Dragonball Z Movie Trailer?

I was watching The Covenant in HBO and seen the final fight scene of the movie. The fight scene was like a Dragonball Z fight scene and it remind me of the Dragonball Z live action movie, so I visited the official website and the 24/7 Dragonball Z news site (w/c is found @ http://dragonball-live.fr/en/) to see the recent update of the movie.

There's no official trailer released for the said movie yet. Maybe because the movie is still shooting and since it will be released on April 2009 (which is almost the same with the release of Dattebayo of the 2nd Bleach Movie). It will be still a long wait for Dragonball Z fan for this movie. If the time comes that the movie trailer of this movie will become available, I will definitely post it here after I watched it first. :D


The roxtar said...

its not dbz dude...
its othr movie on blk magic////

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