Cebu Seo Contest Entry by an Anime Lover

Busby Seo Challenge ended successfully and now I am participating again in a contest called Cebu Seo Contest by An anime lover specifically Naruto and Bleach anime, is joining this competition by Lhurey. It is the last day of registration today and I know that my entries are not yet made specificially for the Cebu Seo Contest. Despite this fact that I am so "trying hard" on this kind of stuff still I am one of the most eager to win this competition. What do you think the reasons why I am competing to this Seo things? Well I will enumerate you some Cebu Seo Contest reasons that I have resolved. Here it is:

  1. I like search engine optimization and I want to prove to the world that I have learned so much on the Busby Seo Challenge and through Cebu Seo Contest this will be my trophy for this proof.
  2. I just want to prove that I can beat a team single handedly.
  3. I can make use of the prize specially the free domain registration and web hosting for a year.
  4. I like to improve my skills and through this I have a goal and I am inline with my objectives.
Cebu Seo Contest here I come! I will not you a special Ninjutsu just to win this one but I will try to use a certain SEO magic to make everyone wonder and amaze my strength. Kage bushin Ninjutsu SEO style!


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