Latest Farmville Cheats and Tricks in Facebook and MySpace

There are a lot of games that you can play in Facebook and one of the highly played games based on the number of active users in one month is the Farmville. I first played this in Facebook but later found out that it is also available in other social networking sites like the MySpace. Now, there are a lot of cheats out there and some are asking you to download some sort of cheat engine programs and stuff but there are also some Farmville cheats/tricks that doesn't require you to have this engines. I found this one on Youtube (its not mine) and find it interesting.

Here's the said video, it shows some tricks involving exclusive gifts:

I want reiterate that I am not the owner of this video and just found it from Youtube. If you have any questions, reactions or feedback just leave it here and definitely some Farmvillians will surely answer your queries. For other Facebook game cheats, just visit the link on this line.


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