Asuma's Death Inevitable

I've watched Naruto's special episode the other day and I have seen the next episode's trailer. It shows the inevitable death of Asuma sensei. It is sad that another character in the story of Naruto will passed away and will be absent for the next episodes. Maybe it is necessary. Anime is really like that. It is not afraid to kill main characters.

I see the purpose of the story. Asuma needs to be sacrificed to make Shikamaru more stronger on the story. It seems this is really necessary. A hero needs to be hurt to make him gain more strength within. Life is really cruel and the fact that a hero may fall down is shown. Sad story again from Naruto Shippuden next week.

Goodbye Asuma!

Srednarb Edition Released

Last September 20, 9am Philippines Time I released a new website intended for providing information to SME or Small-Medium Enterprise regarding how to use promotional items and corporate gifts to improve the popularity and make a decent sales increase. Actually I have two websites developed for the said purpose. One is entitled Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb and the other one is called as the same name "promotional items corporate gifts (ed.1.0)". At first I was so hesitant to deploy because it still lacks some thorough analysis on its feasibility of the said project, still I have to release it to make it more visible to search engines. Now, my time were all devoted to it. I even forgot to post about the latest release of Supernaturals Season 4 Episode 1 because of the construction of the said website.

Maybe later I will post a blog about the said TV Series. I hope that this newly release promotional items corporate gifts srednarb website will hit a jackpot. Ajah!

Hot This Days

Ah, it's really hot this days. The climate is really unpredictable and I myself is affected by this change in the condition of the weather. I usually use a stand fan on my living room while I am watching my favorite TV shows but this does not give enough comfort I need. So the other day I decided to buy a new ceiling fan to be installed on our living room and at my bed room. I found this website which offers a different collection of ceiling fans. I found it at offers thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers including: Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse. Through their website I found out that visitors may shop by ceiling fan brand or by ceiling fan style. Farreys ceiling fan customization system assists in configuring and ordering ceiling fans to exact specifications with all accessories. Their ceiling fan search tool quickly helps customers to find the perfect fan for their needs.

I did buy one today, a craftmade ceiling fans and its just very convenient to have it on my living room. :)

Bleach Movie: Diamond Dust Rebellion

I have just finished watching the 2nd movie of Bleach which is entitled Diamond Dust Rebellion. Actually it was available last Thursday but since I am busy with my captivating Capiz activity and's birthday, I was not able to watch it only until this morning. I am really happy that this movie was made available. I was expecting it to be seen by next year but luckily Dattebayo released it. I am already excited with the upcoming 3rd Bleach Movie which is the Fade to Black (Kimi no Na o Yobu) which is I think will be shown in Japan by December.

Here's some of the screen shot of the Diamond Dust Rebellion Bleach Movie:

The story surrounds on Toushirou and his fight against another wielder of the same Zanpaktou Hyourinmaru.

CSI Gil Grissom's Quote

Gil Grissom ( Cebu Seo Contest )Today I watch one of the episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I am on the 6th season already and I have 7th and 8th season to catch up. I decided to watch the said TV series because I become tired with making articles about the Cebu Seo Contest, so I watch CSI for a change. Now, I like the episode that I watched specially the quote by Gil Grissom when he was offered promotion because of certain successful CSI lab tasks that affects a certain case where the Sheriff was personally involved. He refuse the promotion because he was contented already on what he is at the moment and he quote from Oscar Wilde which is "Ambition is the last refuge of failure"

That hit me a little because I am an "ambitious man". I dream and want to hit big. Maybe because I am not yet satisfied of what I am right now. I want more of what I have. I am not saying that I am greedy, my point is sometimes people needs to have an ambition to have direction. In the case of Gil Grissom well I can't compare myself to his position. He is very happy with what he have. Aside from that in CSI, Gil Grissom is a bachelor scientist who loves bugs, does not have wife and son. Unlike me, I have a lot of things to be considered because I know that I am not working or doing things for myself alone but for other people, for my family. Of course in the case of Gil Grissom, he likes to be promoted on his job not because of paying a favor but because he want to gain it because he is worth of having it. Success is very gratifying if you acquire it the right way and because you deserve it. Today it is just so hard to find person like him, they are little by little "die" everyday and started to become extinct. But if I will be given a chance to be one of the CSI, I want to be CSI Gil Grissom. :)

Cebu Seo Contest Last Day

The last day of Cebu Seo Contest is about to come and still there are some activities of grabbing top positions are happening. You will see a large changes on the number of index pages in different Google Data Center. Being an anime enthusiast and at the same a search engine practitioner, this kind of activity is pure fun and excitement. Any changes on the results makes my blood pressure changes. The adrenaline on my body flows fast as the same when I was watching on latest episodes of Naruto and Bleach waiting for what will happen on the next frame of the animated story. That's why I am so into Seo Contest like Cebu Seo Contest.

