Naruto Shippuden Movie 2 Trailer

In connection with my previous post on Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 and 2, I have a trailer here of the said movie which I found at Youtube. It's a 30 seconds movie trailer and its quiet intriguing because it looks like Naruto and Sasuke are fighting but according to some anime fan Sasuke was fighting with Itachi that time but others said that they are fighting "something" on the dark. That "something" is not yet revealed on the said trailer. This movie of Naruto Shippuden will be released this coming August 2008 but it will only be released in Japan and maybe it will be available for international viewing after its DVD release at about 8 to 9 months after the theatrical release.

Honestly, I was not able to watch the prequel of this Naruto Shippuden Movie 2 (which is the Naruto Shippuden Movie 1) but I'm waiting for it's Dattebayo release this coming April 2007. Maybe by last week April because Naruto's DVD release will be on April 23, 2008. Dattebayo is a funsubbing group that provides free funsubbing of anime like Naruto and Bleach. By the way the Naruto Shippuden Series Episode 52 will be released by Dattebayo by next week since it will be aired on Japan this April 3, 2008.

Here is the trailer from YouTube:

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus

Ever since Pinoy Big Brother was aired in the Philippines, I seldom watch this reality TV show aired on ABS-CBN. Maybe I'm not that interested with the previous shows but this season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus caught my attention. There's a lot of interesting teen characters that entered the house of "Kuya".

This day's episode shows the interest of one of the house mate to undergo "circumcision". Well, I hope the PBB Teen Edition will build an image that will show the good values of Filipinos.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 and 2

I'm really excited with the upcoming Naruto Shippuden Movie or Naruto Movie 4. It was released in Japan last August 2007 and the DVD release will be this coming April 2008. Maybe it will be available this late of April or early of May after anime funsubers properly subbed this movie. According to some anime spoilers, the story surrounds on the prediction of the death of Naruto. I hope I can watch it already.

Now, on my search to this anime movie of Naruto, I found out that there's part two of this Naruto Shippuden Movie which will be released in Japan this August 2008. O my, I'm really excited and I have read that the story will show the team-up of Naruto and Sasuke in fighting something in the darkness. Woah, I hope I can understand japanese so I can watch it already! sigh :(

Have you tried this?

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Have a taste of it so you will understand what I mean. Good luck!

The Eye

Have you watched the remake of the Hongkong Film, The Eye which stars Jessica Alba as the main character of the story? I did watched it the other day and I was expecting an equally or maybe much better presentation of the story. But I was little disappointed because I was not satisfied with how the movie was remaked, changing a lot of scene from the original story.

I was not able to search this movie from the net so I don't know who will be the main actress when the movie started and I was so happy when I saw Jessica Alba. The wow Jessica Alba was the main actress that plays the "sexy", blind character of the story. I add "sexy" because in the original story I did not see any "cleavage", unlike this current movie. In the opening you will see, she's walking really sexy, even she's blind. :D

Oh well, I still like the original HK movie but I love Jessica Alba! :)

Get Backers

I'm done watching Get Backers anime on DVD and I still want to watch more of its episode. I'm still looking for the next episode after the season 2 episode 49: Get Backers, I still want to know what happens then. I still don't know what happen to Himiko's issue with Ban and the issue on the Infinite Castle and Thunder Emperor Ginji.

I really like the plot of the story due to the different skills of the characters, specially Midou Ban. What I like with Ginji is how he deals with a situation without using a violence. Like how he handle the girl that uses flame skills without hurting the girl. How lovely! I hope they will still release new episodes of this story and make them more action packed. I think they have it on manga but I'd rather see them on anime action rather than static pages.

Official Trailer of Dragonball Z Movie

Now this is the real Dragonball Z Movie Trailer which leaks prior to the official release of the said trailer. Enjoy the so called "official Dragonball Z Movie trailer"

By the way Foxmovies is saying that this is not the official trailer, I guess not because it lacks some attracting power to lure movie goers. :)

Here's my old post about this and the fake trailer found in Youtube:

The official Dragon Ball Z Movie trailer is not yet out on the net but if you will try to search for Dragon Ball Z Movie Trailer over YouTube, you will find a lot of fake Dragon Ball Z Movie Trailer. I think the trailer will be released by late of June because the official release of the movie in theaters is this coming August 2008.

The following is the sample of the said trailer:

BleuKen Won!

I just want to announce that bleuken won the Pinoy Money Talk SEO Contest. On the last day of the contest, he managed to increase his rank and be declared as the pinoy money talk seo contest champion. His patience and will to win made him successful with this mission to win for the very first time on a mini-SEO contest.

