Work with Lamps

I usually use my PC at night. It's a great time for me to think because everybody are all asleep and nobody can disturb me. So I usually turn off the main light and just turned on my two desk lamps. It is because I don't want to disturb people around me. I use lamps because it decreases my chances of hurting my eyes due to absence of light. I am really concerned with my eyes because I know that this is one of the vital parts of my body for the career that I have chosen. Well, I am kind of choosy with things I used that's why I prefer stylish lamps placed on my tables. I just don't want an ordinary designs. That's why I asked my wife to take care of this things because she got a "good eyes" in this kind of things. Well, glad that she have purchased my taste of designs and style.

By the way, do you know why it is important that there's enough lighting in your room when you're using your computers? It is because when there's no light or not enough brightness, tendency is all the lights will be focused in your eyes. If there's enough light, light particles will be scattered and will not hurt your eyes that much compared to previous situation.


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