Robonurse vs. Caregivers

Watch this video from Reuters where Japan shows there development of a robot caregiver for their elderly. It is underdevelopment and not yet perfected by the said developers.

In my opinion, nothing can replace the warm care of a real caregiver. Human is really far more advance than any mechanical being ever invented by human and it will took several decades before they could manage to make something that will really replace people in taking the elderly. Human caregivers can response with real care in every needs of our loved ones. They can relate and can make people's feel great.

Buying Rugs / Carpets Tips

Buying area rugs and carpets for your homes can be very tiring specially if you will do it from one store to another store. But if you will utilize your PC and the internet to find these things and order it online, it will be much easier. Like the online rug retailer, that let you place your order and pay it online then if your place is on their area of coverage to avail the free shipping package of the company. This mean, the rugs you ordered will be on your doors immediately after you made the payments through your credit cards.

In choosing the right online rug shops for you to trust, you should look on the reputation of the site. You can see some of the certifications and trust certificates plus the testimonials of the clients that experienced the customer services of the company. In this way, you will feel safe on the transactions that you will undergo.

Choose wisely in selecting the area rugs for your floors. Go the custom rugs area of the online shop to see other products that you want a customized appearance and size.

Import Flooring is a company that sells different rugs like sisal rugs, jute rugs, bamboo rugs and seagrass rugs at discount prices. Visit their site at

Choosing the Caregivers for Your Loved Ones

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways for our old loved ones to be taken care of. These are available everywhere and the most common one today is letting them take care in an elderly home care. In this way, our loved parents or loved ones are simply staying on the comfort of their home, free to mingle with the family and relatives with the assistance of a caregiver or a nurse. This is only more applicable if the health care condition of the elderly doesn't require an intensive medical care. Through hiring this professional help, you will be sure that they are taking care of properly. This will let you more focus on other daily chores and errands.

What is so nice about this is that you can freely arrange the best setting that would work with what you require. It gives you an option to ask the caregiver to stay live-in with your parents or just stop by your place from time to time whenever it is needed. The benefits for yourself and your family is really a good thing to consider. However, its difficult to decide whether who will be hired. That's why PHCSI or Professional Health Care Services, Inc. (, help you with this by providing the best and highly reliable caregivers. You are also allowed to interview them and let you decide which do you like most that will do the care thing for your family. You can visit them on their website for the testimonials of their clients and to contact them for more information regarding their services.

Watch Diaz vs. Malignaggi this Saturday Aug. 22

HBO Sports' Boxing After Dark (BAD) features three great fighters on a boxing showdown. The said matches are Juan Diaz vs. Paulie Malignaggi, Malcolm Klassen vs. Robert Guerrero and Danny Jacobs vs. Ishe Smith which are scheduled to be seen on Saturday, August 22 at 9:45 PM ET/PT live at Toyota Center, Houston Texas. This Diaz vs. Malignaggi fight will prove who is worth to stay on the future of boxing. The said match is a 12 rounder and we will expect a big blow from each fighters.

Diaz with a win-lose-draw-KO record of 34-2-0-17 will be expecting great challenge from Malignaggi whose record is 26-2-0 5KOs. Now if you want to watch it live, you can visit Diaz vs. Malignaggi resources here.

Fixing your PC Easily

Download Glary Utilities hereThere's a lot of tools or software online that you can utilize to fix your system. One of them is the Gray Utilities. It let you easily fix some problems on your PC with one single click and let you improve the performance of your operating systems by tweaking some of the configuration of the system. It is also a good tool for cleaning the system for spyware and disabling unnecessary programs that runs on the background. It is lightweight and runs faster in smaller size memory PC. Vista is supported by these system and optimized the system well to run much faster on minimal hardware specifications.

If you are interested with this tool, you can visit Gray Utilities for more information or to order for it or use it in 30 days trial. You can download it for free on the box image.

Don't worry I tried it myself and really find it very useful. You can read some of the detail features of this PC utility here: Optimize Windows Vista Performance with Utilities.

Caregivers: Career and Good Deed

If I will be given a chance to study and choose the career path again, I will be choosing to become a caregiver. It is simply because I was so inspired by the different testimonials of different people from a professional caregivers website of PHCSICare. You will feel and see how the people from this organization really dedicated to their job and how they touch other people's lives. They help them cope up with the late stage of their life and knowing how these people are very grateful with what have done to them. The following is an example of the said testimony that made me think and make me interested of being a caregiver:
Enjoying a cup of tea this morning, I noticed a Honduran Proverb written on the teabag: "Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy." Knowingly, we live in a world where sometimes just when you think things are ‘good’ … the floor seemingly falls right from under you, to put it mildly! My cause of ‘keen distress’ is a story I feel compelled to share, along with encouragement by your staff to do so.
You can read more of these inspiring and heart warming testominals from PHCSICare's client on their Testimonials page. After you read the said testimonials, you will understand how their clients are so contented with the PHCSICare's services. 

If you're looking for a caregiving job, I think they are also accepting new application. Just visit their site at for more information about this matter. Good luck!

Green is Really Just "IN"

I read an interesting article from a home improvement magazine regarding how "green is really in" today in terms of creating a sustainable design from different recycles and natural highly renewable resources. Some of her points mentioned where the following:
  1. Recycle. Which she refers to reusing old furniture and other decors as much as possible
  2. Utilizing the daylight. She stated that natural light should be maximized as making the sun shines insider the house.
  3. Using non-toxic materials. She recommended to use non-toxic paints for the rooms for healthy environment.
  4. Preferring renewable materials. She mentioned of using materials that are highly renewable/sustainable and easily replaceable for the decors and area rugs like materials used on sisal rugs, bamboo rugs and jute rugs.
Its about time for home owners to build their homes considering the eco-friendliness of the designs. How about you, are you into "green" now?

Computerized Travel Expense Management by Certify

I've been with several businesses and encountered several system along the way. One that really made me feel comfortable about is utilizing a tool for managing the expenses of the company automatically. I am referring to the Certify expense management software that let the company store and retrieve their expenses without spending a lot of money for the equipment to use to implement the system. This is the case because the system is Saas system or a software as a service system that runs on the browser and data are stored in a remote server hosted by Certify for a small fee.

What is amazing with the feature of this system is letting you capture receipts through the use of capturing device that is built in on your cellphones. This means that wherever you are, even how far you go, you can send your expense reports required data at any time you wishes. For more information about this features, just visit Certify on their official website at

Certify is a leading expense management solution provider for small to mid-size companies in the US today. - spendless

Miss Universe 2009 Presentation Night on NBC announced the presentation night of the annual beauty pageant involving 84 participants from different country, the Miss Universe 2009. They will broadcast the said event live on NBC and on the said website. I myself is very eager to watch the said event and can't wait to see who will be the next Miss Universe of 2009.

I know how people from different countries pray for their native contestants to win the said once a year prestigious event. The question that who will be the next crown queen will be only revealed during the pageant night on August 23 directly from the Atlantis Paradise Island in Bahamas. For a list of events, schedules and contestants you can see it on the following post: Watch Miss Universe 2009 and Miss Universe 2009 Live Online.

How about you guys, who is/are your bets?

Glad that I am Back

Wow! I don't expect it! My blog is activated now and I can access and update it. Thank God. I thought Google already flag the site and ban it for life and luckily it did not. The other week, I wasn't able to access the site because according to the system message on the log-in window, this part of my account is suspended. I contacted Google and asked for reconsideration regarding the site and then changed the password of the account. Because according to them that this is one of the possibilities why they usually suspend an account.

I am jumping now for joy and hope it will not be suspended again. Thanks Blogger and the management of Google.