Latest Farmville Cheats and Tricks in Facebook and MySpace

There are a lot of games that you can play in Facebook and one of the highly played games based on the number of active users in one month is the Farmville. I first played this in Facebook but later found out that it is also available in other social networking sites like the MySpace. Now, there are a lot of cheats out there and some are asking you to download some sort of cheat engine programs and stuff but there are also some Farmville cheats/tricks that doesn't require you to have this engines. I found this one on Youtube (its not mine) and find it interesting.

Here's the said video, it shows some tricks involving exclusive gifts:

I want reiterate that I am not the owner of this video and just found it from Youtube. If you have any questions, reactions or feedback just leave it here and definitely some Farmvillians will surely answer your queries. For other Facebook game cheats, just visit the link on this line.

Start 2010 Right, Get a Web Design Right

Well 2009 is about to end and the year is one of the time that everyone would not forget. Specially with the economic problems encountered by different countries. That is the reason why you should start the new year right with your business. If you want to bring your business online and wants to be part of the elite netrepreneur world wide, your website should start right. It is important that you get a web design company that can cater to every needs of your company in terms of technical specifications of your site from the site structure to the contents and site promotion.

In finding a company, determine their expertise based on what they can provide. The services, the portfolio and the testimonies are one of the concrete evidence of their masterpiece. Inquire to their web design and other services that they can provide. Its free so there's no problem with that. Having information about the scope of their work is your advantage.

Sikat ang Pinoy at Laganap Released

A new website was released this month containing information about the different achievements and success of Filipino's worldwide. It is the, a website written in pure Tagalog or Filipino and has a running title of Sikat ang Pinoy. Sikat ang Pinoy means Filipinos are popular. Actually that's the nearest translation but the meaning in local sense is much deeper. It speaks of how the people of the country shows its strength of being one of the best on their fields. That's the reason why you will see on the site the different Filipinos who have given honor and dignity to the Philippines.

The site also contains some pinoy music videos and articles with a Filipino touch. Recipes and other stuff are plan to be included on this magazine-like site that focus on the culture and values of the Filipino people.

- oes tsetnoc contribution to the Filipinos world wide.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather the Inevitable Fight on March 2010

Finally, there's a date for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather megafight. It is scheduled on March 13, 2010. Both of them agreed to that and you know why? Its because of the $25 million share for both of them, win or lose. That's right they have the big bucks already and its guaranteed. Since a lot of fans around the world is expecting it, it will be a tremendous fight and will be the richest fight ever. However, the arena where Pacquiao and Mayweather will be fight is still under negotiations.

More of this fight update later when I find time to update this site. I am still busy with things such as the oes tsetnoc competition and other stuff. For now, all I could say for Pacquiao, you can do it man!

Oes Tsetnoc Final Discussion

Its the 6th of December and I have 9 days left before the final result of the oes tsetnoc search engine optimization competition and this is the reason why I made this post. I would like to discuss something about the competition and its overall effect to the host. The competition is made to test the skills of the entrants and at the same time the host is benefiting from this challenge. This is because they are gaining massive amount of quality high ranking links and this will make their sites to rank well on the search engines. However, the drawback or the negative effect of this that will come after the competition is that it is sure that participants who did not win will surely remove this backlink.

In the end, it will be a temporary popularity for the host but what is so nice about it is they gain a permanent good reputation which can't be removed even the competition already ends. Aside from that during the period (and even after) the competition, the hosting site will surely gain massive amount of direct and indirect traffic which will boost their Alexa ranking and number of web hits.

In our end, for the participants, we will have backlinks too with what we have done because of the motivation on making our oes tsetnoc sites rank. However, the problem is that a lot of participants are penalized and marked as spam because of their unethical practices which is a bad reputation on their case. For myself, I know that I am practicing the ethical techniques that I have known but I also know that some of the opponents are doing some "fishy things" and I am sure that I will be "infected" by others doing. Well that's the risk of engaging to this kind of challenges. I decided to join and I need to face the consequences of this decision.

Convert Your Paper Receipts to Digital Form

Usually receipts for certain transactions for the office or personal tasks, are stored on pockets or wallets. It usually got damage in the process or lost unintentionally. This causes problems of course when the employee is about to apply for reimbursement. For sure it will not be approved if there's no evidence of receipts on their expense report or it will be a problem for both the employee, accounting and the management. That is the reason why it is more beneficial for business to find a method on how to deal with this problem. One is to convert the receipt to a digital form using a receipt scanner then sending it online through a certain online wallet. The said online wallet like those provided by Certify which is called Certify Wallet, allows any user to store their receipts anywhere they are through their mobile phones or any mobile PC.

The said scanner should be easily carried and I think like as shown below will be great device for anyone who is concerned with fast processing and easy expense tracking. Receipt scanner is definite a good tool for expense management for small to big business.

mobile receipt scanner from, an expense management solution provider
The image above is taken from's website. Certify is a leading online expense management solution for small to mid size companies. They are known for providing a quick, easy, and cost effective system that does not require expense report software to buy or maintain. Their website is found at Visit the site for more information.

Online Business and Web Design in Los Angeles

If you are from Los Angeles, San Diego or other near state and you are looking for a web design company that will handle the development and deployment of your business then you should try the Los Angeles web design company: Claremont Design. The portfolio of this company shows its expertise when it comes to bringing your business to the next level through the use of the W3 (world wide web). The company uses the latest ideas in the field of web designing and promotions through search engine (SEO).

Their highly skilled web designers, programmers and search engine specialists are working hand in hand to work on website development to make the best for the small to mid size businesses. They offer the most affordable web design services with high quality design output. For more information, you can visit their website at

Pacquiao is Ready for Battle

Here is a video containing the recent interview of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao showing his practice in California and his statement regarding the Pacquiao vs. Cotto and how is ready to fight Miguel Cotto in November 14. He said on the interview that he can handle everything that Cotto will give on the ring and possibly he can knockout the Puerto Rican fighter on early round, basically on the 5th or much earlier than that.

Well, I am so excited with this match and can't wait to watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto online. How about you any thoughts about this fight and do you really think that the Filipino fighter can take his opponent earlier with speed and power punches? Hmmm... Leave your comments guys!

Pacquiao Cotto Countdown Begins

It's almost less than 2 weeks before the most exciting boxing event of the year, Pacquiao vs. Cotto. A fight will be a world breaking record for Pacquiao or a defense for Cotto's title. A lot of buzzing and news were roaming around the web and it seems that almost all the people around the globe are on the standby mode and preparing themselves for the fight to begin. Tickets were sold out and TV subscriptions were a box office hit. The people of the Philippines and Puerto Rico were preparing their emotions and even mark their calendars for the said fight. Even the time of both countries are far different with each other, it is sync in a way that both viewing will be the same.

I am planning to cover the said fight here by providing link information about where to watch the Pacquiao Cotto fight online. I like to watch the fight too and so be back on the fight night. I am sooo *uck!n8 excited!!!

Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Farm Town

Are you a farmer of the famous Farm Town game? Well, you might be beginning with your quest and you want to be at your best and go as far more than what your friends can reach. Well you might need Farm Town Cheats. Farm Town which I first found on Facebook is a flash game that test your skills in managing farms. Its bigger than Farmville and a lot of crops, farm designs and other stuff that can only be found on Farm Town. Now, back to the question if you want to level up or improve your Farm faster, I search for several cheats, strategies and tricks online and here's what I have found. Note: the tips here are not mine but they are the latest tricks ever published on Youtube so try it and tell us if it really works (one of the tricks works for me):

Here's another one:

Why a lot of people prefer shag rug or wool rugs?

There are so many kinds of rugs in the market that you can buy today? All of them are made in different materials and the most preferred by a lot of interior designers and home owners today are area rugs that are made from natural fibers from plants. This is due to the fact that a lot of people are aware of the significant implications of using synthetic materials to the environment. Actually the government have been active lately in promoting "green products" to its constituents to patronize and explain the benefits that it can provide to the current and future generations.

One of the natural rugs that a lot of people use are the wool rugs and shag rugs(read the origin of shag/wool rugs). This is because of the elegant appearance of the rug at the same time it is weaved from natural fibers which is inline with the green movement of the country. Aside from that, people can choose from different style of rugs from Persian wool rugs to Euro shag rugs which are all known for their elegant, warm feel look.

How about you, do you prefer natural fiber rugs for your house?

Dawson vs. Johnson II on November 7

A week before the night of Pacquiao vs Cotto on November 14, a world boxing championship will happen as the light heavyweight undefeated champion Chad Dawson will be meeting with Glen Johnson II for a rematch this coming November 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/ 6:30 p.m. PT from the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Here's said about the said much:

Before the highly anticipated fight Pacquiao vs. Cotto this coming November, another world championship boxing event will happen. It is a rematch between CHAD DAWSON VS. GLEN JOHNSON II and ALFREDO ANGULO VS. HARRY JOE YORGEY which will be presented live Saturday, November 7 at 9:30 p.m. ET/ 6:30 p.m. PT from the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Chad Dawson, age 27, will be defending his undefeated record of 28-0 17 KOs against Glen Johnson II (age 40) who seeks revenge for his previous defeat to Dawson in unanimous decision last April 2008.

Source: Dawson vs. Johnson II

Great Things Happen With Someone that Cares

It is great to live the day knowing that someone really cares. I like thinking that way when I grow old and my parents got old. I want to personally take good care of them but I also need to take care of myself and my new family - wife and son. That's the reason why I need to get a caregiver that will surely take good care of them. Personally I don't like to leave them in a home for the aged and that's the reason why I will asked for a home care services instead. This will let the caregivers to stay at our house from time to time to do the chores for my old parents. In this way, I could do my work and at the same time I am sure that my parents are taking good care of without living their house.

If you are in Orange County and wants to find caregivers in Lake Forest or home caregivers in Villa Park California then seek for Professional Health Care Services, Inc. (PHCSI). They are known for serving a lot of people and satisfying their needs in the field of caring. I will try them and will definitely contact this people to do the rest for my problems.

Green Online Rug Shops

I made this slide and published it online to list some of the green online rug shops on the web today. Here's the said slide:

Some of the rug shops mentioned on the post is the, and NAR provides the latest and most elegant area rugs in the planet today. NHR sells discount rugs and natural fiber rugs. Importflooring is one of the most trusted rugs retailer online today with great line of accent rugs.

Excited with the Pacquiao vs. Cotto Match?

Its almost a month and a week prior to the match awaited Pacquiao vs. Cotto match this coming November 14, 2009 in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. I am really excited already on what will happen with the said match. It seems that Cotto is too big for Pacman but Pacquiao seems not giving some space for him to take a shot of the champion.

As I said, I will watch Cotto vs. Pacquiao and will witness a history in the making in the heart of Las Vegas. I will see who will be crowned as the best of the best pound for pound. I don't know if in case Pacman wins this match, who will be his next opponent. I would love to see him fight Mayweather. Of course Cotto will not give an easy fight for him and if in case Cotto will win, it will surely lift up his rank from the best boxers of the world list.

How about you, will you watch the Pacquiao - Cotto fight? Oh well you should!

What's the Oes Tsetnoc on my Sidebar?

As you can see from the blogroll of this blog, a new link was added this week and that will be a link to my entry on the oes tsetnoc event of Yes, I participated and trying to experiment if I could still convince Google to rank my website to the said key phrase at a position that is worth $1,000. I know that it will require a lot of time and effort to achieve such position and I can't give that yet. What I am hoping for is that my oes tsetnoc will be indexed impressively with a possible of win.

My attitude as always toward competition like this will not change, I will not ask more nor expect of more than I deserve. Let the search engine bots do their computation and I will do my activity that I think ethical enough to be considered to be part of the SE's database.

Pacquiao vs. Cotto Match, Where to Watch?

I am a fan of boxing and one of the boxer that I love to watch on the ring to fight is Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao of the Philippines. Recently, his camp and Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico agreed to fight where the latter's title is at stake. The said Cotto vs. Pacquiao fight is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas on November 14, 2009. Its a night of clashes and exciting punch action from the two great fighters of the world. Right now, Pacquiao is ranked as no. 1 of the Ring Magazine while Miguel Cotto is ranked #6.

Whoever wins will be breaking some records and it will be an exciting match ever. If you wish to watch the fight, you can try visiting the following websites for information regarding the said boxing event.

Be back on the date specified for I might update this post with other info about the fight such as the undercard matches and other fight updates.

Buying Discounted Area Rugs

Currently, the economy started to kick in this year but still the world is facing with different troubles financially. That's the reason why sale items or discounted one are so "in" today. Home improvement is not exempted from this and a lot of shoppers today are checking on the prices now more than ever compared the other period prior to economic issues facing by the country. The discount rugs are much accepted now and a lot of interior designers with limited budget on their papers are with great consideration with this kind of rugs.

Now, if you are planning to buy your area rugs in discount prices, check on the "catch" and make sure the durability and quality doesn't suffer from this choice. I know some online shops that offers great deal of prices in terms of home improvement and decors for your floors like the vinyl tiles, carpets and rugs like shag rugs, sisal rugs, seagrass rugs and wool rugs. I am referring to, and These 3 sites are known to sell elegant design rugs where you can order and pay online through their website. It is so convenient, just fill your shopping cart and check-out, they will ship your orders for free as long it is on their "free shipping territory." Check on their website if your location is included to this and if you are qualified to have a free shipping of this items.

By the way, check on their rug pads to protect your rugs from immediate wear and last a long time. Read my post about it HERE.

Picture on this post is courtesy of

Protect Your Rugs with Rug Pads!

Buying rugs or carpets for your floors is a big investment to make. A real "budget" is needed before you can fully see the beauty, elegance and warm feeling of your house because of the unique designs brought by the artistic well weaved, crafted rugs on your floors. That's why you need to protect your investments! That is when rug pads are needed to come to the picture to acquire great protections for your floor covers.

