Caregivers: Career and Good Deed

If I will be given a chance to study and choose the career path again, I will be choosing to become a caregiver. It is simply because I was so inspired by the different testimonials of different people from a professional caregivers website of PHCSICare. You will feel and see how the people from this organization really dedicated to their job and how they touch other people's lives. They help them cope up with the late stage of their life and knowing how these people are very grateful with what have done to them. The following is an example of the said testimony that made me think and make me interested of being a caregiver:
Enjoying a cup of tea this morning, I noticed a Honduran Proverb written on the teabag: "Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy." Knowingly, we live in a world where sometimes just when you think things are ‘good’ … the floor seemingly falls right from under you, to put it mildly! My cause of ‘keen distress’ is a story I feel compelled to share, along with encouragement by your staff to do so.
You can read more of these inspiring and heart warming testominals from PHCSICare's client on their Testimonials page. After you read the said testimonials, you will understand how their clients are so contented with the PHCSICare's services. 

If you're looking for a caregiving job, I think they are also accepting new application. Just visit their site at for more information about this matter. Good luck!


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