Arlo Gilbert, Episode 1: Fate

Arlo Gilbert is about to draw his sword and use his ultimate sword technique with his current opponent. Is he about to break his principles of not killing anyone with any reasons? But his fighting with someone that he can't win if he will not fight seriously. Is there hope? Memories flash back while he was young and thought by his father. He asked his father, why he should learn swordsmanship.

Arlo Gilbert don't want to spill any blood for the sake of principles. Even at the very young age he wants this. His father told him, that there will be a time that Gilbert will understand the reason for a samurai to be a samurai. The only thing that his father told him is that its our fate to protect our country against those who wishes to destroy it. He never understand this but he keep on practicing keeping on mind that he will not ever kill anyone!

Then his opponent, try to attack him. His opponent is using a certain foot technique to increase speed. To be continued...