Cebu Seo Contest Last Day

The last day of Cebu Seo Contest is about to come and still there are some activities of grabbing top positions are happening. You will see a large changes on the number of index pages in different Google Data Center. Being an anime enthusiast and at the same a search engine practitioner, this kind of activity is pure fun and excitement. Any changes on the results makes my blood pressure changes. The adrenaline on my body flows fast as the same when I was watching on latest episodes of Naruto and Bleach waiting for what will happen on the next frame of the animated story. That's why I am so into Seo Contest like Cebu Seo Contest.

My Cebu Seo Contest entries managed to get to number one for about two days right now but still that position is not yet fixed since I know that other SEO competitors are still doing something to make any changes on the result pages for the query: google/search?hl=en&q=Cebu+Seo+Contest. Well, what I don't know right now is that if they will use their secret techniques or "ninja" strategies at the very last minute of the contest. I will try to read the forbidden SEO ninja technique and try to use it, maybe the book useD by Naruto to learn the Multi-Shadow Clone Technique. Nah just kidding actually there's no such technique that I can use for the Cebu Seo Contest. I will just hope that I'll get lucky up to the last days of the contest so that I can shout "SUCCESS!" :D


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