Watch Maidana vs Ortiz Fight Online

This Saturday at exactly 10PM eastern time at Staples Center in Los Angeles, a battle of two junior welterweight fighters as they put all their prowess in depending each ones pride and honor inside the ring. I am referring to the upcoming fight between Victor Ortiz and Marcos Rene Maidana. Both with very impressive professional boxing records, Ortiz of California with 24-1-1 with 19 knock outs while Maidana of Argentina have 25-1 and 24 knock outs.

Now, the question is where can you watch the fight? Well, refer to the following link and be there on the said dates.

Enjoy the fight and watch out for more upcoming boxing events here on this blog. Chow!

Pro-Environment - Natural Rugs: Sisal, Bamboo, Jute & Seagrass Rugs

I am a person who supports the use of natural materials in different part of our lives. I prefer using those kind of items even for home decors and putting style on my home. I think that's the only part that I can share to mother earth. This is the reason why I am for natural rugs like sisal rugs, bamboo, jute and seagrass rugs. These carpets or rugs came from renewable resources and can't harm the environment if in case the said items will be disposed. It is because the items are biodegradable and came usually from plants.

If you are one of those people who is concerned with the environment's welfare, choose natural area rugs. If you are looking for it and you want to order online, try, they produce the best sets of area rugs and a lot designs to choose from and take note all in discount price where rates range from 20% to 60% discounts. What are you waiting for, buy natural rugs and help the environment now! 

Where to Watch True Blood Season 2 Episodes?

True Blood is one of the HBO TV Series that millions of TV viewers are watching online and on their TV sets. Its story surrounds on vampires and humans living together plus a twist of love story between a human (Sookie) and a vamp (Bill) with the murderous fangs from villains of the story. What I have seen from the episodes on the said series are the different sexy scenes of different characters. Now, after the successful 12 episodes of True Blood, a new season was opened and it already aired now starting with the first episode of True Blood Season 2.

Its the continuation of the story and now Eric enters the love life of Bill and Sookie. 

Watch 2012 Theatrical Trailer

One of the much anticipated movie today that touches the fearful date: December 12, 2012 - 12/12/12 is the movie from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures entitled "2012." This film shows the hypothetical prediction of the ancient Mayans about the possible destruction of earth as it meets its final day. The said film will be shown in theaters this coming November 13.

Watch 2012 trailer

Do you believe on this 2012 dooms day? Well me, not ever but if you'll ask me if I will watch this? Of course, I want to see John Cusack and the rest survive or die on this movie. :)

Custom Designs from Los Angeles Web Design

Using different web templates today is one of the easiest way of building a website. Its the most practical and the most used by a lot of website owners. However, due to the demand of the e-commerce world and the online shopping patrons, such templates are sometimes not applicable for such needs. That's why custom web designs or custom e-commerce web sites are necessary to build. This is where the Los Angeles web design company comes named Claremont Design. They specializes in custom web designs and SEO services for companies who wishes to start their online business or go to the next level of their business lives.

Claremont Design provides this services in the most affordable prices as they understand how this business starts. They believe that the success of this business is their own success. So if you want a website that offers this kind of web site development services for e-commerce site utilizing Yahoo Store or PHP shopping carts, just visit Claremont Design and place your inquiries on their website at

Where to Watch the Cotto vs Clottey Match?

The sensational fighter Miguel Cotto will be defending his welterweight title against Joshua Clottey this Saturday, June 13 at 10:35PM ET at the Madison Square Garden. Now this is one of the fight that should not miss and I even Pacquiao, the reigning pound for pound king will be watching this fight. He already flew to New York and reserved a sit on the match to see Cotto's match on the ring side of the match. We are expecting a great throws of punches from the Puerto Rican and the Ghana native that is now in Bronx.

Now to the question, where you can watch the match Cotto vs Clottey, well here are the following sites that possibly offers a live online streaming of the match:
Who's your bet? Me, I'll be for Cotto and if he does win then maybe Pacquiao might fight him later this October and write another boxing history. What do you think?

Finding Home Care or Caregivers

If you are from Westminster, Orange, Los Angeles or any part in California or near state and you're looking for professional health care that will take good care of you or your love ones, then look no more. Professional Health Care Services, Inc. will be there for you if you need some extra care that is true to their hearts. It is just so difficult today to find somebody that can be relied on in any point of your life. But with the system on PHCSICare, caregivers can be selected by you in your own preferences of selection process.

Their services and professional caregivers are known to have the highest quality of care that they provide. Read this some testimonials of their clients regarding the services that they've got from the said organization:
I am forever grateful to have, had and still have your help. Our children were wonderful in looking out for us, but they’re all married and have families of their own for whom they are the main providers. They, my husband and I, still enjoy the special attention which you provide, and in case of emergency, know that you are there to send dependable and competent assistance.
See how their clients trust PHCSI. Visit their website at

Where to Watch NBA Finals 2009 Games 1,2,3,4 Online?

This years NBA Finals 2009 is one of the most exciting match of the year as LA Lakers is on the championship game and will play against the Orlando Magic. Kobe Bryant now shows his powers and score domination of the game. Now going to the question that where to watch the NBA Finals 2009 Games 1, 2, 3 & 4 if you can't watch it on TV or live on the court side for the following schedule:

Game 1: June 4 @ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 2: June 7 @ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 3: June 9 @ 9:00 PM E.t.
Game 4: June 11@ 9:00 PM E.T.
Game 5-7 (Optional)

Well, try visiting the following websites for the link and game information of the NBA Finals:

Watch NBA Finals 2009 Game 2: Magic vs. Lakers<

Watch Magic vs. Lakers on Game 2 NBA Finals 2009

Enjoy the games!

Watch Final Destination 4 3D HD Trailer

The latest installment of the death chasing movie entitled Final Destination will be seen by fans all over the world this coming August. This upcoming movie is one of my favorite horror / suspense / thriller movie. Now DEATH is more creative in fullfilling the destiny of the story to all their dooms. The Final Destination 4 surrounds on the premonition of death in the race track as the main character Nick O' Bannon saw their horrifying death cause by the series of accidents on the race track.

What is so different with the current movie to its previous parts is that the movie was made in high definition 3D so that you will enjoy the thrill of ride of death as one by one the characters are killed in different kinds of gruesome deaths. Now, the said movie released a high definition trailer and if you want to watch it here's the trailer:

Final Destination 4 Trailer