My Cebu Seo Contest entries managed to get to number one for about two days right now but still that position is not yet fixed since I know that other SEO competitors are still doing something to make any changes on the result pages for the query: google/search?hl=en&q=Cebu+Seo+Contest. Well, what I don't know right now is that if they will use their secret techniques or "ninja" strategies at the very last minute of the contest. I will try to read the forbidden SEO ninja technique and try to use it, maybe the book useD by Naruto to learn the Multi-Shadow Clone Technique. Nah just kidding actually there's no such technique that I can use for the Cebu Seo Contest. I will just hope that I'll get lucky up to the last days of the contest so that I can shout "SUCCESS!" :D

Naruto Quote that Inspire Now!

I have finished watching Naruto's latest episode and I have taken another quote from him that really inspire me to pursue with my different plans in life. Here's the quote:

"I can't give up! If I keep walking without ever stopping, I'll make it to you!" - Naruto

This is what he said when he's training on a new technique for the purpose of pursuing Sasuke. I really like the words used for subbing the said episode. It contains simple sets of phrases that can be used to motivate one self to continue pursuing and doing anything it can to succeed or to reach what someone wants. It's a gold mine quote for me. I really love anime it shows an unreal world but speaks of reality of life.

(I am using it right now with a certain competition: Cebu Seo Contest, and I am expecting that this attitude will make me win)

Supernatural 4th Season Airing Date

I would like to correct my previous post regarding Supernatural Season 4 airing date. CWTV announced on their website that the new episode of Supernatural will air this coming September 18 (not 09/08 which I previously posted). We will see again another Winchester brothers in the house fighting against evil spirits. What I am excited about this new episode is the new story and the things that Sam will do to save Dean from hell.

Well this is a real good news for Sam and Dean Winchester fanatics. They will see again a new series of "Evil vs. Good" episode. So you will expect another series of reviews about this episodes from this blog. See you on the premier night of Supernatural! 

By the way I am joining Cebu Seo Contest 2008 so you will see some part of my post here with this key phrase so please understand because you might wonder, "what the hell this phrase mean on this post". Thank you! 

Cebu Seo Contest Entry by an Anime Lover

Busby Seo Challenge ended successfully and now I am participating again in a contest called Cebu Seo Contest by An anime lover specifically Naruto and Bleach anime, is joining this competition by Lhurey. It is the last day of registration today and I know that my entries are not yet made specificially for the Cebu Seo Contest. Despite this fact that I am so "trying hard" on this kind of stuff still I am one of the most eager to win this competition. What do you think the reasons why I am competing to this Seo things? Well I will enumerate you some Cebu Seo Contest reasons that I have resolved. Here it is:

  1. I like search engine optimization and I want to prove to the world that I have learned so much on the Busby Seo Challenge and through Cebu Seo Contest this will be my trophy for this proof.
  2. I just want to prove that I can beat a team single handedly.
  3. I can make use of the prize specially the free domain registration and web hosting for a year.
  4. I like to improve my skills and through this I have a goal and I am inline with my objectives.
Cebu Seo Contest here I come! I will not you a special Ninjutsu just to win this one but I will try to use a certain SEO magic to make everyone wonder and amaze my strength. Kage bushin Ninjutsu SEO style!

Most Funny/Creative Content Winner!

Yehey! This blog wins the "Most Funny/Creative Content" on the Busby Seo Challenge 2008. Yes that's right I win to this "feel good consolation prize" competition from Busby Web Solutions. The prize that I've got an iPod Touch. But I've already win the Most Invited Friend category so I am not qualified to win another title so my runner-up luckily walk with the iPod Touch for the most creative content. The title is mine but the prize is with Adipti, I think. It's ok, one iPod Touch for me is enough to fill up all the expenses I have spend for this competition. My expenses are time and effort which are valuable than any money can buy.

Now starting today, I will be concentrating on the Cebu Seo Contest competition that I am participating. The prize at stake is only seven hundred pesos plus a website package but even though that this prize is not that big to give any of my time, still I am proud to say that I want to bag it. I just want to prove that I learn something from Busby Seo Challenge and I am hoping that this Cebu Seo Contest will be the sample of that proof. I am clapping with unmeasurable happiness today. It is really a good day today!