Sai's Being Bookish

Ever since Sai met Naruto, great changes happen to him. He did not continue the assassination attempt of Sasuke instead helps Naruto retrieve him (of course they were not successful with this mission). He even remember his relationship to his brother and completed the drawing that he's writing for his brother. Since then, Sai started reading books about relationships. He reads it from books because he don't know about this because he was an assassin and an expert of deception.

On the current episode of Naruto Shippuden 61, Sakura tell Sai about this habit of basing his actions on relationship on books. Sakura point out to Sai that "The things that are more important aren't written in books. You have to learn them by experiencing them yourself."

I hope Sai understands the point of Sakura and stop being bookish. By the way Naruto got himself a kiss from his opponent but a deadly kiss. His 5 elemental opponent almost absorb every chark in his body. Thank you to Kyuubi's dark chakra, her opponent got chocked. :D

My Girl Filipino version

I'm not that so fond with Korean, Japanese & other Asian Novelas but I like Asian horror films, very much. I like how the story were made and how they scare me. Last Monday, the My Girl Filipino version was released on Filipino television.

It's the Pinoy adaptation of the original Korean My Girl. The only time that I watch the said series was last night and I started to like it. I like how Ms. Kim Chiu handle the role. He makes me laughs and watch the show over and over again. I'm hoping for a good show for the coming days for telenovela My Girl. Ayos ka Kim!

I'll try to find for pictures of Kim Chiu on the My Girl series and post it here later. For the meantime here's the picture of Kim from ABS-CBN's website:

No anime this week

I'm really busy with my "chess career" this week and I was not able to watch new anime. I still have several anime DVDs to watch but I can't watch them yet due to some work that eats my time so much. How I wish I could watch this movies and how I wished that I could buy a DVD Reader/Writer so I can capture some of the scene of the anime and make some wallpapers or "artistic" modification of the anime.

I don't even have the time to run my fingers on the anime story that I was supposed to write. The Arlo Gilbert anime, really one brain can't make so many tasks. Now, I believe that everything should be put on its own time.

Driving & Listening

The best transportation today is using motorbikes / motorcycles. It is due to the continuous increase in price of gasoline in the market, people are intend to take vehicles with low consumption in gasoline. Me, I have my own bike and I love listening to music while driving it.

At first I tried to use speakers on my bike but I can hear it specially if I'm driving a long road so I try to buy a motorcycle headphones. Through this device I can hear clearly the news and music coming from my iPOD and / or cellphone music edition system.

Motorcycle headphones are specially designed headphones intended for people like me who loves to listen music in a moving motorcycle. You can choose different designs depending on your preferences. Me, I prefer wireless motorcycle headphones which is connected to your music device via bluetooth. It give me no wire trouble with the same quality of music, which is both crispy and clear. Get yourself a motorcycle headphone now and feel what you can hear!

Naruto's 2nd Kiss

The recent episode of Naruto Shippuden, episode 60 shows different opponents and skills of the "tomb raider". They are giving a hard time to the Konoha ninja. They even hurt Sai on the process. What caught my eyes, even Arlo Gilbert, was the second kiss of Naruto (the first kiss of Naruto was with Sasuke, accidentally). Even the second kiss was done by his shadow clone but still Naruto can feel the soft lips of his 4-elemental user (fire, water, earth and lightning) hot lady opponent.

Here's the close-up of the kissing scene:

Status of Arlo Gilbert Story

In connection with the story, The Legend of Arlo Gilbert, I'm currently pausing my fingers and brain powers to finish the story. I just can think of words to explain and write the said story so I can't continue with the story. Hope if anyone is interested they can suggest a story line or a character description for the villain, their techniques, special abilities and other heroes of the story.

So for the meantime, the Arlo Gilbert will be in pending status. It's official but not final.

Sword Release of Kenryuu

Arlo Gilbert watch this anime.

Before the conclusion of the Bleach's latest anime episode, a story filler was shown featuring a princess named Lurichiyo who is planned to be assassinated. Of course the Shinigami Rep Ichigo to the rescue. On the latest episode of the anime, one of the bodyguard of princess Lurichiyo reveals his "cool" Zanpaktou. I thought it's something like Captain Byakuya Kuchiki since the Zanpaktou was released as the same as he is. See the picture below and see how Ichigo, Orihime and Rukia reacts on this "goofy" sword released:

Death of Dean Winchester

This is Dean Winchester after his death, after the Hell Hound got him when Ruby as Lilith allowed him to die. Poor Dean, by saving his brother Sam he go straight to hell. What a sad ending for the Winchester brothers.

I don't know if Supernatural Season 4 will let him live or maybe this is another very bad premonition of Sam Winchester, I hope so. It's not Supernatural if Dean is not with Sam. It's like a coffee without a cream or like a life without a soul. They both make Supernatural. I have read from the Supernatural Forum that the next season for this series will be maybe by Fall or this September 2008. I hope it's earlier.

What I'm sure is a friend's friend, John Arlo Gilbert will surely watch this series and might buy the DVD of the series. He started to love the story when he first saw the series while I'm watching it. He was very curious about it specially when I tell him the summary of the TV Series. Well good luck, Mr. Arlo Gilbert you still two seasons behind me.

Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Poster

I found this Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Poster from it's in Japanese ( I don't know if there will be an English poster later). You can also find different behind the scene pictures of this movie from this blog. Other information of this movie can also be found from &

I also discovered how beautiful Chi-chi will be since she will played by Jamie Chung, a very hot young Korean-American goddess actress. How I wish I could be Goku and marry Chi-chi! :D

Here's another posters from the Dragon Ball Z Movie:

Supernatural Season 4 & 5

Yes, Supernatural fanatics! There will be next season after the Season 3 of Supernatural. Actually, the Supernatural production plans to end the Supernatural series on the 5th season of the series. This only means that the season finale of the latest episode of Supernatural: No Rest for the Wicked, is not the last of the series. It is just the beginning of a new battle for Sam and Dean and it's not goodbye for Dean despite he was already sent to hell!

Weh, I'm so excited!
Lilith, the demon that really wants the Winchester Brothers to die and the one who holds the crossroad contract of Dean.

Supernatural Season Finale Next Week

Update: Watch Latest Supernatural Episodes Here.
Next week, it will be the last episode of Supernatural Season 3. Today I've watched the episode 15. The episode show how the Winchester brothers deal with the Frankenstein or Zombie like opponent named Doc Benton. If you're Dean, will you live forever with this face ->

Well Nah, I'd rather meet my destiny than to stay like this with maggots all over my body. Poor Bella, got a hell hound rendezvous with this episode. She's done with the pretty face but at least she tells Sam and Dean about Lilit's connection on Dean's Contract. Season finale will be very exciting!

Special Naruto Shippuuden Episodes

This coming Thursday, two Naruto Shippuuden Episodes will be aired. It is another special episode from Naruto again (by the way, the episode will be 57 and 58). New opponents will be revealed on the said anime. A B-Rank mission turns into another big time mission for Kakashi Team.

I don't know when Naruto will learn new techniques that he can use against his opponents. Well, I hope in this episode of Naruto, he will learn something from his fights. For the meantime, got to wait for the sub from Dattebayo on this episodes.

Arlo Gilbert, Episode 1: Fate

Arlo Gilbert is about to draw his sword and use his ultimate sword technique with his current opponent. Is he about to break his principles of not killing anyone with any reasons? But his fighting with someone that he can't win if he will not fight seriously. Is there hope? Memories flash back while he was young and thought by his father. He asked his father, why he should learn swordsmanship.

Arlo Gilbert don't want to spill any blood for the sake of principles. Even at the very young age he wants this. His father told him, that there will be a time that Gilbert will understand the reason for a samurai to be a samurai. The only thing that his father told him is that its our fate to protect our country against those who wishes to destroy it. He never understand this but he keep on practicing keeping on mind that he will not ever kill anyone!

Then his opponent, try to attack him. His opponent is using a certain foot technique to increase speed. To be continued...

Hancock by Will Smith Trailer

After the successful movie of Will Smith, I am Legend, here's another movie that will really hit the boxoffice in Hollywood and all over the world. Will Smith new movie Hancock will give his fans a funny, action-packed and superhero movie. In this movie, you will see Will Smith fly in the sky while drunk. I don't know if their's an air traffic enforcer that will catch him for flying while in the influence of intoxicating alcohol. :D

Here's the trailer of the Hancock movie:

Hancock Official Full Trailer
Hancock Official Full Trailer

Finally, Supernatural 3.14

Finally, I have watched the Supernatural Season 3 Episode 14 and it's worth a wait. This episode is entitled: Long Distance Call. This episode is the 3rd to the last episode of Supernatural for Season 3 and I just can't wait for the remaining two episodes. Well, another two weeks to wait for this episodes to complete the story of this TV series.

Here are some of the snapshots of the episode:

I Will Play Online...

Ah, this boredom really kills me! I'm still waiting for my download to finish so I can watch my favorite series. I actually bought a new DVD of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 1-6 but I'm still bored since I got tired watching crime solving puzzles.

So to kill this boredom of mine, I tried to look for a "game" that will kill my spare time. I did play but not an RPG but casino! I played online poker and since I'm quite new with this kind of "entertainment" online, I tried to read review on reliable online casino on the web and I have tried this site which is recommended by one of my acquaintances. The site provides a comprehensive information about different best online casinos and online poker sites. I actually had an easy way of searching the appropriate site for me to play the best online poker ever. Since they provide casino sites categories according to players votes, poker rooms best bonuses and online casino software used for playing.

Oh, well curing my boredom really cost me some dollars but at least I find a website that provides a convenient way of selecting the best place on the web to play and stay for a while.

GI Joe Live Action Movie

Today, movie adaptation of popular anime and animated heroes is really popular to movie producers. Beside from the much awaited movie Dragon Ball Z Movie which will be on theaters this coming 2009, GI Joe will be on theaters also by August 2009.

Paramount and Hasbro who produced the blockbuster hit Transformer will be the one who will bring this GI Joe live action adventure. Actually they've already released a teaser of the pictures of one of the character: Snake-Eyes which will be played by Ray Park (the Darth Maul on Starwars and the villain Toad in X-Men). Later, I will post the trailer of this movie when it is available for the meantime here's the picture teaser of Snake Eyes:

I want to watch Supernatural 3.14!

From this morning, I keep on checking on the availability of Supernatural Season 3 episode 14: Long Distance Call online but sad to say it is still not available. Wah, I can't really wait I really to watch it right now! Oh well let them be, maybe by Saturday the said episode will be available. Can't do anything about it. No Naruto, Bleach and Supernatural yet this week, what a boring life. hay!