What are the advantages of using rug pads on your carpets or rugs? Here are some of them:
  • It holds the rugs on place making it to stay where it should be without worrying you will slip when you pass on it. Thus protecting both you and the carpet from possible accident and then tear and wear for it.
  • Ease of cleaning. Since its anchored, it will be easy for you to vacuum it and got proper ventilation making the dirt easy to clean.
  • It adds to the premium look of the rug.
Will it be contemporary rugs, shag rugs, jute rugs, sisal or seagrass rugs, protect it with rug pads. Now where to buy it online, you can try visiting, or they are known to have a wide selection of different kinds of rugs, rug pads and other floor decors.

Image on this post is from, online retailer of rugs and carpets.

Robonurse vs. Caregivers

Watch this video from Reuters where Japan shows there development of a robot caregiver for their elderly. It is underdevelopment and not yet perfected by the said developers.

In my opinion, nothing can replace the warm care of a real caregiver. Human is really far more advance than any mechanical being ever invented by human and it will took several decades before they could manage to make something that will really replace people in taking the elderly. Human caregivers can response with real care in every needs of our loved ones. They can relate and can make people's feel great.

Buying Rugs / Carpets Tips

Buying area rugs and carpets for your homes can be very tiring specially if you will do it from one store to another store. But if you will utilize your PC and the internet to find these things and order it online, it will be much easier. Like the online rug retailer, that let you place your order and pay it online then if your place is on their area of coverage to avail the free shipping package of the company. This mean, the rugs you ordered will be on your doors immediately after you made the payments through your credit cards.

In choosing the right online rug shops for you to trust, you should look on the reputation of the site. You can see some of the certifications and trust certificates plus the testimonials of the clients that experienced the customer services of the company. In this way, you will feel safe on the transactions that you will undergo.

Choose wisely in selecting the area rugs for your floors. Go the custom rugs area of the online shop to see other products that you want a customized appearance and size.

Import Flooring is a company that sells different rugs like sisal rugs, jute rugs, bamboo rugs and seagrass rugs at discount prices. Visit their site at

Choosing the Caregivers for Your Loved Ones

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways for our old loved ones to be taken care of. These are available everywhere and the most common one today is letting them take care in an elderly home care. In this way, our loved parents or loved ones are simply staying on the comfort of their home, free to mingle with the family and relatives with the assistance of a caregiver or a nurse. This is only more applicable if the health care condition of the elderly doesn't require an intensive medical care. Through hiring this professional help, you will be sure that they are taking care of properly. This will let you more focus on other daily chores and errands.

What is so nice about this is that you can freely arrange the best setting that would work with what you require. It gives you an option to ask the caregiver to stay live-in with your parents or just stop by your place from time to time whenever it is needed. The benefits for yourself and your family is really a good thing to consider. However, its difficult to decide whether who will be hired. That's why PHCSI or Professional Health Care Services, Inc. (, help you with this by providing the best and highly reliable caregivers. You are also allowed to interview them and let you decide which do you like most that will do the care thing for your family. You can visit them on their website for the testimonials of their clients and to contact them for more information regarding their services.

Watch Diaz vs. Malignaggi this Saturday Aug. 22

HBO Sports' Boxing After Dark (BAD) features three great fighters on a boxing showdown. The said matches are Juan Diaz vs. Paulie Malignaggi, Malcolm Klassen vs. Robert Guerrero and Danny Jacobs vs. Ishe Smith which are scheduled to be seen on Saturday, August 22 at 9:45 PM ET/PT live at Toyota Center, Houston Texas. This Diaz vs. Malignaggi fight will prove who is worth to stay on the future of boxing. The said match is a 12 rounder and we will expect a big blow from each fighters.

Diaz with a win-lose-draw-KO record of 34-2-0-17 will be expecting great challenge from Malignaggi whose record is 26-2-0 5KOs. Now if you want to watch it live, you can visit Diaz vs. Malignaggi resources here.

Fixing your PC Easily

Download Glary Utilities hereThere's a lot of tools or software online that you can utilize to fix your system. One of them is the Gray Utilities. It let you easily fix some problems on your PC with one single click and let you improve the performance of your operating systems by tweaking some of the configuration of the system. It is also a good tool for cleaning the system for spyware and disabling unnecessary programs that runs on the background. It is lightweight and runs faster in smaller size memory PC. Vista is supported by these system and optimized the system well to run much faster on minimal hardware specifications.

If you are interested with this tool, you can visit Gray Utilities for more information or to order for it or use it in 30 days trial. You can download it for free on the box image.

Don't worry I tried it myself and really find it very useful. You can read some of the detail features of this PC utility here: Optimize Windows Vista Performance with Utilities.

Caregivers: Career and Good Deed

If I will be given a chance to study and choose the career path again, I will be choosing to become a caregiver. It is simply because I was so inspired by the different testimonials of different people from a professional caregivers website of PHCSICare. You will feel and see how the people from this organization really dedicated to their job and how they touch other people's lives. They help them cope up with the late stage of their life and knowing how these people are very grateful with what have done to them. The following is an example of the said testimony that made me think and make me interested of being a caregiver:
Enjoying a cup of tea this morning, I noticed a Honduran Proverb written on the teabag: "Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy." Knowingly, we live in a world where sometimes just when you think things are ‘good’ … the floor seemingly falls right from under you, to put it mildly! My cause of ‘keen distress’ is a story I feel compelled to share, along with encouragement by your staff to do so.
You can read more of these inspiring and heart warming testominals from PHCSICare's client on their Testimonials page. After you read the said testimonials, you will understand how their clients are so contented with the PHCSICare's services. 

If you're looking for a caregiving job, I think they are also accepting new application. Just visit their site at for more information about this matter. Good luck!

Green is Really Just "IN"

I read an interesting article from a home improvement magazine regarding how "green is really in" today in terms of creating a sustainable design from different recycles and natural highly renewable resources. Some of her points mentioned where the following:
  1. Recycle. Which she refers to reusing old furniture and other decors as much as possible
  2. Utilizing the daylight. She stated that natural light should be maximized as making the sun shines insider the house.
  3. Using non-toxic materials. She recommended to use non-toxic paints for the rooms for healthy environment.
  4. Preferring renewable materials. She mentioned of using materials that are highly renewable/sustainable and easily replaceable for the decors and area rugs like materials used on sisal rugs, bamboo rugs and jute rugs.
Its about time for home owners to build their homes considering the eco-friendliness of the designs. How about you, are you into "green" now?

Computerized Travel Expense Management by Certify

I've been with several businesses and encountered several system along the way. One that really made me feel comfortable about is utilizing a tool for managing the expenses of the company automatically. I am referring to the Certify expense management software that let the company store and retrieve their expenses without spending a lot of money for the equipment to use to implement the system. This is the case because the system is Saas system or a software as a service system that runs on the browser and data are stored in a remote server hosted by Certify for a small fee.

What is amazing with the feature of this system is letting you capture receipts through the use of capturing device that is built in on your cellphones. This means that wherever you are, even how far you go, you can send your expense reports required data at any time you wishes. For more information about this features, just visit Certify on their official website at

Certify is a leading expense management solution provider for small to mid-size companies in the US today. - spendless

Miss Universe 2009 Presentation Night on NBC announced the presentation night of the annual beauty pageant involving 84 participants from different country, the Miss Universe 2009. They will broadcast the said event live on NBC and on the said website. I myself is very eager to watch the said event and can't wait to see who will be the next Miss Universe of 2009.

