My 5 Horror Movies

I really love watching horror movies but I prefer to watch ghost movies preferably asian horror movies than serial killer movies. I'm watching serial killer movies but I'm not fond of watching people getting hacked and blood all over.

I have a list of 5 horror movies I really like to watch again and again, which still gives me the creeps when I watch it. This is not my top 5, but this is my initial list of horror movies I like.

  1. Final Destination. A horror movie about a group of students who cheat death by avoiding a plane crash when one of them has a vision of their deaths, but later they begin dying one by one. I watched this movie with my wife and I really feel the fear, realizing that you can't really get away from your death. (I also watch the sequel of this movie, Final Destination 2 & 3, but I did not feel the same fear I felt on the original movie).

  2. The Ring. I watch it, with my wife again of course, the Hollywood version then the original Japanese version at home. At first, I thought the movie was a Hollywood original, but after my research about the movie, I learn that it was a remake from a Japanese original movie, Ringu. Actually this movie is the reason why I started to be interested to Asian horror movies. The movie is about a cursed videotape which contains a seemingly random series of a disturbing, grainy, white and black images. Once you watch you it, the phone will ring and will tell you that you will die in 7 days. I like the way death was portrayed in the story the face of the dead person, and of course Sadako, that white lady that serves as the 'angel of death' that visits the person after 7 days.

  3. Ju-on. This is the next Japanese movie I've watched. It's a story of a cursed house that kills every single person that touches or comes in the house. I like the way the events was connected to different time lines. It makes you analyze and feel the fear at the same time. There's a Hollywood remake of this story, but I prefer the original Japanese movie.

  4. The Eye. The story is about a blind classical violinist that have restored his sight when she have a corneal transplant. At first she was very happy that her sight was restored but later she starts to see strange visions that foretell gruesome deaths. She also realizes that she see a different face when she looks in the mirror, the reflection of the previous owner of her new eyes.

  5. One Missed Call. This is another Japanese Horror film. The movie is about a group of college students that receives strange calls. Chilling phone calls apparently from themselves in the future, showing the exact time of their deaths. Actually there's a Hollywood remake of this movie this 2008.

New Blog Content: Anime & Movies

Good day guys! I'll be changing this blog site to log of different anime I love and movies I hate and like. I'll be posting soon some of those anime w/ pictures.

Well to see you here guys!