Busby SEO Test Ending

The world wide competition for the best SEO master by Busby Web Solutions is about to end in two days to be exact. A lot of masters are doing their best to reach the top notch of the competition for the key phrase "Busby SEO Test." I am one of those who is still aspiring to reach a prize money bracket despite my position on the current ranking is way below compared to participants who have been started a long time ago optimizing their sites and currently leading the race. Well, that is what I am always doing right now, hoping and trying to make it to top even I know that the obstacles is too much for me to handle. I just like that kind of difficulty.

However, even if I don't win this one, the least that it can make is the link building done for the site I have used. This can be very beneficial to the site and can't be removed. A permanent effect for the site. Making it very strong whenever I am using it for a SEO-related purpose activities. Oh well that at least gives me a consolation.

Let the Experts Do Their Stuff

Do you want to bring your business online and you are hesitant because you are afraid that you might spend too much for it? Do you want a reliable web design company to deal with this problem? The advantage of letting the experts do their "stuff" for your company is that you will not worry about how it is done and setup. You will concentrate with what you really good at and let them bring your company to its maximum potential online. One company that I know that have several years of experience in web design industry is the Claremont Design. It is a web design company in Pomona, California that specializes in web design consulting, SEO services for your existing or new websites, e-commerce and Yahoo Shopping cart for your online business and even provide free web templates.

What I like about their service is that they build a website for your company that let you easily continue it without their aid. Instead they let you continue maintaining it because they are making the website as easy as possible for you to continue. They even guide you on the first stage of the life of your website so that you can learn it and can independently manage it by yourself. With their quality web site designs and SEO service combine, a really powerful combination that is needed by organization to be successful in online entrepreneurship.

For more information about their services, you could leave your message on Claremont Design's Contact page.

Great News: Pacquiao agreed to fight Hatton

Finally after some delays to the final decision of Pacquiao regarding his fight against reigning Ring Magazine Welterweight holder Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao agreed to fight him this coming May 2. Everyone was so disappointed or sad when he announced a couple of days ago that he will not fight with Hatton instead he will pursue his Political Science course. However, after some negotiations and discussion they have made with Hatton's camp, Bob Arum successfully convinced Pacquiao with regards to continue the battle called: Pacquiao vs. Hatton. The contract stated that made him agreed is that he will received a 52% share on the pay per view earnings of the fight plus he is guaranteed to take a $12 million cash.

This will be definitely another hell of a fight for the Filipino boxing champion. I am so excited to watch this fight between them and I hope Pacman will be consistent with his game and let Hatton taste his punches. With Hatton, well I hope he give Pacquiao a nice fight to watch, try to make it very exciting not disappointing. Good luck to this two great fighters and let us ready to rumble this coming May 2009!

Slow Adsense Earnings

Guys do you feel it? The Adsense earnings is seems to be slowing down. I have earned several times with adsense and the reward for investing your time for this is really rewarding and satisfying. However, several weeks ago some bloggers and other netrepreneurs are feeling the low and slow earnings from this scheme. Online money makers today is ranting and discussing about this slow earning syndrome of G's money making method. It is like they are showing that they are affected by the economic situation of the world. Another possible reason to this is that they have changed the algorithm in computing earnings to avoid overpayment or inappropriate payments.

How about you, what do you think about this? Do you feel the same down in earnings too? or it is just normal today? Share your thoughts, let us know what do you think about this.

Watch Smallville Season 8 Episode 12: Bulletproof Here

As the success comeback of Smallville, a new episode of the series will be aired this week entitled Bulletproof. See it on the following link to watch it online:

[ watch Smallville Season 8 Episode 12: Bulletproof ]

On this episode, see Clark Kent as he faces again new opponents. As you can see on the trailer below, Clark Kent is shown with Lana again.

About Computer File Extensions

The first operating system that I used when I started studying computer science was MS-DOS. It is the previous CLI (command-line interface) of Microsoft's operating system. That's the reason why I am kind of familiar with how the computer handle files through the black and white shell like this. Usually we need to open the file via an executable program (with a file extension of .EXE) to open another file for reading and printing. That's the only way that the file can be recognized by the system. Now, with he GUI of Windows, file handling is different. File extensions are stored in a tree database of the OS specifically via the registry. This were all registered by the application assocatiated to the file.

For example, file extension PPS is associated with MS Powerpoint while the file extension TORRENT is associated with torrent programs such as UTorrent and Bittorrent. These files can be opened easily when double-clicked and immediately open the associated program. However there are files that are registered to the registry but not used for opening files. File extension DLL is a fine example of this kind of file, since it is used as a library of the operating system.

That's why sometimes when the registry was damaged by viruses or malwares, an abnormal event happens to your system, sometimes hangs or stops from working.

Finally, will it be Pacquiao vs Hatton?

Will it be Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton on the next boxing event this year? Will this Pacquiao vs Hatton will actually hit the history of world of pound for pound fight of the greatest fighters of all time? These are some of the questions that are roaming around the world of Pacman. There are so many speculations that Pacquiao will definitely get back on the ring again this coming May 2009. However, directly from the mouth of Pacquiao yesterday that the deal for the said fight is not yet on since both camp is not yet settled with the conditions and parameters of the fight. Another speculations that I have heard that if Hatton will be the decided opponent for Pacman's match, there's a possibility that the next fight will be in England land of Hatton instead of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is because England's boxing arena is far much larger compared to Las Vegas.

Still these plans between the mentioned fights are not final and I think there are so many things that will happen for the next few months. Others news also stated that Pacman also considered the idea of fighting the retired undefeated American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aside from this, Pacquiao also mentioned that if the fight on May will be cancelled or will not be settled then he might considered to make movie instead. Not a local movie but a Hollywood movie with Stallone. That's right he might consider to go to the limelight of international show business.

What can I say, well Pacquiao should box not act! :)

Smallville Season 8 Episode 11: The Legion - Where to Watch?

Smallville Season 8 will be back this January and its 11th episode with a title "Legion" will feature new heroes on the rise to help Clark Kent for his quest to fight against evil and uplift justice in the world. This is a continuation of the previous episode where Chloe's wedding was gate crashed and she was kidnapped by Doomsday. On this latest episode, new additional characters, from heroes to villain will be introduced to the scene. This will be aired on January 15 and will be available online on the following link. So watch it and enjoy whenever it is available on the site.

Work with Lamps

I usually use my PC at night. It's a great time for me to think because everybody are all asleep and nobody can disturb me. So I usually turn off the main light and just turned on my two desk lamps. It is because I don't want to disturb people around me. I use lamps because it decreases my chances of hurting my eyes due to absence of light. I am really concerned with my eyes because I know that this is one of the vital parts of my body for the career that I have chosen. Well, I am kind of choosy with things I used that's why I prefer stylish lamps placed on my tables. I just don't want an ordinary designs. That's why I asked my wife to take care of this things because she got a "good eyes" in this kind of things. Well, glad that she have purchased my taste of designs and style.

By the way, do you know why it is important that there's enough lighting in your room when you're using your computers? It is because when there's no light or not enough brightness, tendency is all the lights will be focused in your eyes. If there's enough light, light particles will be scattered and will not hurt your eyes that much compared to previous situation.