I know how people from different countries pray for their native contestants to win the said once a year prestigious event. The question that who will be the next crown queen will be only revealed during the pageant night on August 23 directly from the Atlantis Paradise Island in Bahamas. For a list of events, schedules and contestants you can see it on the following post: Watch Miss Universe 2009 and Miss Universe 2009 Live Online.

How about you guys, who is/are your bets?

Glad that I am Back

Wow! I don't expect it! My blog is activated now and I can access and update it. Thank God. I thought Google already flag the site and ban it for life and luckily it did not. The other week, I wasn't able to access the site because according to the system message on the log-in window, this part of my account is suspended. I contacted Google and asked for reconsideration regarding the site and then changed the password of the account. Because according to them that this is one of the possibilities why they usually suspend an account.

I am jumping now for joy and hope it will not be suspended again. Thanks Blogger and the management of Google.

To Watch or Not to Watch Cotto vs. Pacquiao

The match between Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao are all set on November 14 at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, State of Nevada. They agreed to fight in a maximum limit of 145 pounds. The pound for pound champ, Pacquiao was really interested to have the fight with Cotto and even watch the previous match of Cotto with Joshua Clottey. Bob Arum did the talking and he confirmed to all the people of the boxing world that it is indeed Pacman will fight against the Puerto Rican.

So the question is how will I watch it. Maybe via replay on TV or try to find links on online streaming in different video hosting site on the web today. But it is still too far to think about it. However, if you want to read updates and possible recommended places to watch it, you can visit the following websites:

Pacquiao vs. Cotto Fight blog
Cotto vs. Pacquiao post by BleuKen
Watch Cotto vs. Pacquiao by Telepisodes
All the information provided on the said links are from the gathered data over the internet, TV news and reports.

Sulumits Retsambew Stuff

A lot of websites lately are talking about the phrase called "sulumits retsambew." Its the term that they keep on explaining on every single word and sentences that they are publishing online. A lot of them are defining it and explaining the origins of such phrase. However, there are few of them who can really explain its meaning, objectives and mission to the world wide web. Like Benj's Sulumits Retsambew, wherein he explained it in a very honest way and in detail. Despite he is too busy on his different stuff still he manages to do something for his website to inform the world about sulumits retsambew's meaning and purpose.

He even utter the question "Can Sulumits Retsambew Magic Happen in 31 Days?" on his blog containing some slight uncertainties if he can still do some great works to make his sulumits retsambew voice be heard by the world. Well, I think he can! He is Benj and he isone of the best that you can think of.

Watch Diaz vs Malignaggi on August 22

Juan Diaz and Paulie Malignaggi will meet their fist as they face each other in a boxing match on HBO: Boxing After Dark (BAD). The said Diaz vs. Malignaggi match will be aired on August 22 at starting 9:45 PM ET/PT on HBO, live at Toyota Center, Houston, Texas - the hometown of Juan Diaz. Here's what Malignaggi said about Juan Diaz and the fight based on HBO's report:
"I respect Juan Diaz as a fighter and I know this fight has the potential to be Fight of the Year," said Malignaggi. "But I know what I have to do on August 22nd, and that's to dominate every round. This is the kind of big fight I've been waiting for and the fans are definitely going to see the old Paulie Malignaggi in action."
The fight is presented by Golden Promotions in association with DiBella Entertainment. By the way, an almost a month after this fight, Mayweather vs. Marquez will be the next boxing showcase of HBO, so watch for it.

When to Use Rugs and Tiles for Your Floors?

Rugs or carpets are the common floor "accessory" that home owners and interior designers not only for the clean look and feel of the house but also to because of the stunning elegant beauty that it brings to every part of the room. Usually, we buy those that we feel both affordable and durable at the same time. It is necessary to buy area rugs when you want to control or filter the dust or dirt that is brought by your guests.

For kitchen, the usual area rug that is use is the materials that are water resistant and can fight against the heavy traffic like the bamboo rugs. However, home owners usually choose to install vinyl tiles because it brings a furnish to the floors that is very presentable to look at. Now if you decided to buy and install vinyl tiles for your home, you can read this article containing practical tips on installing vinyl tiles like a pro (click on the link on this line).

Expense Management Software More Enhanced announced the new feature of their expense management software. The new enhancement allows their users to integrate their credit card transaction on the expense management system eliminating the encoding and delayed input of data from the transaction of the employees via credit card. In this feature, clients should not worry about their personal credentials because it is secure and the system doesn't require them to fill such data to make the system works for them. In this way, it will be easy for them to track down any travel expense and others that utilizes the credit card.

Beside this new enhancement, Certify also related that they sponsored an Aberdeen Research entitled: "Travel and Entertainment Expense Automation: Reduce Costs, Improve Control." This report containing the important part of the travel expense automation in decreasing the costs of the company while improving the manageability of the organization, can now be downloaded online for free. See this press release report from

Where to Watch Michael Jackson's Memorial Video

Michael Jackson was given a memorial service this June 7, 1PM eastern time and he was remembered by his love ones, families, friends and fans at the Staples Center in LA. It is a star studden event for the king of pop for his last moment before his funeral. If you want to watch the complete video of the said event, you can proceed to the following link:

You can also leave your comments there as a way of paying tribute to the late Michael Jackson. It is sad right but it is just the reality of life that everyone even the most talented and popular will come to this stage of life. Let just not forget how he made us smile and cry with his songs.

Watch Wimbledon 2009 Online

Serena Williams, Dina Safina, Venus Williams, Elena Dementieva, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Ivo Karlovick, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Novac Djocovic and Tommy Haas are some of the names that passes to the quarter finals of the Wimbledon 2009 that started last June 22. Everybody is watching out and want to see who will win this year's prestigious tennis tournament. Who's your bet? Who will be the next cover of different sports mag this year? 

See it for yourself, watch it.

Watch Maidana vs Ortiz Fight Online

This Saturday at exactly 10PM eastern time at Staples Center in Los Angeles, a battle of two junior welterweight fighters as they put all their prowess in depending each ones pride and honor inside the ring. I am referring to the upcoming fight between Victor Ortiz and Marcos Rene Maidana. Both with very impressive professional boxing records, Ortiz of California with 24-1-1 with 19 knock outs while Maidana of Argentina have 25-1 and 24 knock outs.

Now, the question is where can you watch the fight? Well, refer to the following link and be there on the said dates.

Enjoy the fight and watch out for more upcoming boxing events here on this blog. Chow!

Pro-Environment - Natural Rugs: Sisal, Bamboo, Jute & Seagrass Rugs

I am a person who supports the use of natural materials in different part of our lives. I prefer using those kind of items even for home decors and putting style on my home. I think that's the only part that I can share to mother earth. This is the reason why I am for natural rugs like sisal rugs, bamboo, jute and seagrass rugs. These carpets or rugs came from renewable resources and can't harm the environment if in case the said items will be disposed. It is because the items are biodegradable and came usually from plants.

