busby SEO Challenge, wait I'll get you soon!

Why I don't read Manga?

I really love anime a lot. If someone will give me a gift, I will prefer a anime video rather than any gift they have on their minds. Despite this likings, I prefer watching them animated rather than the static version of the anime on "manga". Manga is the japanese version of the comics and print cartoons. Usually this manga of a certain anime series are published online and more advance rather than the animated TV series. A friend of mine actually is very fond of this manga.

Me, I'm sometimes attracted to read it but I stopped myself from doing so. It is because manga episodes are usually spoiling the moment of my excitement on the anime tv series and I don't like it being spoiled. I want to maintain the element of surprise on the story that's why I hate someone spoiling it for me. Well maybe I will consider reading manga, if the anime I really like is only available on this medium and there's no way I can have it on video.

With regards to the entries on my Busby SEO Challenge, I always spoil the moment by viewing the results on Google and bookmarked it and frequently viewing it, almost everyday! I can't stop it, I want to see if their something happening with the things I have done with the challenge. Maybe I will try to surpress my feeling of excitement of this Busby SEO challenge and rest in viewing it so that I can still feel the element of surprise for this. Well, if I can help it! :D

Today Naruto, Tomorrow Busby SEO Challenge

Today, when Naruto shows the episode wherein the four of Azuma's colleagues where summoned to use the Limelight technique to destroy the Konoha village, I realize how other Busby SEO challenge entrants plans their fight on the Busby SEO Contest. They are using all of the SEO technique they can do just to be recognized by Google as the rightful website for the keyword "busby seo challenge." I don't know if this blog can be as rightful website for the said challenge. If not well, I'll just continue blogging with the things I loved like the anime, TV series and movies.

Tomorrow is another day for me and other SEO challengers. As day have come to the end of the limit, Busby is about to closed its curtain while Naruto Shippuden based on the current episode, has just begun an action packed episodes full of death matches, ninja techniques, sorrows and success! Whatever happens, my SEO tasks and life will continue...

By the way, I have seen the necklace sold on Japan for viewers of the latest Naruto Shippuden Movie 2. How I wish I could have just one of it but I guess it will be only in my dreams. Picture above was taken from Naruto episode ending.

Lesson Learn: Team Coordination

Today the new episode of Bleach was released and I have learn some points that I can use for the current Busby Seo Challenge that I'm participating in. The episode shows how Captain Amagai, the newly appointed leader of the 3rd squad Shinigami, very eager to conduct a team training with the other 13 squads. It is because he saw the weakness of the squad when a certain confusing situation happens. He saw how members of the every Shinigami not cooperating and no fighting coordinations. Thus showing a possibility of inevitable great lost when great opponents will invade them.The analogy of this anime episode to the recent SEO challenge by Busby Web Solutions is how other Filipino SEO gurus and experts are not coordinating to each other to beat other countries. It is like it is very hard for them to help each other or make a "great master plan" to take over the leading competitors and challengers like the French, Indonesian, Australian and other distinguished SEO people gathered to evade this event. Despite this facts, I still have high hopes for Filipino. They will surely be recognized all over SEO world through Busby.

I'm just praying that I can be of help to my fellowmen, in one way or another. Whatever happen to the Busby SEO Challenge, I will surely be here to support every Filipino in anything possible!

World Busby SEO Challenge Newbie

Busby SEO Challenge World Cup competition started the other month, June 2008. Every SEO experts were waiting for this to start and they were preparing their every resources they have for this challenge. Busby organizers were really eager to start this challenge and it is all because they understand the benefits that they can acquire for the said challenge. It will be life a festivity of SEO challengers from different side of the planet.
I can consider myself as still a newbie for this kind of very worldwide SEO contest. I did not participate the last SEOcontest2008 contest, the Global Awareness challenge and other world cup challenges. It is because that for the past few years that I'm online, I spend my cyberlife surfing about chess, anime, freewares and other programming related stuff that were my interests. I don't care about SEO and search engines. What I do care is how codes works, video codecs can be installed so that I can play my favorite anime from Dragonball Z, Basilisk and other great animation available online.