As for now, he is trying to optimize this blog to increase it pagerank. O, well it will take sometime before it happens. So for now, I'll just continue posting about things I've watched and seen over TV, movies and the net. Congrats bleuken! (to me! :D)

pinoy money talk by bleuken

PINOY MONEY TALK Word of Encouragement. This post is intended to help bleuken, reach its goal to finish on top of the Google SERP of the pinoy money talk SEO Contest. I hope this post help him increase his rank and eventually gain higher position. Good luck to you bleuken on your pinoy money talk entry!


Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li & Jacky Chan

Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li & Jacky Chan, I think this is the first movie that I saw them both played together. This is the trailer of this movie. It will be seen on theaters by April 2008. Can't wait need to see this. I'm really excited with this movie because I'm a fan of Jet Li and Jacky Chan. Wow, two big stars in one movie.

This will be a great movie!

Iron Man Movie, Incredible Hulk 2 and Dragon Ball Z

This coming May 2008, Iron Man Movie will be out on the movie houses while by June 2008, the sequel to the Incredible Hulk Movie will also be out. I actually watched the Iron Man Animation Movie and I'm excited with the recent non-animated movie.

I'm not really a fan of Incredible Hulk actually I'm disappointed with the previous movie because of the CGI look of Hulk which is not that realistic look. Well let us see this coming Hulk.

Aside from this Marvel Characters, a Japanese character came to Hollywood and that is the Dragonball Z. This is one of my favorite anime and I really love watching this anime again and again! With this James Wong movie, I'm so excited to see Goku in live character. Technology really something, making our movie viewing a satisfying ever!

Later guys, bleuken will do its pinoy money talk journey!

Quotable Quotes of the Latest Episode of Naruto #1

I really love to watch Naruto Shippuuden's Episodes. I like some of the funny and serious quotes. There is a quotable quote that i really like on the latest episode of Naruto Shippuuden (which Naruto Shippuuden Episode 49). This was said by Naruto on Episode 48 then on the beginning of the Episode 49 to Sai when he was asked why he is eager to get Sasuke back. These was the quote of Naruto:

"Sasuke is my friend. Somone who I was finally able to form a bond with. I don't care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms off, I'll kick him to death! If he rips my legs off, I'll bite him to death! If he rips my head off, I'll stare him to death! And if gouges my eyes, I'll curse him from beyond the grave! Even if I'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!"
I'm so excited with the next Episode of Naruto Shippuuden, which Naruto Shippuuden 50. Hope it's Friday today again!

Supernatural 3.13 (Season 3 Episode 13)

I watched the latest episode of Supernatural Season 3, the episode 12 (Supernatural 3.12) entitled "Jus in Bello". I'm really excited with what will happen to the next episode (Supernatural Episode 3.13 which is still untitled) so I try to look the schedules of releases of Supernatural Episodes.

I found out that the release of the episodes will be on April 24, 2008. It's about two months from now and only 4 episodes left for this Season (3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16). Wow that is so long time to wait...

Well, I can't do about this I'll just wait... hope it will be worth a wait!

Who is Kira?

While looking for the latest news over the net about anime, tv series, latest pinoy scandals :D, celebrity scandals and any thing about movies, I've read a news about Edison Chen's latest sex scandal.

There's a character on the said sex scandal named "Kira", the person responsible to spread of this sex scandal. When I first saw this name, I remember that this name was used by a lead character from an anime, specifically "Death Note". Kira was the code name of Light Yagami from Death Note. As I far as I can remember, Kira (Kira means 'killer' in English word) on the film, anime was killing people for "justice." Kira kills people that committed several crimes and people he considered to be sinner but in the end Kira started to kill innocent people on the movie. On the other hand this "Kira" that is connected to this sex scandal of Edison Chen's is really different. He is not killing people, but instead he makes them suffer. He destroy the life of other people. Personally, I don't agree to this kind of foolishness. Privacy of people should be respected. There's no justification to what that "Kira" did. Well, life is really cruel!

For the information of other anime fanatics, in Bleach there is a Kira character. That is Kira Izuru, the shinigami which posses "Wabisuke" (means "Apology"), a sword that changes to a large, squared off crane and doubles the weight of anything that it hits. But this Edison Chen's "Kira", does not double the weight of any thing it hits but it makes everything it hits gently deteriorating. Well, damage has been done, it will take a lot of time before the "deterioration" stops!

Edison Chen, just pray!