Miss Universe 2009 Presentation Night on NBC

MissUniverse.com announced the presentation night of the annual beauty pageant involving 84 participants from different country, the Miss Universe 2009. They will broadcast the said event live on NBC and on the said website. I myself is very eager to watch the said event and can't wait to see who will be the next Miss Universe of 2009.

I know how people from different countries pray for their native contestants to win the said once a year prestigious event. The question that who will be the next crown queen will be only revealed during the pageant night on August 23 directly from the Atlantis Paradise Island in Bahamas. For a list of events, schedules and contestants you can see it on the following post: Watch Miss Universe 2009 and Miss Universe 2009 Live Online.

How about you guys, who is/are your bets?


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