Arlo Gilbert Anime Story

Arlo Gilbert anime is a story that surrounds on a western samurai that wanders around Kyoto during the Tokugawa period after the unification of Japan. He became a samurai when a Shogunate adopted him and trained him to become a uncanny Samurai. He is a good-heart swordsman and known to be a bloodless-sword samurai since he did not kill anyone during his fights.

There is a time when Arlo Gilbert encounters one opponent named Gorobei Akomoto, a street fighter and master of two-bladed sword. After his breath-taking battle, he started to understand how Arlo Gilbert felt about useless fights and started to follow Arlo on his journey.

Arlo Gilbert's techniques are:
  1. Rai Ryu Sen, which is a technique that manipulates light reflected on his sword in order to temporarily blind his opponent. This is the last technique thought by his father.
  2. Ryƫsui no Ugoki, this is a moving technique that he use to confuse the enemies which is a usual technique of their samurai group.
  3. Dojutsu technique, an evil-like special technique which he usually used when his on rage.
  4. Arlo Ultimate Sword technique, no one knows yet about this because its not been seen by anyone.
This story is not yet finished (and I can still decide if I will use Arlo Gilbert or Gilbert Arlo as the main character) but it is a start of Arlo Gilbert's journey to the world of samurai. Will he finds the thing that his looking for?


Anonymous said...

is Arlo pinoy or it's just a coincidence that his name sounds one...?

arlo gilbert by bleuken said...

Arlo Gilbert is not a pinoy but a fictional character for the upcoming anime episodes of this blog.


hope you finished the story, Arlo Gilbert will be glad you continue the anime story named after him.

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