Lurichiyo on Forced Wedding

On the latest episode of Bleach 180, Princess Lurichiyo was emotionally forced to get married and face her destiny. She forced herself to attend the wedding with Kannogi Shuu and face her nobility duty. How does it feel when you don't like it but you are obliged to do it because you will know that many people will get hurt and suffer if you will not able to perform this duty?

Princess Lurichiyo pretended as if she does not feel anything and sacrificed herself to this situation. Of course the substitute Shinigami Ichigo will not allow this to happen. He comes to the rescue but it seems that they fall into the trap made by Komoi. It seems that Komoi expected this to happen and he took advantage of this situation. Next episode of Bleach will show how Ichigo and his group will face this kind of situation.

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