Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 and 2

I'm really excited with the upcoming Naruto Shippuden Movie or Naruto Movie 4. It was released in Japan last August 2007 and the DVD release will be this coming April 2008. Maybe it will be available this late of April or early of May after anime funsubers properly subbed this movie. According to some anime spoilers, the story surrounds on the prediction of the death of Naruto. I hope I can watch it already.

Now, on my search to this anime movie of Naruto, I found out that there's part two of this Naruto Shippuden Movie which will be released in Japan this August 2008. O my, I'm really excited and I have read that the story will show the team-up of Naruto and Sasuke in fighting something in the darkness. Woah, I hope I can understand japanese so I can watch it already! sigh :(


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watch the movie on on april 23

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