Today Naruto, Tomorrow Busby SEO Challenge

Today, when Naruto shows the episode wherein the four of Azuma's colleagues where summoned to use the Limelight technique to destroy the Konoha village, I realize how other Busby SEO challenge entrants plans their fight on the Busby SEO Contest. They are using all of the SEO technique they can do just to be recognized by Google as the rightful website for the keyword "busby seo challenge." I don't know if this blog can be as rightful website for the said challenge. If not well, I'll just continue blogging with the things I loved like the anime, TV series and movies.

Tomorrow is another day for me and other SEO challengers. As day have come to the end of the limit, Busby is about to closed its curtain while Naruto Shippuden based on the current episode, has just begun an action packed episodes full of death matches, ninja techniques, sorrows and success! Whatever happens, my SEO tasks and life will continue...

By the way, I have seen the necklace sold on Japan for viewers of the latest Naruto Shippuden Movie 2. How I wish I could have just one of it but I guess it will be only in my dreams. Picture above was taken from Naruto episode ending.


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