Finally, will it be Pacquiao vs Hatton?

Will it be Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton on the next boxing event this year? Will this Pacquiao vs Hatton will actually hit the history of world of pound for pound fight of the greatest fighters of all time? These are some of the questions that are roaming around the world of Pacman. There are so many speculations that Pacquiao will definitely get back on the ring again this coming May 2009. However, directly from the mouth of Pacquiao yesterday that the deal for the said fight is not yet on since both camp is not yet settled with the conditions and parameters of the fight. Another speculations that I have heard that if Hatton will be the decided opponent for Pacman's match, there's a possibility that the next fight will be in England land of Hatton instead of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is because England's boxing arena is far much larger compared to Las Vegas.

Still these plans between the mentioned fights are not final and I think there are so many things that will happen for the next few months. Others news also stated that Pacman also considered the idea of fighting the retired undefeated American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aside from this, Pacquiao also mentioned that if the fight on May will be cancelled or will not be settled then he might considered to make movie instead. Not a local movie but a Hollywood movie with Stallone. That's right he might consider to go to the limelight of international show business.

What can I say, well Pacquiao should box not act! :)


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