Iron Man Movie, Incredible Hulk 2 and Dragon Ball Z

This coming May 2008, Iron Man Movie will be out on the movie houses while by June 2008, the sequel to the Incredible Hulk Movie will also be out. I actually watched the Iron Man Animation Movie and I'm excited with the recent non-animated movie.

I'm not really a fan of Incredible Hulk actually I'm disappointed with the previous movie because of the CGI look of Hulk which is not that realistic look. Well let us see this coming Hulk.

Aside from this Marvel Characters, a Japanese character came to Hollywood and that is the Dragonball Z. This is one of my favorite anime and I really love watching this anime again and again! With this James Wong movie, I'm so excited to see Goku in live character. Technology really something, making our movie viewing a satisfying ever!

Later guys, bleuken will do its pinoy money talk journey!


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