Watch Mayweather vs. Ortiz Online Fight on Sept.17?

It is less than a week before the big fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Victor Ortiz for the WBC welterweight belt. The fight is dubbed as Star Power: Mayweather vs. Ortiz and this is on the 17th of September 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada  in the United States of America. Both American boxers will try to beat each other for the WBC Welterweight Title which is currently in the hands of Ortiz.

Despite the fact that I don't like Mayweather because of his "too proud" attitude, I still want to watch Mayweather vs. Ortiz and I want it live. This is the reason why I list some sites that you can watch it live online for free. Here are this websites in no particular order of availability or accuracy:

  6. Ustream
  8. LiveStream
  10. More...
These are just sites that I'll be browing on the said date and at least this will give me a very convenient way to watch Mayweather vs. Ortiz Online for free. Of course I still advice that you get a pay per view subscription from your local TV cable provider. This will give you much more greater viewing experience than the live stream which usually (frequently) fails because of some network issues and other reasons.

Well watch Mayweather vs Ortiz Online on September 17!!!