Samsung Touchwiz (Samsung F480) vs iPhone | Specs and Features

When iPhone 3G was released on the market, I was really eager to get one. However the cost is really too high for me to handle that is why I look for alternative touch screen phone that is almost the same with iPhone but much cheaper. That is why I found this new phone from Samsung called Touchwiz or commonly known as Samsung F480. I tried to consider getting a Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic but lately discard the idea. What I like with the Samsung unit was its cheaper compared to iPhone and Omnia but it seems equalled or even surpass the features of the mentioned phones. Here are the basic specification of the Touchwiz:
  • Full touch screen with 2.8 LCD screen (iPhone has 3.5 touch screen)
  • 5-megapixels camera with Autofocus and Power LED (iPhone has 2.0 MP only)
  • FM Radio
  • Size and Weight: 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm / 100.6g (iPhone has 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm / 133g)
  • Supports USB v2.0, 3G, Bluetooth but not WLAN and Infrared
  • Internal memory: 232 MB
  • External Memory: microSD upto 8 GB
  • Price Range: $300 - $500. Price in the Philippines, based on search, is about Php12,000 to Php15,000 which is compared to the prize of iPhone in the country that reaches up to almost Php40,000.00
Well, I really love to get a Samsung F480 but my problem is it is not available in my place (Capiz) yet and I need to ask a friend to buy it for me in Manila. I am afraid to buy in Ebay because I don't have any experience purchasing online through the said site. But later, I might consider to buy there if in case my friend fails to find available unit in his place. How about you, what do you think of Samsung Touchwiz (SF480), is it worth to buy?

Rest with Sulumits Retsambew

I decided not to focus yet on a certain search engine optimization called sulumits retsambew. It is because I prefer to focus on one competition that is about to conclude on May 29 which is a month away compared to the latter that I mentioned that is several months before the final kick. I am referring to the eriuqs spires healthy recreation competition. It targets the long phrase and blog post will be used for the said event. What is so exciting about the event is it doesn't have any deadline nor registration which mean everyone will have a chance to use their "power jumper" technique to instantly rise up to the rankings. As of now the indexes for eriuqs spires healthy recreation search query are about 4 thousand plus pages but it is expected that right before the end of the deadline, it will definitely rise 10 times or more than the current.

You may asked what technique that I will use for the said eriuqs spires healthy recreation event. Well the usual and the not so secret style which is perseverance, determination and persistence. Usually you can win if you will do anything that you have and its better to loose doing something than doing nothing at all. That's the words that I always saying to myself to any undertakings, SEO or not, that I am facing everyday. Wish me a thousand luck to win this game of skills!

Green Rugs for Earth Sake

What are green rugs? I am not referring to rugs that are colored green or tinted by the said earth's color. What I am referring to is the area rugs made in natural materials like sisal rugs, bamboo rugs, seagrass rugs and jute rugs. These are know to be weaved from different plant fibers and popular for being elegant, durable and stylish. It is preferred by a lot of interior designers and home owners around the world.

Why use green rugs? Green rugs are recommended to be used specially by earth crusaders who are concerned with the earth's benefits. The said rugs are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. With the different phenomena happening on the planet, using green rugs is our small contribution to help mother earth recover from the damage it got from the irresponsible activities of human race.

Where to buy them? One leading distributor of natural area/home rugs in the planet today is the Natural Home Rugs. You can visit their online store at They have several pre-made rugs and custom area rugs that will be very suited to those both picky on designs and concern on mother earth's sake.

Use green rugs today!

Donaire and Viloria Grab the Belt Once More!

The Flash and the Furious just concluded yesterday and the Filipino boxer Donaire and Viloria won in an impressive match against their opponents. Viloria (Hawaiian puncher) made a come back and great move for his career as he knocked out Solis on the 11th round of the match while on the hand Donaire stopped Martinez on the 4th round as he defended his title remarkably. The Philippines are really proud of this fighters as they follow the footstep of one of the legendary fighter of the country, Manny Pacquiao which is currently preparing for the Pacquiao vs Hatton match this coming May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Filipino boxers are truly making their mark on the world of boxing and the government should focus more on supporting new and aspiring boxers so that they can produce future fighters that will bring honor to the country.

