You Aren't Alone! - Kurusaki Ichigo

"If there's something you can't handle on your own, I'll give you a hand...You aren't alone! So do whatever you think is right!" - Kurusaki Ichigo
Rukia from Bleach supporting Busby SEO ChallengeIt is nice when you know that there's a friend out there who can lean your shoulders when you're feeling down. It's a relief that I'm one of those who are lucky enough to have friends around me that support me in every challenge that I encounter in my life. In this episode of Bleach (181), you can see how Ichigo was sincere in his statement in lending a hand for Lurichiyo but unluckily Komoi already uses a shape shifter and attack Ichigo. He's really a wise adversary of the substitute shigami and i think Ichigo, Rukia and company will be having a hard time dealing with this situation but I'm very optimistic about this and I know no situations that is hard for people who help each other.

I'm a Busby SEO Challenger and I feel all alone about this recent situation in my life. It is because my SEO allies are too busy with their lives and I can't have any assurance of support from them. I did asked them to help me but they can't really manage to insert it on their busy schedules. I know they are my friends but I do understand them why they can't provide anything to "lift me up the ladder". It is because I'm their friend! Right now, I'm doing what I think that is right but I think it's not enough to survive this challenge. Right now, this Busby SEO Challenge entry started to loose its grip on Google ranking. It's falling day by day and I can't make anything to stop it. Oh well that's life!


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