Have you tried this?

Do you have a blog? Maybe you have it because you want to write something about your favorite shows or maybe your favorite anime, tv series and movies (just like me! :D ) or maybe you simply want to shout yourself out. Maybe, you are using your blog as a mean of pouring out your emotions or feelings for anything. But have you ever tried to make use of your blog to earn while making write-ups of these things?

Well, try it! There is Smorty that will make this possible. Smorty is a blog advertising network that bridge the bloggers from different places of the world and the advertisers today. Through the service of Smorty you get paid to blog for a certain topic that you choose to review. Advertisers pay for the links they requests from you.

What I like about this service is you are paid immediately, in weekly basis. Imagine your earning while doing the things you always do when you are online. Your get paid for blogging! This at least can help you a little on your expenses while using the internet on internet cafe or monthly fee for broadband services.

Have a taste of it so you will understand what I mean. Good luck!