Looking Forward to Tron: Legacy

After that I've watched the TRON movie yesterday, I am looking forward to watch Tron: Legacy later this week. I become very interested with what will happen with Kevin Flynn, his program and his son inside the new program that he developed from the first film. Aside from that the trailer really shows a promising and a very stunning special effects. If I am impressed with the 1982 film, I am expecting a big "WOAH" to come out of my lips after I watch Tron: Legacy.

How about you, will you watch the movie this week or if you want check out my review here later about it after I watch it this week or next week.

Watch the following trailer and you'll know what I have felt when I saw this:

What to Expect from The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10?

Right after the rest, The Vampire Diaries is back with the newest episode. The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 10 is entitled as The Sacrifice which makes me think that possibly there is someone that will surely say "Goodbye!" on this episode. It is just a feeling that someone will give his or her life to end something.

I think the series is really introducing exciting developments after the werewolves unravels and Elena's mother appearance. Well, this only mean really something!

Aside from this vampire series, one of the show that I am waiting is the return of Clark and Lois love story on Smallville season 10 episode 10 with a title of Luthor. What I am excited about the episode is that we will see a dark version of our known Superman with the parallel universe where the original Clark jumped after a Kryptonite exposure.

Well, there's no conflict at all on watching this two series. Why? Well, The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday night while, Smallville on Friday. But if you'll be asked which one to prefer?