CSI on Busby SEO Challenge

What so special with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Las Vegas that I spend my time on it? I really love watching it maybe because every since I was in high school I wished to become a great chemist and a criminologist. I like the idea of solving crimes from evidences gathered. I’m really amazed how the characters solve problems from a small evidence like a strand of hair or a partial fingerprint.

Currently, I'm watching the Season 4 of the said Crime Scene Investigation Series and based on my search about this series, I found out that it's already Season 9. So, I'm down of 5 seasons. I was not able to watch the rest of it because I'm still busy with my Busby SEO Challenge, my work at school and some other things. Definitely by the end of August, I will surely watch all of this episodes.

Some of the characters of the crime series I like was Gil Grissom the serious CSI scientist who loves bugs and considered to bhe the most thorough investigator among all the characters. Warrick Brown as far as I have watched about him he is one of the most helpful CSI (when he help to bail out a young man in trouble in Jail) and the favorite investigator of Gil Grissom. Catherine Willows a stripper that becomes a CSI then with a Las Vegas Magnate father and a single mother after his ex-husband dies on a certain episode. Nick Stokes, a young CSI who loves competing with Warrick in every crime they have together. He was first involve in a crime when a prosti dies after he have intimate moment with her. Jim Brass the very clever investigator under homecide division of LVPD. Sarah Sidle, the future love interest of Gil Grissom and known to be the most emotional and personally involved in every case she handles.

The idea that I have taken from this episode that I can use for the current challenge I'm undergoing is that I understand now that even in little things you do you can make changes. There is no such unsolved cases if you can simply do something to solve it. The Busby SEO Challenge is not a crime that needs investigator to solve but still its hard to crack for SEO newbie like me. There are so many uncertainties and almost no traces of evidence from other entrants that I can use against them to steal their positions. Despite this facts I believe that I possibly can get it! It's not yet the end of the line for me and so Busby SEO Challenge, wait I'll get you soon!


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