Green is Really Just "IN"

I read an interesting article from a home improvement magazine regarding how "green is really in" today in terms of creating a sustainable design from different recycles and natural highly renewable resources. Some of her points mentioned where the following:
  1. Recycle. Which she refers to reusing old furniture and other decors as much as possible
  2. Utilizing the daylight. She stated that natural light should be maximized as making the sun shines insider the house.
  3. Using non-toxic materials. She recommended to use non-toxic paints for the rooms for healthy environment.
  4. Preferring renewable materials. She mentioned of using materials that are highly renewable/sustainable and easily replaceable for the decors and area rugs like materials used on sisal rugs, bamboo rugs and jute rugs.
Its about time for home owners to build their homes considering the eco-friendliness of the designs. How about you, are you into "green" now?


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