Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17: The Mother Lode

This 4/17 (April 17), Prison Break Season 4 is back with its 17th Episode entitled: The Mother Lode. Fans from different part of the world will surely be amazed by this return from the screen of this action packed TV Series. Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 17, as your favorite prisoners reach the series finale. That's right it will be one of the last episodes of the series as they are closing their curtains for this one. Six episodes remains to be exact, specifically:
  1. Episode 17: The Mother Lode
  2. Episode 18: VS.
  3. Episode 19: S.O.B.
  4. Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians
  5. Episode 21: Rate of Exchange
  6. Episode 22: Killing your Number (Series Finale)
Well, do you think its nice that Prison Break have Season 5? What's your opinion? How about Prison Break the Movie instead, do you think it will catch a lot of theater goers?


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