World Busby SEO Challenge Newbie

Busby SEO Challenge World Cup competition started the other month, June 2008. Every SEO experts were waiting for this to start and they were preparing their every resources they have for this challenge. Busby organizers were really eager to start this challenge and it is all because they understand the benefits that they can acquire for the said challenge. It will be life a festivity of SEO challengers from different side of the planet.
I can consider myself as still a newbie for this kind of very worldwide SEO contest. I did not participate the last SEOcontest2008 contest, the Global Awareness challenge and other world cup challenges. It is because that for the past few years that I'm online, I spend my cyberlife surfing about chess, anime, freewares and other programming related stuff that were my interests. I don't care about SEO and search engines. What I do care is how codes works, video codecs can be installed so that I can play my favorite anime from Dragonball Z, Basilisk and other great animation available online.

When Busby SEO Challenge comes to my life, I started to understand how valuable being visible on search engines like Google. It's the blood that flows on every veins of internet marketers all over the world. Busby understand that and even me was enlighten by this facts. Being a Busby SEO Challenger is a must and I should be part of it! I will not stop from doing it even I'm poor with SEO lexicons and my words used here are like troglodyte words. As Naruto is always saying it is just my way of the Ninja and Sora said "I heard what I heard, so it can't be helped!"

I can't helped it I must be part of this historical event in the SEO calendar, the Busby Seo Challenge!


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