If you are one of those people who is concerned with the environment's welfare, choose natural area rugs. If you are looking for it and you want to order online, try, they produce the best sets of area rugs and a lot designs to choose from and take note all in discount price where rates range from 20% to 60% discounts. What are you waiting for, buy natural rugs and help the environment now! 

Where to Watch True Blood Season 2 Episodes?

True Blood is one of the HBO TV Series that millions of TV viewers are watching online and on their TV sets. Its story surrounds on vampires and humans living together plus a twist of love story between a human (Sookie) and a vamp (Bill) with the murderous fangs from villains of the story. What I have seen from the episodes on the said series are the different sexy scenes of different characters. Now, after the successful 12 episodes of True Blood, a new season was opened and it already aired now starting with the first episode of True Blood Season 2.

Its the continuation of the story and now Eric enters the love life of Bill and Sookie. 

Watch 2012 Theatrical Trailer

One of the much anticipated movie today that touches the fearful date: December 12, 2012 - 12/12/12 is the movie from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures entitled "2012." This film shows the hypothetical prediction of the ancient Mayans about the possible destruction of earth as it meets its final day. The said film will be shown in theaters this coming November 13.

Watch 2012 trailer

Do you believe on this 2012 dooms day? Well me, not ever but if you'll ask me if I will watch this? Of course, I want to see John Cusack and the rest survive or die on this movie. :)

Custom Designs from Los Angeles Web Design

Using different web templates today is one of the easiest way of building a website. Its the most practical and the most used by a lot of website owners. However, due to the demand of the e-commerce world and the online shopping patrons, such templates are sometimes not applicable for such needs. That's why custom web designs or custom e-commerce web sites are necessary to build. This is where the Los Angeles web design company comes named Claremont Design. They specializes in custom web designs and SEO services for companies who wishes to start their online business or go to the next level of their business lives.

Claremont Design provides this services in the most affordable prices as they understand how this business starts. They believe that the success of this business is their own success. So if you want a website that offers this kind of web site development services for e-commerce site utilizing Yahoo Store or PHP shopping carts, just visit Claremont Design and place your inquiries on their website at

Where to Watch the Cotto vs Clottey Match?

The sensational fighter Miguel Cotto will be defending his welterweight title against Joshua Clottey this Saturday, June 13 at 10:35PM ET at the Madison Square Garden. Now this is one of the fight that should not miss and I even Pacquiao, the reigning pound for pound king will be watching this fight. He already flew to New York and reserved a sit on the match to see Cotto's match on the ring side of the match. We are expecting a great throws of punches from the Puerto Rican and the Ghana native that is now in Bronx.

Now to the question, where you can watch the match Cotto vs Clottey, well here are the following sites that possibly offers a live online streaming of the match:
Who's your bet? Me, I'll be for Cotto and if he does win then maybe Pacquiao might fight him later this October and write another boxing history. What do you think?

Finding Home Care or Caregivers

If you are from Westminster, Orange, Los Angeles or any part in California or near state and you're looking for professional health care that will take good care of you or your love ones, then look no more. Professional Health Care Services, Inc. will be there for you if you need some extra care that is true to their hearts. It is just so difficult today to find somebody that can be relied on in any point of your life. But with the system on PHCSICare, caregivers can be selected by you in your own preferences of selection process.

Their services and professional caregivers are known to have the highest quality of care that they provide. Read this some testimonials of their clients regarding the services that they've got from the said organization:
I am forever grateful to have, had and still have your help. Our children were wonderful in looking out for us, but they’re all married and have families of their own for whom they are the main providers. They, my husband and I, still enjoy the special attention which you provide, and in case of emergency, know that you are there to send dependable and competent assistance.
See how their clients trust PHCSI. Visit their website at

Where to Watch NBA Finals 2009 Games 1,2,3,4 Online?

This years NBA Finals 2009 is one of the most exciting match of the year as LA Lakers is on the championship game and will play against the Orlando Magic. Kobe Bryant now shows his powers and score domination of the game. Now going to the question that where to watch the NBA Finals 2009 Games 1, 2, 3 & 4 if you can't watch it on TV or live on the court side for the following schedule:

Game 1: June 4 @ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 2: June 7 @ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 3: June 9 @ 9:00 PM E.t.
Game 4: June 11@ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 5-7 (Optional)

Well, try visiting the following websites for the link and game information of the NBA Finals:

Watch NBA Finals 2009 Game 2: Magic vs. Lakers<

Watch Magic vs. Lakers on Game 2 NBA Finals 2009

Enjoy the games!

Watch Final Destination 4 3D HD Trailer

The latest installment of the death chasing movie entitled Final Destination will be seen by fans all over the world this coming August. This upcoming movie is one of my favorite horror / suspense / thriller movie. Now DEATH is more creative in fullfilling the destiny of the story to all their dooms. The Final Destination 4 surrounds on the premonition of death in the race track as the main character Nick O' Bannon saw their horrifying death cause by the series of accidents on the race track.

What is so different with the current movie to its previous parts is that the movie was made in high definition 3D so that you will enjoy the thrill of ride of death as one by one the characters are killed in different kinds of gruesome deaths. Now, the said movie released a high definition trailer and if you want to watch it here's the trailer:

Final Destination 4 Trailer

Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal - Who's to Blame?

The viral video of Katrina Halili Sex Video Scandal, Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal and Maricar Reyes Sex scandal is spreading so fast in the country faster than A(h1n1) influenza virus. Everybody is swarming around their video monitors watching, laughing, disgusted, sad and disappointed about this recent sex scandal. Now, who's to be blamed on this circus of shame?

Will it be Maricar Reyes who's fault was to fall in love and entrusted herself to the man who have given his heart? Who suppossed to protect her, love and respect her. Will it be Katrina Halili who just dance the "Careless Whisper," trusting again a person that she liked and was previously denied of link? Will it be Hayden Kho who intentionally hide the camera and not revealing it to his partner while taking the video and carelessly, accidentally, unintentionally (kuno) spread the video through out the archipelago? Or the another party who they are blaming for actually uploading the video online?

What do you think, who's to be blame on this sex video scandal?

Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Last 168 Hours

That is right my friend! I have almost 168 hours of time for the eriuqs spires healthy recreation challenge. It is the remaining hours for the said challenge to meet its end. A lot of bloggers around the Asia continent are buzzing about this phrase. One country that is active to this kind of activity is my country. I am doing some stuff on the said eriuqs spires healthy recreation to spread it around the globe through the power of blogs like this blog. For the late readers, eriuqs spires story is about a phrase that refers to the healthy activities started by certain Rusty in The Spires. A lot of blog owners were inspired by this movement and decided to join him with his crusade. As of now, almost 100K pages where on the search engines today and fighting each other to overtake each from the ranking of the SEs.

Now as the day goes by each "black powers" are revealed and the SEs are started to become unpredictable and unstable. No one is a sure winner nor victorious as every hour the result is changing, dropping and moving. The question right now is who will stand with the eriuqs spires healthy recreation pressures? I hope that it will be me!

Where to Buy Carpets for Your Homes?