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Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Probe

It is summer and there is a lot of things to do during this time. I am planning to play chess but I guess it will be more exciting if I will do something else, just for a change. I am thinking that I will go to a place that I have found on the net today. I am referring the place in Red Lodge Montana called "The Spires" where you can have an exciting recreation for the whole family. The said place was introduced by a certain post entitled "Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation." It is mentioned on the said post that the place is great for mountain biking, skiing and even fishing. The said place is a great getaway for every people who is tired of the noise and pollution of the city and wants to relax in a fresh and healthy place to walk and run. You can even stay for good and raise your family there!

Eriuqs spires healthy recreation refers to the different healthy hobbies, amusements or recreations that you can do on The Spires. If you want to have a wider and detailed information about this health recreations in Spires by Eriuqs, just visit the following website: Heart Rate Watch Company and Spires at Red Lodge or you can search information from the net about it.

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17: The Mother Lode

This 4/17 (April 17), Prison Break Season 4 is back with its 17th Episode entitled: The Mother Lode. Fans from different part of the world will surely be amazed by this return from the screen of this action packed TV Series. Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17, as your favorite prisoners reach the series finale. That's right it will be one of the last episodes of the series as they are closing their curtains for this one. Six episodes remains to be exact, specifically:
  1. Episode 17: The Mother Lode
  2. Episode 18: VS.
  3. Episode 19: S.O.B.
  4. Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians
  5. Episode 21: Rate of Exchange
  6. Episode 22: Killing your Number (Series Finale)
Well, do you think its nice that Prison Break have Season 5? What's your opinion? How about Prison Break the Movie instead, do you think it will catch a lot of theater goers?

Web Design Company For You

Building a business online is one tough job for everyone. It is simply because there are a lot of hindrance and obstacles a business man should face before pushing through the plans. One of it is the deficiency in technical aspect of the said project. One Los Angeles web design company can provide assistance to this growing business to be brought online. I am referring to the Claremont Design, a web design consulting company that provides custom e-commerce web designs, Inland Empire SEO and content management systems to their clients that well-suited to their needs.

Aside from web design services, Claremont Design also provides search engine optimization (SEO) services which is a necessity for website today who wants to compete with bigger companies online. SEO with the Inland Empire web design combination can really make a great business online. For information about the company, just visit them on their website at and you can see from the Portfolio a list of their satisfied clients that achieved quite a success on their online ventures.

Certify Expense Management Features

Certify is one of the expense management company today that is known to provide the best online expense solution today. This company that serves small to mid size companies are known for allowing organizations to conveniently manage and track their expenses giving them the power to quickly generate expense reports in a smaller period of time. The following are the basic features that these SaaS (Software as a Service) provides:
  • Policy enforcement and automatic approval for workflow
  • Integrated real-time currency conversion
  • Receipt capture by fax, e-mail, mobile phones and more
  • Corporate analytics and reporting for financial audit support
For more information about the Certify's basic features, just visit them now at and sign-up for a free 30-day trial no obligation account and feel the difference with how they make your life easier with the expense management software of

Pacquiao Lost the Match!

Nah, I am not referring to the boxing result of the Pacquiao vs Hatton match but I am referring to the dart fight that the two pound for pound fighters have compete before they get into the ring this coming May 2. Pacquiao lost from a dart match against Hatton today and he is actually asking a rematch as part of his statement during a press conference in the US where they meet for a dart session.

Hatton and Pacquiao's fight is really much awaited and a lot of Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 members are blogging about it. It seems that every blog in the world, sports blog or not are talking about it. Now who will put your bet on this, will it be for the Pacman or the Hitman? By the way, Arum seems to be very confident that he is already looking for a new opponent for the Filipino boxer. He announced on the media that he wants to have a Chavez Jr. vs Pacquiao match right after this English vs Filipino match of the People's champ. Well let just see if the champion of the masses can manage to win the 140+ division and if he can still get up on his both after the fight night.