When Busby SEO Challenge comes to my life, I started to understand how valuable being visible on search engines like Google. It's the blood that flows on every veins of internet marketers all over the world. Busby understand that and even me was enlighten by this facts. Being a Busby SEO Challenger is a must and I should be part of it! I will not stop from doing it even I'm poor with SEO lexicons and my words used here are like troglodyte words. As Naruto is always saying it is just my way of the Ninja and Sora said "I heard what I heard, so it can't be helped!"

I can't helped it I must be part of this historical event in the SEO calendar, the Busby Seo Challenge!

Finally Naruto Sub is Out!

Whew, finally Naruto Shippuden special episode 64-65 is out and ready for download. I'm really excited with what will happen with the episode and when I watched it I still want to watch more of it. The next episode will be entitled as "Resurrected Souls." I thought the fight will happen on this episode but I was wrong.

Oh well I'll just wait for it on Friday and I hope Dattebayo will not delay the sub process.

Regarding the "Busby SEO Challenge", still not winning and keep on dropping. That's life!

Delayed Naruto Shippuden Sub

Naruto Shippuden's special episode scheduled for release on July 4 was delayed for subbing by Dattebayo. No reasons were stated by Dattebayo aside from the 4th of July occasion. As of this time, there's no release yet but the raw of the said video were already available and no sub.

Naruto Shippuden with English sub might be available this coming week so i'll do the "busby" instead today! "Patience is a virtue!" guys so wait and Naruto will surely come this Monday I guess!

The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer

When Dattebayo announced today that Naruto Shippuden Special Episode 64-65 will be delayed due to the July 4 event, I look for latest movies. One movie that caught my attention is the new movie of Keanu Reeves which is the "The Day the Earth Stood Still" which he star as an Alien that visited earth.

The movie is expected to be released on theaters by December this year. This movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is a 1951 science fiction movie remake. Here's the trailer of the movie:

I really missed my Mom!

When I watched the latest episode of Bleach (episode 178), I begun to miss my Mom. It is because in the story, Ichigo's opponent uses an illusion technique that shows his worst nightmare. The opponent show to Ichigo the death of his mother again and again. Until he uses Ichigo's mother to choked him. You will see how Ichigo respected his mother so much and how he missed her. He don't even fight back instead he hugged his mother!

Of course, Ichigo overcome this kind of trial and his opponent was devoured by his own Katana.

This is why I really like Bleach so much, it is action-packed and at the same time full of heart.

I love you Mom!

Great News Regarding Busby

I thought this blog will not even reach the top 100 of the Busby+SEO+Challenge keyword on the Google SERPs. When I check it today guys, I have finally entered the top 100 (i think I'm on page 8). Even it's too far from the winning page well at least I maneuver it to be inserted on the Busby Web Solution's leaderboard. This position might be refelected by tomorrow's leaderboard update (I hope!) so I'll just wait until it is posted.

My activity for the coming day, will be one watching the latest episode of Bleach which is the continuation of the special episode last week wherein Ichigo will be fighting with the Assassin with Illussion Mirror Sword. The next one will be the download of the special episode of Naruto Shippuden which will be available this coming 4th of July. Lastly, I will still hope and optimized my SEO entry on Busby SEO Challenge. I will give my last shot and decide by the end of the month if I will still continue with this one.

Dragonball Z Movie Trailer?

I was watching The Covenant in HBO and seen the final fight scene of the movie. The fight scene was like a Dragonball Z fight scene and it remind me of the Dragonball Z live action movie, so I visited the official website and the 24/7 Dragonball Z news site (w/c is found @ to see the recent update of the movie.

There's no official trailer released for the said movie yet. Maybe because the movie is still shooting and since it will be released on April 2009 (which is almost the same with the release of Dattebayo of the 2nd Bleach Movie). It will be still a long wait for Dragonball Z fan for this movie. If the time comes that the movie trailer of this movie will become available, I will definitely post it here after I watched it first. :D