Busby SEO Challenge

When I visit the Busby SEO Challenge leader board this morning from Busby Web Solutions' website, I have seen how this entry of mine falls down the ladder compare to my other entries. Maybe because I don't have a stable title for this blog or maybe blogger blogs is really impossible to reach rank number one of the search engine result pages. Another possible reason is that my SEO effort might not be that enough to manage to crawl up the ladder or my skills is still not that good to go against the great "chakra" of powerful SEO opponents. If I will measure the length of their natural enchanting SEO powers of other challengers compare to my natural built-in talents on search engine optimization, I have about 1 inch or less in length while my opponents have about several feet longer than my skills. It only means that I need more experience and SEO exposure to surpass them. It will a long time process and I don't think I have the time to do it right now!

The outcome of my effort is still unknown and I'm still hopeful about it. I'll try to use all of my "reiatsu" left and I hope I would not be eaten by the "Bakkottou" that I'm using which happens with Komoi's assassins Ichigo's opponents. This challenge is giving me a lot of headaches and I don't know how many aspirins I can drink. I hope I won't be overdosed by this. I have 6 more weeks left. I will try to reach page one, that will be my target right now.

My consolation right now, and I'm thankful about it, is my .com site is higher than my free blog hosted blogs. This only means that my official website will be having a great rank this coming future and I will make use of this opportunity. At least if I can't gain any prize from the Busby SEO Challenge, my websites/blogsites will gain a small number of traffic and increase its internet popularity. I'm still young and I have still time for more challenge in the coming years to come. If that time comes, I will make sure that I will be ready for the challenge and I will try to conquer all world wide SEO contests. I'm just thinking so "positive", it is just my way of my "ninja"! hihi :D


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