Where to buy carpets or rugs for your homes? Do you prefer natural fiber rugs or synthetic one? I recommend that you get a natural fiber carpets rather than the man-made synthetic one. It is much eco-friendly, stylish, and elegant. Now, where to buy some rugs like the sisal carpets, seagrass rugs, bamboo rugs, jute rugs and other kinds of natural rugs? I found this website long time ago and even link this on the blog that offers the most affordable prized rugs on the market today and supports the "go green" movement and that is the Natural Home Rugs ( This company have imports and manufactures a line of premium and durable carpets in the market today. They are popular for providing the best custom rugs that you can ever find on the net today.

They also sells rug pads that are commonly used to protect rugs from early wearing or damage causes by the traffic area of the house. For their sales items and discounted prize rugs, just visit them on their website at You should not miss it!

Update on Eriuqs Competition

Eriuqs spires healthy recreation competition started last month and several bloggers and SEO practioners of the country join the challenge. It targets the said keyword for a specific data center of GO0GLE, specifically: The topic that should be on the blog post to optimize should contain about the activities done on the real estate in Montana called "The Spires." Me, I got two entries participated and they are crawling their way up to the ladder and currently drop its rank. Some data centers of the said search engines rank my entry as number one but it seems that it can't be achieved to fully spread a uniform results on every search.

Well, as always my hope for my entries are not gone and still it might fight up. I will use my motto on every competition that I am joining and that is to "never surrender." Here's a love link for my eriuqs spires healthy recreation entry and their screenshots.

Sisal Carpets are Great for Your Floors

Sisal is actually a cactus plant that usually use as the raw materials for weaving the stylish natural sisal carpet in the market today. Its very popular for house owners today because of the durability and stain resistance which it natural acquire from the raw materials it used. One rug company that produces great lines of natural rugs today is the Natural Home Rugs. They sale rugs with the following qualities:
  1. Made from earth-friendly all natural materials
  2. Stylish weaves and decorative color selections
  3. Crafted with the purest high quality raw materials
  4. Available at really affordable low prices
Aside from sisal rugs, Natural Home Rugs also sells other types of natural carpets like bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and jute rugs. If you want your floors protected without losing its great stylish and without spending a lot for it, try the natural rugs from NHR. Visit them now at

Mayweather vs Marquez: A Fight for Pacquiao Match

That's correct! Floyd Mayweather Jr. will come back in the world of boxing with a boxing match against the Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez. This was Mayweather's announcement just right after Pacquiao won the Pacquiao vs Hatton match last May 2 in Las Vegas Nevada. He is claiming that since he is still undefeated and he is still the king of the ring and not Manny Pacquiao. That's the reason why Marquez will be dealing with him this coming July 2009 in the MGM Grand arena. This Mayweather vs. Marquez match is a passage to the next fight of Manny Pacquiao and everyone will surely look up into it and that includes me.

I will try to watch this online or even offline to see who's really the worth fighter to match the skills and prowess of the reigning and active boxer Pacman. Who will be the next victim that will be kissing the floor? Will Mayweather stand a chance against Marquez or other way around? Will they be one of them is worthy opponent? Let see their performance on their upcoming fight and as a boxing fanatic, I want to see the next opponent for the People's champ!

Samsung Touchwiz (Samsung F480) vs iPhone | Specs and Features

When iPhone 3G was released on the market, I was really eager to get one. However the cost is really too high for me to handle that is why I look for alternative touch screen phone that is almost the same with iPhone but much cheaper. That is why I found this new phone from Samsung called Touchwiz or commonly known as Samsung F480. I tried to consider getting a Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic but lately discard the idea. What I like with the Samsung unit was its cheaper compared to iPhone and Omnia but it seems equalled or even surpass the features of the mentioned phones. Here are the basic specification of the Touchwiz:
  • Full touch screen with 2.8 LCD screen (iPhone has 3.5 touch screen)
  • 5-megapixels camera with Autofocus and Power LED (iPhone has 2.0 MP only)
  • FM Radio
  • Size and Weight: 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm / 100.6g (iPhone has 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm / 133g)
  • Supports USB v2.0, 3G, Bluetooth but not WLAN and Infrared
  • Internal memory: 232 MB
  • External Memory: microSD upto 8 GB
  • Price Range: $300 - $500. Price in the Philippines, based on search, is about Php12,000 to Php15,000 which is compared to the prize of iPhone in the country that reaches up to almost Php40,000.00
Well, I really love to get a Samsung F480 but my problem is it is not available in my place (Capiz) yet and I need to ask a friend to buy it for me in Manila. I am afraid to buy in Ebay because I don't have any experience purchasing online through the said site. But later, I might consider to buy there if in case my friend fails to find available unit in his place. How about you, what do you think of Samsung Touchwiz (SF480), is it worth to buy?

Rest with Sulumits Retsambew

I decided not to focus yet on a certain search engine optimization called sulumits retsambew. It is because I prefer to focus on one competition that is about to conclude on May 29 which is a month away compared to the latter that I mentioned that is several months before the final kick. I am referring to the eriuqs spires healthy recreation competition. It targets the long phrase and blog post will be used for the said event. What is so exciting about the event is it doesn't have any deadline nor registration which mean everyone will have a chance to use their "power jumper" technique to instantly rise up to the rankings. As of now the indexes for eriuqs spires healthy recreation search query are about 4 thousand plus pages but it is expected that right before the end of the deadline, it will definitely rise 10 times or more than the current.

You may asked what technique that I will use for the said eriuqs spires healthy recreation event. Well the usual and the not so secret style which is perseverance, determination and persistence. Usually you can win if you will do anything that you have and its better to loose doing something than doing nothing at all. That's the words that I always saying to myself to any undertakings, SEO or not, that I am facing everyday. Wish me a thousand luck to win this game of skills!

Green Rugs for Earth Sake

What are green rugs? I am not referring to rugs that are colored green or tinted by the said earth's color. What I am referring to is the area rugs made in natural materials like sisal rugs, bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and jute rugs. These are know to be weaved from different plant fibers and popular for being elegant, durable and stylish. It is preferred by a lot of interior designers and home owners around the world.

Why use green rugs? Green rugs are recommended to be used specially by earth crusaders who are concerned with the earth's benefits. The said rugs are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. With the different phenomena happening on the planet, using green rugs is our small contribution to help mother earth recover from the damage it got from the irresponsible activities of human race.

Where to buy them? One leading distributor of natural area/home rugs in the planet today is the Natural Home Rugs. You can visit their online store at They have several pre-made rugs and custom area rugs that will be very suited to those both picky on designs and concern on mother earth's sake.

Use green rugs today!

Donaire and Viloria Grab the Belt Once More!

The Flash and the Furious just concluded yesterday and the Filipino boxer Donaire and Viloria won in an impressive match against their opponents. Viloria (Hawaiian puncher) made a come back and great move for his career as he knocked out Solis on the 11th round of the match while on the hand Donaire stopped Martinez on the 4th round as he defended his title remarkably. The Philippines are really proud of this fighters as they follow the footstep of one of the legendary fighter of the country, Manny Pacquiao which is currently preparing for the Pacquiao vs Hatton match this coming May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Filipino boxers are truly making their mark on the world of boxing and the government should focus more on supporting new and aspiring boxers so that they can produce future fighters that will bring honor to the country.

