Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Poster

I found this Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie Poster from http://blogs.hoycinema.com/movieland it's in Japanese ( I don't know if there will be an English poster later). You can also find different behind the scene pictures of this movie from this blog. Other information of this movie can also be found from http://dragonball-live.fr & http://www.dragonballz.com.

I also discovered how beautiful Chi-chi will be since she will played by Jamie Chung, a very hot young Korean-American goddess actress. How I wish I could be Goku and marry Chi-chi! :D

Here's another posters from the Dragon Ball Z Movie:


Dawn Sanada said...


I rather accidentally ran across your blog here when hunting up some info/pics for the new live action DBZ movie.
Seeing that you commented about the fact that you can't read Japanese / the posters aren't in English, I was curious enough to do a little translating of the text I could read.

Feel free to use and save this translated version however you want, and save it soon. I won't keep it posted up forever. ^_^
(Yes I know the editing and replacing-with-text version is crappy, but I was in a hurry and wanted to know what it read! Well, the text that was large and clear enough for me to read anyways. If nothing else, at least now you know what it'll say!)




Dawn Sanada said...

Hey again. 2 more translated DBZ live action pictures for you.



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