The Eye

Have you watched the remake of the Hongkong Film, The Eye which stars Jessica Alba as the main character of the story? I did watched it the other day and I was expecting an equally or maybe much better presentation of the story. But I was little disappointed because I was not satisfied with how the movie was remaked, changing a lot of scene from the original story.

I was not able to search this movie from the net so I don't know who will be the main actress when the movie started and I was so happy when I saw Jessica Alba. The wow Jessica Alba was the main actress that plays the "sexy", blind character of the story. I add "sexy" because in the original story I did not see any "cleavage", unlike this current movie. In the opening you will see, she's walking really sexy, even she's blind. :D

Oh well, I still like the original HK movie but I love Jessica Alba! :)


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