Related stories:

Donaire vs Martinez and Viloria vs Solis

Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Probe

It is summer and there is a lot of things to do during this time. I am planning to play chess but I guess it will be more exciting if I will do something else, just for a change. I am thinking that I will go to a place that I have found on the net today. I am referring the place in Red Lodge Montana called "The Spires" where you can have an exciting recreation for the whole family. The said place was introduced by a certain post entitled "Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation." It is mentioned on the said post that the place is great for mountain biking, skiing and even fishing. The said place is a great getaway for every people who is tired of the noise and pollution of the city and wants to relax in a fresh and healthy place to walk and run. You can even stay for good and raise your family there!

Eriuqs spires healthy recreation refers to the different healthy hobbies, amusements or recreations that you can do on The Spires. If you want to have a wider and detailed information about this health recreations in Spires by Eriuqs, just visit the following website: Heart Rate Watch Company and Spires at Red Lodge or you can search information from the net about it.

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17: The Mother Lode

This 4/17 (April 17), Prison Break Season 4 is back with its 17th Episode entitled: The Mother Lode. Fans from different part of the world will surely be amazed by this return from the screen of this action packed TV Series. Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17, as your favorite prisoners reach the series finale. That's right it will be one of the last episodes of the series as they are closing their curtains for this one. Six episodes remains to be exact, specifically:
  1. Episode 17: The Mother Lode
  2. Episode 18: VS.
  3. Episode 19: S.O.B.
  4. Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians
  5. Episode 21: Rate of Exchange
  6. Episode 22: Killing your Number (Series Finale)
Well, do you think its nice that Prison Break have Season 5? What's your opinion? How about Prison Break the Movie instead, do you think it will catch a lot of theater goers?

Web Design Company For You

Building a business online is one tough job for everyone. It is simply because there are a lot of hindrance and obstacles a business man should face before pushing through the plans. One of it is the deficiency in technical aspect of the said project. One Los Angeles web design company can provide assistance to this growing business to be brought online. I am referring to the Claremont Design, a web design consulting company that provides custom e-commerce web designs, Inland Empire SEO and content management systems to their clients that well-suited to their needs.

Aside from web design services, Claremont Design also provides search engine optimization (SEO) services which is a necessity for website today who wants to compete with bigger companies online. SEO with the Inland Empire web design combination can really make a great business online. For information about the company, just visit them on their website at and you can see from the Portfolio a list of their satisfied clients that achieved quite a success on their online ventures.

Certify Expense Management Features

Certify is one of the expense management company today that is known to provide the best online expense solution today. This company that serves small to mid size companies are known for allowing organizations to conveniently manage and track their expenses giving them the power to quickly generate expense reports in a smaller period of time. The following are the basic features that these SaaS (Software as a Service) provides:
  • Policy enforcement and automatic approval for workflow
  • Integrated real-time currency conversion
  • Receipt capture by fax, e-mail, mobile phones and more
  • Corporate analytics and reporting for financial audit support
For more information about the Certify's basic features, just visit them now at and sign-up for a free 30-day trial no obligation account and feel the difference with how they make your life easier with the expense management software of

Pacquiao Lost the Match!

Nah, I am not referring to the boxing result of the Pacquiao vs Hatton match but I am referring to the dart fight that the two pound for pound fighters have compete before they get into the ring this coming May 2. Pacquiao lost from a dart match against Hatton today and he is actually asking a rematch as part of his statement during a press conference in the US where they meet for a dart session.

Hatton and Pacquiao's fight is really much awaited and a lot of Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 members are blogging about it. It seems that every blog in the world, sports blog or not are talking about it. Now who will put your bet on this, will it be for the Pacman or the Hitman? By the way, Arum seems to be very confident that he is already looking for a new opponent for the Filipino boxer. He announced on the media that he wants to have a Chavez Jr. vs Pacquiao match right after this English vs Filipino match of the People's champ. Well let just see if the champion of the masses can manage to win the 140+ division and if he can still get up on his both after the fight night.

Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 End of March Update

I think I can't win the search engine optimization for the key phrase Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. It seems that I can't make all of my entries rank higher than it should be. My opponents for the said key phrase were all gained a backlinks that is so powerful that I can't manage to lift my entries up to the result pages. Each day of my Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blogging seems to affect my entries negatively or maybe the links bombing the other entrants are overwhelmingly forceful that I can't surpass them. Well if that's the case I can't do about it. I am just waiting for the conclusion of the competition so I could move on to the next level.

As of today, Green team are leading the first to 3rd rank of the challenge. Other participants who claimed that they are from different schools are trying their best to bring down the entries. Now with regards to my entries, I found out that they keep on dropping and it seems that its performance is incurable. Which mean that I can't do anything to reverse the result. Right now in unofficial leaderboard and regular search syntax for the key phrase Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009, my position on the result pages is on rank #8, #9 to #10. Its quite disappointing right? But it shows that it lacks a lot of effort to make it number one.

Watch Smallville Season 8 Episode 17 - Hex

Smallville Season 8 Episode 17 entitled Hex is the next episode of the Smallville series in CWTV. The story revolves on a magician who was able to put a spell on Chloe and Lois. Making them to have a body switch. Chloe is Lois and Lois is Chloe in this series. This can be exciting and I wonder how Chloe acts like Lois and vis versa. I also think of what will be Clark will be doing on this episode. Do you what? Well watch it for yourself.

If you want to watch this series online, just visit the link after this link.

Pacquiao vs Hatton Match Update

Today, Pacquiao announced that he will change his media partner to Solar which he previously changed to ABS-CBN. That's why Pacquiao vs Hatton match can be watched to this channel. He also apologizes saying that he's sorry for the confusion cause by his alternating decisions. Now, media is off limits already to him, its because Pacquiao camp decided to close the doors of his practice starting today. He will be concentrating with his practice and I guess we will hear from him again during the fight on May 2009.

More Hatton vs Pacquiao update later on this blog or you could proceed to the following link to watch the fight online:

How's my Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 entries?

Well it seems that G algo updated again and all of what I have done for my Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 blog entries does not mean anything to the said search engine. All of my entries lost their position on page one and I don't if I could still manage to rise again to rank #1 after I have stop from doing anything for my blog. I do so because I already entrust the result of the competition to my colleague and to make the group lead the competition, I don't need to worry about it.

However, I want to be honest, I still want to win the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 competition and still trying something for one last time if I could still manage to rank up but it seems that all of I am doing is still not affecting the results. Let the fate then tell the contest course. Whatever happens it will happen and I can't do anything about it.

Mealworms, A Good Source of Protein

Do you know that lack of protein in your body will cause a real serious health problem? That is right that is why it is beneficial that you consume enough protein in your diet. Some good source of protein are meat, eggs and other dairy products. Aside from that do you know that their is an organism that is a good source of protein and different kinds of vitamins? I am referring to the organism with a scientific name, Tenebrio molitor L, mealworms. These are cultured organisms that are used as raw materials for breads, noodles, condiment and other dishes. Its natural composition of the organism makes it a real good source of different kinds of elements that will benefit the body of whoever takes it.

