Oes Tsetnoc Final Discussion

Its the 6th of December and I have 9 days left before the final result of the oes tsetnoc search engine optimization competition and this is the reason why I made this post. I would like to discuss something about the competition and its overall effect to the host. The competition is made to test the skills of the entrants and at the same time the host is benefiting from this challenge. This is because they are gaining massive amount of quality high ranking links and this will make their sites to rank well on the search engines. However, the drawback or the negative effect of this that will come after the competition is that it is sure that participants who did not win will surely remove this backlink.

In the end, it will be a temporary popularity for the host but what is so nice about it is they gain a permanent good reputation which can't be removed even the competition already ends. Aside from that during the period (and even after) the competition, the hosting site will surely gain massive amount of direct and indirect traffic which will boost their Alexa ranking and number of web hits.

In our end, for the participants, we will have backlinks too with what we have done because of the motivation on making our oes tsetnoc sites rank. However, the problem is that a lot of participants are penalized and marked as spam because of their unethical practices which is a bad reputation on their case. For myself, I know that I am practicing the ethical techniques that I have known but I also know that some of the opponents are doing some "fishy things" and I am sure that I will be "infected" by others doing. Well that's the risk of engaging to this kind of challenges. I decided to join and I need to face the consequences of this decision.


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