Mealworms can be also used as feeds for your pets as part of their dietary requirements. Pet such as cat, dog, goldfish, bird, frog, turtle, scorpion, chilopod, ant, shrimp, wild animals or some other singularity animal and livestock. There is another organism that is almost the same with mealworms but have higher protein content, which are the superworms (Zophobas morio).

Sulumits retsambeW = Webmaster stimuluS

Sulumits retsambeW, what is this phrase all about? It is actually an inverse value of Webmaster Stimulus. It is the current phrase to be targetted by members and SEO practitioners all over the world. I participated to the competition but I am not actually expecting to win because I am still working a lot of projects in hand and I only might do something about it later if I can find time for it. For now, I will stick with my projects and try to hold my stand on the other competition that I am joining which is Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009, which I wasn't able to focus for quite sometime now because of the same reason.

Later I will try to discuss in detail about this sulumits retsambew event. So stay tuned readers on my next post.

Watch Twilight 2: New Moon Movie Trailer / Teaser

One of the most successful movie of 2008 that hits the box office is the Twilight movie. This movie was said to earn a lot because of a lot of viewers and fans all over the world that patronize the said love story, fiction, supernatural and drama movie. Now, they are planning to make a sequel of this movie and entitled it as Twilight 2: New Moon. This will be a definite hit again and I am sure that this will be another box office hit that will surely rocks those movie buffs and "vamps" that loves this kind of movie genre.

Now if you are looking for the official movie teaser trailer of Twilight 2: New Moon, you can find it on the following, just click on the official logo / poster of the said movie to proceed to a location where the official movie trailer will be posted.

You can also click on this link to visit the said trailer: Official New Moon Movie Trailer instead.

No More Hassles in Reporting

One tasks that really consumes a lot of time in an office is the preparation of expense report. Specially if it is done manually and in bulk mode. Manually in a sense that only uses an electronic spreadsheet to encode all transactions made. What also makes it not so easy to prepare is because of the collection of the receipts involving the said each transaction as should be reflected on the report. Actually these hassles can be avoided if the company will simply use an expense report software to deal on these tasks. provides such service in easy steps. You simply subscribe for any account, Corporate or Personal depending on the scale of your need. Their system allows you to implement travel policy and prepare the expense report in 3 easy steps. They also provide a good facility in allowing you to conveniently and securely save their receipts on their servers without installing any software on your PC or buying a server for your company. You can simply send it to their system via your phone, email attachment or even via the traditional fax machine. This then let you retrieve them whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere!

Here's a recent video containing the features and overview of the role and function of the said system to your company. As per release by Certify:

Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 - Learning it!

Little by little today, I have seen a lot of Capiznon bloggers learning the craft of search engine optimization as they participated in the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. Some participants are students and their entries are quite visible on page one of the SERP of the search engines. Me, well right now I am on top but this does not mean that I can stay on top forever until the competition ends. Aside from that my schedules are so hectic that I can't 100% fully focused on it. What I am doing is using the basic and the most natural SEO strategy that is found in Google Webmasters Help. That is my strongest foundation that I have learned directly from the said giant SE which I've been using for several years of my life in SEO until I served as a SEO consultant for a firm.

Now, if in case I lost this competition, this only means that the mission of the competition have achieved. The words have been spread properly and the good seeds have been planted in the minds of Capiznons which I am glad to loose if that will be the result. Well if not then it will be a great bonus for me again that I will taste. A triumph that if I deserve will whole-heartedly accept.

Dream Home in Maine Real Estate

Maine Waterfront Real EstateHave you found you dream house already? If not try visiting this real estate in Maine called Cornfield Point. This Maine waterfront real estate possesses a classy and luxurious designs of both external and internal of the property. The place was carefully crafted in such a way that it can boast its Viking appliances to the double layer stucco, the antique barn board flooring and the massive cherry wood work. There is nothing you can ask for. A real good investment in your part, if you are retiring, having your own family and an individual who wants a very peaceful and house that is in blend with nature. Cornfield Point is the only one left of its kind in Casco Bay. Its amazing designs and its walk away from the ocean makes it perfect for nature lover and who wishes to smell and feel the breeze in the morning.

What are you waiting for, take a tour of this property in Maine by contacting the owner at

Youtube Video by Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

The following video was released by a member of Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 online community. It is his part of his online campaign to spread the good news of blogging and preparing the appearance of the blogs via customizing its design. This is a 3 minute sample video tutorial that contains some part of this Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 guy's tips. If I will be asked what improvement that the video creator should do is that I think it will be more effective if he can put voice over the video or a text message that is equivalent with what he is demonstrating in the video. I think he just made this video so that it could attract other members of the said online community to make their own.

Well, watch this video and you will see elements of the Blogger blogs that you don't want to miss in your blogging and I think this video is intended for NOObs. :)

Where to Watch Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15?

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15Do you want to watch for Supernatural Season 4 Episode 15: Death Takes a Holiday episode as much as I do? You just can't yet! It is not yet aired on CWTV and it will be on March 12 I guess. The current episode running on television today is only a replay of several episodes of the season. I am excited actually to watch this one because I am so intrigued with the synopsis and the theme of the recent episodes. Imagine the Death or the Reaper just got trapped by someone and death was not served to those whose time are already up. What a weird story right? Sam and Dean will definitely give another great adventure to their fans as they investigate this case in a town where a lot of freaky accidents happen but the victims just can't die.

I am a fan of this Supernatural episodes and one of my collection as a collector DVD series is their all season of episodes. The story and the action plus the suspense are just lovely! Ah I need to wait for several weeks before the recent episodes. Well need to wait!

A Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 Project

Recently, a Capizenio SEO specialists announced a competition that will involve students and teachers of the different institution in the province of Capiz. This another local contest will test the skills of the native of Capiz in the field of search engine optimization. The target key phrase for the said competition is Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. It is a two month (too long) competition that involves skills in search engine optimization. I want to be involved to this challenge because I am by heart and by blood a true native of the province and I want to grab a prize from this. However, it seems that this competition is too long before it be included.

It will really require a lot of time to spend. Aside from that I am having a hard time finding an article for the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 topic. I can't think of any good topic to write at all. My friend just write anything and of course he consider the rules of the game and he did not overlap from the set rules. I will try to win this but everything is uncertain but anything is possible!

Busby SEO Test Ending

The world wide competition for the best SEO master by Busby Web Solutions is about to end in two days to be exact. A lot of masters are doing their best to reach the top notch of the competition for the key phrase "Busby SEO Test." I am one of those who is still aspiring to reach a prize money bracket despite my position on the current ranking is way below compared to participants who have been started a long time ago optimizing their sites and currently leading the race. Well, that is what I am always doing right now, hoping and trying to make it to top even I know that the obstacles is too much for me to handle. I just like that kind of difficulty.

However, even if I don't win this one, the least that it can make is the link building done for the site I have used. This can be very beneficial to the site and can't be removed. A permanent effect for the site. Making it very strong whenever I am using it for a SEO-related purpose activities. Oh well that at least gives me a consolation.